My wife and i visited Ardentinny on 12th July 2017 on a search for her Grandfather and Great Grandfathers birth place which was Drynan Cottage, with the help of some local ladies they were able to point us in the right direction and we found the cottage, whilst driving through the village we stopped at the War Memorial as we knew that another member of the family William Mackay had dies in WW1 and duly noted his name on it, however a search has led me currently nowhere in being any closer to finding out where he died or his Army number.

Are there any records held in Ardentinny concerning William and indeed any of his siblings or parents please.

Best Regards

Kelvin & Sheryll Searle (nee Mackay)

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Anyone do B and B near ardentinny
Hi riding our ponies to ardentinny in may and struggling to find a field for the night and a bed for the night for ourselves anyone have info that would help us . .
Two ladies ,two well behaved ponies fully insured and with excellent references from landowners all over scotland
Posted by Jen on 16 March 2018
whiteboard videos
hi guys i am new here and need to know what i can post here? i have been searching blogs on different things and went through blog.advids.co. They have all subject related blogs and articles. I am a excellent animator just have a look goo.gl/TRpnYV
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Hydro Scheme pictures
The pictures show the turbine house and base for the transformer and the two catchment areas.
The scheme is in place apart from the transformer which SSE are waiting delivery from Australia.Once the transformer is in place and connected to the grid the scheme will be up and running
Posted by Dougie Menzies on 06 November 2016
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