December 2018


These are draft minutes to be officially approved at the next meeting on 1st April 2019.




Present          Neil Robinson (Convener), Bill Tierney (Treasurer), Alistair McLundie                         (Secretary), Rob Bray, Jim Robinson.

Others            David McDowall. Vicky Fairley, Eileen Connell.

Apologies       PS Donald McKay, Alan Reid, Lynn Kerr

Neil welcomed everyone to the first committee of the new committee and explained that the meeting was to give the opportunity for the new members to settle in and experience the format of meetings.

Neil asked if there were any Declarations of Interest or items for AOCB.  Neil stated he had 3 items to be covered at that time.

Minute of April meeting.

Proposed Neil Robinson                Seconded      Bill Tierney

Neil wanted the minute of the evening’s meeting to reflect the outstanding job done by the previous committee who achieved a great deal of positive outcomes. (Report below)

The main remit of Ardentinny Community  Council is to liaise with the local authority on matters relating to Ardentinny on behalf of the community.  To this end we have over the past few years:

  •  monitored  the maintenance of our vital link, the roads network, working with the local council transport staff and encouraging the filling in of potholes;   arranging for the clearing of overhanging vegetation for clear vision; the provision of extreme weather warning signs and horse warning signs on the Whistlefield road; pushed for action on the dangerous bends on the road, and the eroded verges
  • facilitated the negotiations with the Hydro power companies and the setting up of the Hydro Renewables Trust to deal with any advantages accruing from the building of hydro turbines in the area
  • worked with the National Park, the Ardentinny Trust, Ardentinny Conservation and Heritage group, the Hall Group. the Bowling Club and the whole community to produce the Community Action Plan
  • been involved in discussions concerning the Scottish Water sewage project and its effect on our road link
  • monitored the progress of the provision of Superfast Broadband in the area
  • successfully campaigned in liaison with other community councils to ensure the cancellation of the new Boundary Commission proposals
  • completed the take over of the car park toilets, and continued to keep them open and maintain them
  • attended Caucus meetings and liaised with other community Councils
  • supported the Clyde Marine Planning Partnerships and organisations endeavouring to protect our seabed and coastline
  • joined Argyll Countryside Trust
  • liaised with the National Park and attended Cowal Area Network Meetings
  • monitored the progress of the Community Action Plan
  • funded the clearing of knotweed in the Ardentinny area
  • Continued to be insured under the Data Protection Act, so that we may keep an extensive list for communication purposes
  • joined the Rural Watch, displayed the posters, and continued to encourage all villagers to join individually, working closely with the local police
  • continued to work towards a Community Emergency Plan
  • liaised with police, forestry commission and MOD Coulport
  • taken part in the Health Care Forum, attending meetings and consultations
  • worked closely with our neighbours along the shore, sharing ideas with Kilmun Community Council and helping to develop the collaborative calendar and shore directory
  • kept everyone informed by the continued updating of the Community Council web site, notice board and facebook page


Matters Arising from meeting.

Bill Williamson had raised a concern that he had been the only person in the village spoken to by the Police regarding the deaths of several sheep. Marian had written to the Police on the complainant’s behalf.

Treasurer’s report

Income                      £315.00         

Expenditure                          £257.80         

Balance                      £2239.97

New signatories are to be put forward this evening.

It is the intention that there will be a move to digital banking which will make accounts more accessible and easier.

A query as to why there were 2 grants (Admin grant and Public toilet grant) received from A&B in previous years but only one this year. Bill will check this out for the next meeting.

Future Meetings

These will be found on the website and noticeboard. Any changes will be notified the same way.

Councillor’s Report

Councillor unable to attend.


Ardentinny Renewables Trust

Bill Tierney reported that there has been quite a lot of activity over the past months with several grants been issued. The Walled Garden received money for a lawnmower, Ardentinny Bowling Club for bowls gatherers, and money for 2 new benches, Ardentinny Conservation & Heritage for a new public noticeboard.


Ardentinny Village Hall

No Report


Ardentinny Community Trust

In June, two volunteers on work experience from the job centre joined the volunteer group on Wednesdays and Thursdays.With the help from a new strimmer and a grant from the Ardentinny Renewables’ Trust for a heavy duty petrol mower the garden has never looked neater.

Lou Evans from City Farms and Gardens visited the garden and was very impressed

with the progress made since her last visit.

Dunoon Grammar Learning Centre made their annual trip to the garden.

Anna was presented with a personally, hand crafted sign for the garden by Corrie MacDonald at Dunoon Grammar Learning Centre, Leaver’s Assembly.

Corrie has continued to volunteer in the garden 2 days a week, since leaving school.

AJ Barr donated 4 executive tickets for Cirque du Soleil. The raffle eventually raised £649.

The Big Picnic was held as usual in July.

The garden had a stall at Kirn Gala raising £97.

A team from HELP Ltd began to build raised beds in one of the growing areas which will reduce the need for digging and weeding. Glenfinart gardeners have found that raised beds are more productive than ground planting.

The Rev John Gray’s clinker dingy was donated to the garden and is in pride of place in the Children’s area.

The project received a donation of more wood chippings.

A donation of a children’s table and stools enhanced the willow dome.

£700 was raised at the Harvest Fair which was well attended despite the occasional heavy shower.

A powerpoint presentation was given to an RSPB meeting.

The inside of the shed has been painted white to make it brighter for the winter months.

Western Ferries have again donated tickets to raise funds for the garden.

Community Payback continued to support the garden project.

Lorna and Fraser Boyd are donating a trailer load of dung to the garden every week.

There are plans to install a composting toilet for all, funded by a grant from the Co-op

The garden closed officially on the 14th October.

The garden will officially open for the new season with an Easter Event on Easter Sunday.

Ardentinny Conservation & Heritage Group.

A £1 sale and silent auction was held in the hall to raise money for more Ardentinny leaflets.

An application to the Renewables Trust to replace and resite the public noticeboard was successful. We have permission from the National Park and Argyll & Bute Council so have commissioned a contractor to make one that is more suitable for the needs of the village.

The old noticeboard is still usable so can be sited in an alternative place. Bill suggested that it may be useful to have power to it for darker months.


  • Marian Norris has agreed to be co-opted onto the committee as a consultant who has a vast knowledge and experience of the Community Council and is willing to be the voice of Ardentinny at Caucus meetings.
  • Rob and Jim will be the two signatories for the bank accounts.
  • It was agreed by the committee that Eileen Connell will continue to type out minutes, look after the website and facebook pages at a cost of £25 per meeting.
  • A reminder that the Toast on the Beach would be held on Christmas Day.

Date of next meeting Monday 1st April  2019

Vicky Fairley asked about the progress of the Emergency Plan. It was agreed that this will be included in the agenda of the next meeting.

Eileen asked if the future bills for the website could be sent to Bill instead of Val. This was agreed.

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