Update 29/04/2022


Hi Everyone, an early weekly update from me as I am off tomorrow, the sun is still shining so hopefully a good bank holiday weekend


Just a quick update with a few items worth noting over the last few weeks


Community Council Meeting/AGM Minutes

As you were aware there was a CC meeting and AGM held on the 12th April in the village hall, I have attached minutes for both of these meetings as well as a few other documents associated with the meeting for everyone to look at


Forestry Land Scotland (FLS)

The FLS didn’t attend the meeting or send in a report prior to me doing the meeting however given the appearance of car parking meters now down at the picnic area they have sent in an update of sorts which you can see below.


Hi Neil

Apologies for the delay- we have staff capacity issues and I’ve had a family emergency which has diverted my time. Below is an update for operations- I have sent a request for an update on your glyphosate enquiry. I believe that you will be contacted separately about this


Ardentinny Community Council Update

Please see below an operational update covering upcoming works and events within the Glen Finart area. We aim to provide an update like this at the beginning of each month, if you require any further information please contact me directly via the email above.


Felling and harvesting

We are waiting on shut down permission from SSE before felling of the coup area on the way to Carrick Castle can commence. We currently do not have a start date for this work.


Forest roads

No updates since February Update.


Visitor Management

We have recruited 2 Seasonal Rangers for Cowal who are patrolling sites during the 2022 season.

We have removed the stay the night signage as it generated a number of enquiries. The signage is standard signage for all the stay the night sites in Scotland but the wording was not as relevant for Ardentinny.


The parking machines have been installed and will be commissioned shortly. For people who regularly use the car park, we recommend purchasing an annual pass which costs £40 as this is the most cost effective option for regular users.


We are currently working on an plan for improving the signage and also to address the speeding issue on the straight sections of road.


Its quite clear the FLS are simply ignoring all the comunitys thoughts on the area and we are simply being brushed to one side while they simply bulldoze there way and do whatever they like, I also find it astonishing that they are planning to force the community itself to pay for parking in the same area, I have raised the issue especially give we do utilse the carpark area during rememberance, the chirstmas toast on the beach as well as other functions the community wants to hold I have also raised the question on what they are now going to do with regards the traffic which will now simply park both on the roads and verges leading up to the beach and pretty much everywhere else in the village and will await there response.

I do think both the charges and current plans are not in line whith the meeting they did have with us and would like as many people as possible to put in a complaint as many times as you can to:vcomplaints@forestryandland.gov.scot


Hopefully this will start to drive some interest back down the line and we will get listened to


That’s all I have for now stay safe and have a great weekend





Weekly update


Well I think spring is on the horizon and hopefully some nice weather is on its way along with the midges of course.


It has been a quiet few weeks with regards to things happening within the village so there has not been many updates



The Shore sign


For those that have noticed the long-awaited shore sign has finally been erected, the CC did contribute to the sign which can be seen as you turn in just after the Cothouse.



Dawn fresh fish farm project


For those currently un-aware the company DawnFresh has gone into administration there main reason was financial issues, I would like to think that this does put a stop on there current plans to put a fish farm in Ardentinny however knowing how government works I wont hold my breath and aske everyone to keep an eye out for anything that may look like they are trying to resurrect these plans



Community Council Meeting


I will shortly be planning the next Community Council meeting and AGM one extra item on the AGM will be the proposal to alter the constitution and standing orders, this proposal has come through the main Argyll and Bute Council and is a simple amendment and the changes are very minimal as they link back to the amended Scheme (which now includes provision for remote and/or hybrid meetings). Essentially it’s replacing “present” for “attending” throughout both documents, and there is an additional bit within 6(a) of the standing orders regarding voting by remote means.



Put simply it will allow the council if they want to hold virtual meetings where they think there is a requirement, this must be mentioned as part of the AGM, If anyone has any major objections for this proposal please feel free to put them in an email I do however think it is inline with all current guidelines and as it has come from the main Council offices should be voted through with no issues.



It is also worth noting that currently this does not mean that Ardentinny CC will be moving to online meetings it does however give us the option if required.



Energy Efficiency


We are all aware of the cost of living increase and by now most people will have had the shock of revised bills coming through the door, given the current situation with Ukraine there isn’t much we can do regarding the actual cost of utility’s and everyone will see a sharp rise in costs


There are ways however to reduce the energy use within the home some without spending any money at all and some more expensive but will have a big impact.



No one in the village should have to choose between eating and heating if you are struggling then please get in touch with either myself directly or at the very least another member of the village I am confident that we can help where we can so please don’t sit there in the cold suffering get in touch



For those that want to try and reduce energy use I have made a document which I have attached to this email it’s a lengthy document, but it does contain quite a lot of simple measures you can take to reduce your utility bills and hopefully save a bit of money I have also included some useful links for help with grants and funded measures.



I am more than happy for the document to be shared around and hope that it will be of some use to people and shave off a few pounds from your bills



Finally if anyone does want to have a bit of home energy advice then feel free to give me a shout and ill pop around and try and give you specific advice regarding your home and how you could save money



That’s all I have for now stay safe and have a great weekend









If your loft is easy to access and has no damp or condensation problems, it should be easy to insulate – and in many

cases, it is possible to do it yourself. There are some considerations to think about prior to doing this yourself but

these are well documented if in doubt always seek advice from a professional installer

Cavity wall insulation or Solid wall insulation

Roughly 35% of all heat loss is through the walls of your property In general, houses built from the 1990s onwards

have wall insulation to keep the heat in, but if your house is older than that, it may not have any wall insulation at


Depending on your wall type will depend on the type of wall insulation you can have fitted , cavity wall insulation is

the cheaper option if you do have cavity walls solid wall insulation is expensive it can be fitted both externally and

internally and must be fitted by a professional contractor as there is a lot to take into account when fitting either

type of wall insulation

Floor insulation

Approximately 15% of heat is lost through the floor if you have a suspended floor then this can be insulated for a

relitivley low cost but you will need access.

Solid floors are much ,ore difficult to insulate and require a lot of thought due to the number of things the extended

height of insulation can affect again its worthwhile approaching a specialist if you are considering these measures


Most homes now at the minimum have double glazed units or composite style doors which if they are over 20 years

old are probably ready for replacing.

If you have old wooden doors and windows and don’t want to take these out then there are still things you can do

for example

a. Draught proof around the doors and window openings

b. Fit secondary glazing to windows

c. Fit brushes at the base of doors to stop draughts


Grants are available your first point of call needs to be home energy Scotland these can be contacted through the

following methods

Web page: https://www.homeenergyscotland.org/

By phone: Call free on 0808 808 2282. lines are open Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm, and Saturday 9am - 5pm. Please

note our phone lines are often quite busy in the evenings and at weekends.

This is a government run website that can offer a vast array of information regarding grants and trusted installers

funding is available for quite a few measures detailed above so well worth a call

Your next point of call should be your energy supplier again these will be able to advise on any grants available in the

area directly with themselves

And finally have a look on the local argyll and bute website https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/home-energy-efficiency

they do have grants available for certain band ranges so worth a look

Please do not get caught out by cold callers and face book pages the odd one of these may well be legit but there are

a lot of scammers out there who will charge you the earth for something that may not be applicable to your

circumstance or property

If anyone does want a bit more information please feel free to give me a call I am happy to pop around for a brew

and give out free home energy advice

Weekly Update 28/01/2022

Hi Everyone

Another short note regarding a few points that have come into the CC over the last week that you may or may not be aware of


Argyll Rally 2022

Some of you will be aware by now that the Argyll rally is back on again this year and does have a similar route that they did last year, part of the route goes from the whistlefield and stops at the Glenfinart hotel the cars will then proceed following current speed restrictions through Ardentinny onto there next stage.

Everyone on the route should have received a letter with more detail but not everyone will receive one therefore I have added the letter as an attachment for everyone please have a read the last one was a great day some great cars coming through the village.


Fire Alarm Scams

You all should be aware by now of the requirement for all homes to have interlinked fire and smoke alarms by next month.

It is clear and I have already had a few calls myself that there will be a lot of scammers out there trying to take advantage of anyone unsure about the regulation or who they can in fact contact, police Scotland have released a leaflet with some more information which can be seen below.


My advice on this is simple if your unsure then contact the Scottish fire and rescue service on 0800731999, they can be trusted they can offer a free fire safety check and provide valuable information regarding choosing and installing a device.




That’s all I have for now stay safe and have a great weekend




Weekly Update 21/01/2022


Hi Everyone

Just a very quick update regarding the dawn fresh fish farm so you are all aware of where we are.


You may remember before Christmas we were given a very short window to put in objections to the licence which SEPA were going to grant for the fish farm project to go ahead.

I am sure quite a few people managed to get their objections into the governments system and raise a number of concerns regarding the fish farm.

We have now had a reply from the government, which is detailed below, this will no doubt be the same reply everyone will get.

Its not the best laid out piece of communication, but it pretty much gives us the cold shoulder which will allow the SEPA licence to be granted for the fish farm.


The next part of the process for Dawn Fresh will be to apply for planning permission through the national park, this will be our last chance to object to the project, I am unsure when they will formally apply but we should get notice of there application and be able to object at that point and hopefully block the application going through




Dear Mr Robinson






I write to inform you of the outcome of your call in request.


The regulations were developed around the recognition of the importance of third party views and of ensuring that they are taken into account. Third parties can raise their concerns, or representations, with Ministers and ask them to refer the case for their own determination. Thank you for the representations you made.


Representations are assessed by reference to a number of ‘significance’ criteria in order to assist Ministers in reaching a view as to whether the case warrants being called-in. Having considered all the circumstances of this case, Scottish Ministers are of the view that it would not be appropriate, in this instance, to direct SEPA that application CAR/L/1178003 be referred to them for their own determination.



Yours sincerely

Caroline Welsh


For and on behalf of Scottish Ministers


Caroline Welsh


That’s all I have for now hope you all have a great weekend





Weekly update


Hi Everyone

Happy new year to you all I hope you all had as good a christmas as possible and wish you all a happy prosperous new year


At the moment there isnt a great deal in the way of an update just one item to tell you all about


Ardentinny Renewables Trust

Please see attached the ARTs latest newsletter. for those new in the village please note Membership is free all that is required is an email to: ardentinnyrenewablestrust@gmail.com stating your name address email and contact number.

Full Membership is open to any individual aged 18 or over who is resident in the geographical area under the jurisdiction of the Ardentinny Community Council

There is money in the pot so if any of the groups need funds then email me and ill send you an application if you need to discuss this then feel free to pop around and have a chat.

The weather is looking good this weekend so will be good to get out and about in the garden hope you all have a great weekend



Ardentinny CC


You'll probably know by now that we're not doing the covid booster programme and we have nothing to do with what is happening. It has all been centralised to Dunoon hospital and their local team and they are organising a series of clinics in the Younger Hall and drop in clinics - details are all on the Cowal Community Hospital Facebook site. I heard there were considerable traffic jams yesterday outside the hall. I'm writing for a couple of reasons:

- the surgery has nothing to do with the planning or delivery of the boosters and we can't help I'm afraid. We have been inundated with phone calls from worried patients to the extent it has been blocking our phone line and staff have had calls on their personal numbers. I've heard some horror stories of problems trying to get through to the number provided by Dunoon but I'm afraid we can't help so please don't phone us

- some have told us they won't bother with the covid booster with all this hassle. We'd urge people to have it if they are offered it, it makes a big difference to your immunity and level of protection

- we've provided a list of housebound patients and district nurses will be visiting to do these

- we are upset and angry that the covid booster programme has been taken from us. This was decided without discussion or any choice for us by senior management in Inverness

- the local vaccine team in CCH are decent folk and much of this has been dictated from Inverness. The letters going out to everyone are coming from Inverness and they are supposed to be organising advertising and communication. The local vaccine team are as frustrated as we are

- some have asked who to complain to. I'm not sure so I'd suggest if anyone would like to make representation about this, to contact Pam Dudek, the chief executive of Highland Health Board.

- the surgery is doing the flu vaccines, we've nearly finished these so if anyone hasn't had one yet and wants one, please get in touch

Some background - the centralisation of the programme is not across all of the health board area. North Highland GPs are all doing the booster programme themselves whereas Argyll and Bute have centralised it, apart from some islands including Bute. I don't know why Bute can do their own and we can't. I've asked why - I was told it was partly efficiency and mainly because it is the Pfizer vaccine and some A&B practices struggled to administer the Pfizer vaccine. I suspect the real reason is penny pinching and an attempt to save money.

Another part of this is the newish Scottish GP contract which came into force in April 2018. This was negotiated and voted through by urban and suburban GPs with little regard for rural areas so it is not well designed for our area. One aspect is that all vaccinations are to be taken away from GPs - flu, covid, baby vaccinations, shingles etc etc - everything except holiday travel vaccines. This is to start on 1st April 2022. GP leaders in A&B and Highland have made representation to ask for flexibility rather than a one size fits all model, to allow practices to continue doing their own vaccinations if they want to. This has been refused by the Scottish Government. We would like to be able to continue vaccinating people - I am concerned vaccine uptake will fall and that we will not have the contact with patients at these appointments when other health issues are often picked up - but we have no choice or say in the matter. We don't know yet how vaccinations will take place in future but I will be doing all I can to make sure patients do not have to travel into Dunoon for these as that is inequitable and unfair.

I hope this helps explain what's going on and why.

Many thanks


Dr Jurgen Tittmar, GP principal

Riverbank surgery

Kilmun, Argyll, PA23 8SE

01369 840279


Covid clinic at dunoon hospital by appointment only


The clinic is for anyone who requires a first , second or booster covid injection

Location: Dunoon hospital

Timings: 0830-1730

The number to contact is: 07811500423 or 07971833843


There will be more clinics planned going forward but if any one is free and can make it simply ring one of the numbers and book your appointment



Update 15/10/2021

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying this awesome weather, may it continue for a while yet


Just a few points to keep everyone in the loop so to speak:


Art/CC AGM Minutes


As everyone is aware both the ART and CC have held annual AGM’s over the past month please find attached minutes for both AGM’s


Community Council Meeting


I am planning an Ardentinny Community council meeting on the 16 November 2021 the meeting will be a public meeting held in the Ardentinny Village hall and will start at 1930 - 2100Hrs.

Numbers allowed in the hall are limited to 20 in total and due to covid restrictions the heating will be off and doors and windows open so it may well be a cold one, 8 of the seats are already allocated as I have invited members of the national park, FLS and Local council

Could you please get back to me if you are wanting to attend in person so I can allocate one of the seats, if you cannot attend or the seats run out and do have a question for any of the guests then feel free to email me the question and I will ask on your behalf


FLS Update

I have received an update from the forestry this week which can be seen below

Community Council Update

Please see below an operational update covering upcoming works and events within Glen Finart. We aim to provide an update like this at the beginning of each month, if you require any further information please contact me directly via the email above. 

Car park and picnic site

It has been another busy season. FLS employed 2 seasonal rangers over the summer months to have a visitor presence at key locations in Argyll Forest Park. It would be very useful to have the communities views on the impact of these staff on site.


The car park was part of the Stay the Night campervan trial (Stay the Night - Forestry and Land Scotland). This finishes at the end of October when we will then start compiling the results of the surveys and site report. Initial feedback seems to show that the trial has been well received and successful.


The works to the water supply tanks seem to have predominantly fixed the issue of water supply to the toilet, however this year the septic tank has been a big problem. We have commissioned an investigative survey to ascertain whether there is a fault, under capacity and what our remedial options are. Results of this are imminent and we hope to undertake remedial works early next year.


Phytophthora ramorum

We have a number of confirmed Statutory Plan Health Notices (SPHN) for Phytophthora ramorum (Phytophthora ramorum - Forestry and Land Scotland).

STH20_0135/0136, ravens rock, is due to commence felling on Thursday this week, or early next week.


Haulage will be via the forest road leading to the car park and then out via the nursery fields where lorries will be transporting timber to the boat transfer station at Sandbank.


The haulage contractors will install additional signage at the nursey field entrance before the commencement of timber haulage. As per the Timber Transport Management Plan on the days where there is not a boat departure, there we be a limit of 10 loads per day, 10 hours per day, 5 days per week. However in the days preceding a boat departure this will increase to 40 loads per day over 3 consecutive days. 


We have also just received news of further sites but are yet to be served the SPHN yet. Further details to follow



 Operations in the surrounding woodland

Our stewardship colleagues are removing non native invasive species in the area. This will predominantly be carried out by spraying or pulling. Signage will be placed on site to advise if an area nearby has been sprayed.


Our planning team report that the Land Management Plan for Glen Finart was submitted March 2021. Scottish Forestry have asked for some changes before LMP is placed on Public Register.


That’s all from me for now first frost of the season this morning but its looking like a good day to get in the garden after the wind and rain yesterday, 

have a safe but enjoyable weekend





Update 1/9/2021

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying this awesome weather, may it continue for a while yet


Just a few points to keep everyone in the loop so to speak:


Flu Jabs


For anyone not currently aware the proposed flu clinic that was going to take place in the village hall has now been cancelled due to new recording regulations.  Vaccinations will take place at Riverbank Surgery.  The surgery has contacted those who are due a vaccination but if you have any queries, please call the surgery.



Road Repair

As everyone has no doubt seen there has finally been some road repair done in ardentinny, a repair I am sure is well required the repair has included a resurface of the road and in true council fashion they haven’t done the best of jobs clipping corners on passing spaces and leaving some very high points on drives which will create further issues, I have already complained regarding the shoddy work especially outside my house and would urge anyone who has noticed significant issues with the new higher road surface to put in a complaint directly, If you do go walking please be aware of the edges of the road which are now a major trip hazard, likewise if you are driving please be aware that the verges are soft so don’t get caught out when passing other road users..


Ardentinny Renewables Trust (ART) AGM

The ART AGM has been booked in the village hall for 05th October 1930hrs as this is the first open meeting since before the pandemic, please let the secretary know if you wish to attend as we may have to limit numbers.


Neil Robinson email: ardentinnyrenewablestrust@gmail.com


Please note this is an AGM only not a full meeting as soon as I have dates in the diary for the next meeting I will let everyone know


Community Council AGM

The AGM has taken place and I will post the minutes of the AGM in due course, I will be planning a full meeting hopefully some time this month this will of course be dependant on the current pandemic rates within the area.


That’s all from me for now have a safe but enjoyable weekend




Update 17/9/2021

Apologies for the early update however will not be at the computer for the next few days and wanted to keep everyone updated with the Dawn Fresh Fish Farm Project

First things first


ART AGM is back on

A new date has been agreed for the ART AGM this will be held on the 05th October 2021 at 1930hrs in the village hall, as previously stated this is just the AGM not a full meeting however all interested partys should email me as a reply to this email if you do wish to attend.

The ART like every other group are looking for volunteers to come onto the group so if granting money to projects within the village area is something that takes your interest then come along join and get involved.

I have attached the Agenda and previous minutes from 2019


Dan Fresh Fish Farm

Firstly i would like to thank everyone for sending in there objections to both SEPA and the governments address, I have also sent various emails and have the 3 local councilors now on board looking into the matter.


I would like to confirm that although SEPA had stated that they would not accept any new objections I have also raised a question that if they did indeed lose all the original letters how do they know what is new and what is old, it beggars belief that a company so big with such big responsibilities has no back up that said the CC did have an original objection which has been sent in.


The granting of the SEPA licence has no direct bearing on the planning process. and this does not appear to have started yet, I have been in contact with Bob Darracott of the national park who has stated the following:


I have been keeping an eye on this matter 

The planning officer dealing with this potential application  for the National Park is Alison Williamson. Having also spoken to her Director and Manager  last week, it would appear that there has been no communication between Dawnfresh and the Park since January this year. The discussion at that time  was about identifying appropriate viewpoints ahead of them  commencing a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (as part of any prospective planning application). You may recall that I’ve previously reported that the National Park issued a screening and scoping opinion in connection with the required Environmental Impact Assessment (a detailed study which precedes an application but sits alongside it) way back in July 2019. 

I’ve asked the planners to chase Dawnfresh and ask them about the current status of this proposal. Once I get any feedback I’ll be in touch. 

The SEPA licensing arrangements have no direct bearing on the planning process. 


All this said we are still in limbo with this project and will simply have to be vigilant taking a close eye on planning to see what comes round the next corner, As soon as we get any solid information i will let everyone know, if anyone does hear anything on the grapevine then please feel free to contact me so I can chase up or clarify any points.


Have a great weekend


Hi Everyone

as a quick update from my email yesterday it is now clear that the gov email address isnt working all very convenient  for them

 we do however have a postal address so if you do have time to print or write a simple letter of objection then please do and send this to:


Scottish Ministers, Scottish Government, Environment and Forestry Directorate, Environmental Quality Division, Area 1-D (North), Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ


Please use the reference the reference ‘CAR/L/1178003 – Ardentinny Marine Pen Fish Farm’ at the top of the letter

All letters must be received by the 01 October otherwise SEPA will act on there own judgement





Hi Everyone 

Apologies for the early week email however i do think this will interest everyone, i have 2 points to make everyone aware of.


This was due to take place tomorrow but has now been cancelled due to lack of available members on this date, a new date will be organised and i will let everyone know when the AGM will take place


Dawn Fresh Fish Farm

For those that read the Dunoon observer will now have seen that SEPA are in the process of granting a licence to allow the proposed fish farm project to be located within our community boundaries, we have as a community rejected the idea of a fish farm but it is quite clear those in government are not interested with with the thoughts of a small community like ours, we are if you pardon the pun small fish in a much larger pond.


I have therefore registered another notification objecting the decision for SEPA to grant the licence, I have included a copy of my email and associated attachments for everyone to read.


If you are still against the fish farm and have access to email then please send an email to EQCAT@gov.scot and registry@sepa.org.uk objecting directly to their decision to grant the licence.


It's quite simply a numbers game the more objections that flow in the less likely the project will go ahead so if you dont want a massive fish farm located at the end of the village please email in your objections we only have a limited window to do this, feel free to pass on this email to others who may be interested.





Just a very quick update this week  10/9/21


Ardentinny Renewables Trust (ART) AGM

This will be held in the village hall on the 14th September so next week at 1930 hrs, if you do wish to attend please drop me an email as a reply to this one so i can add you to the list as we dont want to risk overcrowding in the hall.


If you are interested in becoming a trustee on the ART then now is the time to step forward its a great group whos sole job is to give money out for projects within the village a wee bit more than that but that sums it up well.


Flu Clinic

Ardentinny Flu Clinic  will be in the Hall on 7th October.   more detailed timings will follow and will be posted on social media as well .


have a great weekend



Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying this awesome weather, may it continue for a while yet


Just a few points to keep everyone in the loop so to speak:


Dunoon Overhead Line Rebuild Project

This is some information regarding the above project which will have some impact as and when this gets started:

The project aims to replace the existing transmission network servicing Dunoon. The electricity towers and overhead line between Dunoon Substation and Garelochead are now coming towards the end of their operational capabilities and are required to be replaced. 


 Further information about the consultation and the project are available on the project webpage:




Road at the corner of the Ardentinny

The CC sent a letter of concern regarding the road and bend just outside the Ardentinny bar, we have in the past managed to get the council to place slow signs on the road before the bend however a few residents have mentioned some valid concerns regarding the area as an accident waiting to happen and more needs to be done to slow traffic on a dangerous bend the sent can be seen below, we are still waiting a response


The community of Ardentinny has expressed concern at the increasing risk of accident at the corner approaching Ardentinny Hotel, near Rock cottage.  With the increased traffic from campervans and the extra wood lorries this is becoming increasingly dangerous.  This month we have been informed by the Forest and Land Scotland that there will be more harvesting and increased traffic along this road. 

I would be grateful if you could consider ways in which we could reduce the risk e.g. more signage, traffic calming strategies, possible speed bumps.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

Yours sincerely 

 Marian Norris, Secretary Ardentinny Community Council 


The AGM has been booked in the village hall for 31st August 2021 7pm as this is the first open meeting since before the pandemic, please let the secretary know if you wish to attend as we may have to limit numbers.


Marian Norris email: norrismarian@hotmail.co.uk


Please note this is an AGM only not a full community council meeting as soon as I have dates in the diary for the next meeting I will let everyone know


That’s all from me for now have a safe but enjoyable weekend







   Tuesday 31st August 2021

    7 p.m.  in Ardentinny Hall


As this is the first open meeting since before the pandemic, please let the secretary know if you wish to attend as we may have to limit numbers.

Marian Norris email: norrismarian@hotmail.co.uk

Members of the audience must wear masks.



CARES Let's do net zero community buildings - stakeholder pack.docx 1.06 MB • Download

Dear Community Planning Partnership contacts,  


I am pleased to let you know that we launched a new round of the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) on 30 July. 


This new funding round is specifically focused on supporting community buildings across Scotland and we would be grateful if you could help us by sharing information about our funding with any relevant colleagues or networks, particularly any community projects you work with where they own or lease a building. 


I have attached a stakeholder pack which includes templates for emails, newsletters and social media posts. 


Through CARES grant funding, advice and support is available to community organisations, charitable organisations and faith groups that want to decarbonise their community buildings by installing low carbon or renewable energy systems, such as heat pumps or solar panels.


Funding is available for many types of community buildings, including: 

·       community cafes

·       community hubs

·       faith buildings

·       public halls

·       community halls and centers.

CARES has already supported many community organisations throughout Scotland to successfully install renewable technologies in their community buildings. You can read about these projects on our website, including:

·       Inverness Masjid installed solar panels at its mosque, and with further assistance from CARES, installed battery storage too.

·       Aboyne and Mid-Deeside Community Shed installed four air source heat pumps to provide space heating at its community shed.

·       Loch Ness Hub installed solar panels and an air source heat pump to decarbonise the building’s heat and energy supply.

Through a combination of grants and loans, CARES can fund up to 100% of the eligible project costs. Funding operates on a first come basis, and early applications are encouraged.

Expressions of interest should be submitted in the first instance. The funding call will close to new applications on Thursday 30 September 2021, or earlier should the funding call budget be reached.


Visit www.localenergy.scot/net-zero-community-buildings for full information and how to apply. 


Best wishes, 



Laura Campbell
Partnership Manager
Local Energy Scotland | Ocean Point 1 | 94 Ocean Drive | Edinburgh | EH6 6JH
Direct +44 1315 558660 | Mobile +44 7736 273710 | Reception 0808 808 2288
Keep up to date with Local Energy Scotland, sign up to our newsletter here

WEEKLY UPDATE 30/07/2021

Hi Everyone

just a brief update this week.


Ardentiiny renewables trust news letter

Please find attached a news letter from the ART i thought i had published this a few weeks ago but totally forgot so apologies for that please feel free to share and if you require funding for a community project please get in touch and i can provide you with an application form.


Community Council

Allister Wood has informed the CC that he would like to come off the community council for personal reasons, i would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his commitment and work over the last 18months.


This does however leave the CC in a difficult situation with only 3 members, if we lose another member then the CC will not be able to continue as per the current constitution and the village will lose any of the current CC assets and more importantly the villages voice throughout the larger area of Argyll to that end if you do have the time and want a more proactive role within the community please get on board and join the community council, if you would like more information please send me an email or pop around to the cottage and ill gladly put the kettle on and tell you all you want to know about joining and playing an active part for any future village issues that do arise


Hope you all have a great weekend




WEEKLY UPDATE 23/07/2021

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying this awesome weather, may it continue for a while yet


Just a few points to keep everyone in the loop so to speak:


Message from Argyll and bute Council regarding single track roads



Locals understand that driving on single track roads is not familiar to everyone.  We ask you to be careful and to follow the rules:








There is a short film by Struthach Productions on YouTube which provides useful advice for anyone driving on single track roads in Argyll and Bute. How To Drive on Single Track Roads - YouTube.  Please take the time to have a look at this.  Thank You.


Friendship Benches

I have had an interesting conversation with PC Laura Evans the Local Authority Liaison Officer regarding the possibility of siting one maybe 2 friendship benches in the area


a “Friendship Bench” helps promote social inclusion, as well as supporting those struggling with their mental health as part of wider Suicide Prevention work, the basic idea is if someone does have an issue or is feeling a bit down or lonely then they sit on the bench, people in the community who regularly walk past the bench who see someone sitting there can simply ask the question “is everything ok” the idea being that simply striking up a conversation may make the person feel a little more positive and may worst case prevent that person consider suicide


The benches would be made in the Dunoon area and would contain an A5 sized white weatherproof plaques that will display contact details for Samaritans, Breathing Space and SHOUT which would be displayed on each bench in case anyone is in need of support similar to the one attached to the email


They will be brightly coloured so not necessarily blending into the background, I can ask the question regarding colour if any one does have a preference


There will be a cost and more than likely some form of consent and planning permission either via the Forestry or Argyll and Bute council however I do plan to put an application In to the ART for this.


My ideas for 2 locations presently are on the shore path between coronation wood and the picnic area both areas are regularly walked so anyone in need of a chat would be spotted however I am happy if anyone has any better locations.


Please note nothing is set in stone at the moment it isn’t a community council project its my own so if you do have objections or want to chat about the idea or want to be involved in the project and help out then call around for a brew, email me or give me a bell and ill happily tell you what I know about the project and were I am at with it



Defib Training

I am still trying to plan some form of defibrillator training in the hall

The training itself will not be hands on due to current covid-19 restrictions but will show how and when a defib machines should be used

The training will take place in the village hall hopefully in the second half of august when the colleges go back, I will also try and get the training done over a few different dates given the numbers we are allowed in the hall.

The cost of the training will be £0 however there will be a donations box for those that want to donate money.

If all goes well I will try and plan a few more first aid training events in the hall and push this out to other community’s within our area


Prior to me officially booking in dates for the training I would like to get some idea of numbers of people that would like to attend it would make sense for at least 1 member of each of the groups to attend the training, I would also hope that some personnel on the caravan park are also available to attend


If you would like to attend even if its just a maybe, then can you please reply to this email so that I can get some idea of numbers


That’s all from me for now have a safe but enjoyable weekend




Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well


Just a few points to ensure everyone knows what is going on within the community at the moment:


Defib Training

I am trying to plan some form of defibrillator training in the hall

The training itself will not be hands on due to current covid-19 restrictions but will show how and when a defib machines should be used

The training will take place in the village hall hopefully in the second half of august when the colleges go back, I will also try and get the training done over a few different dates given the numbers we are allowed in the hall.

The cost of the training will be £0 however there will be a donations box for those that want to donate money.

If all goes well I will try and plan a few more first aid training events in the hall and push this out to other community’s within our area


Prior to me officially booking in dates for the training I would like to get some idea of numbers of people that would like to attend it would make sense for at least 1 member of each of the groups to attend the training, I would also hope that some personnel on the caravan park are also available to attend


If you would like to attend even if its just a maybe, then can you please reply back to this email so that I can get some idea of numbers


Call for a volunteer

I have an idea to produce a quarterly or 6 monthly newsletter for the village, currently each of the big groups produce, print and deliver there own version of there newsletter, this covers the bigger groups but generally leaves out smaller ones who don’t get their message out.

My idea is to have a single newsletter with input from all the groups even if it is just when they are on and costs.


All that said I am asking for someone who has a bit of free time and more importantly the skill to put a news letter together if any one does have the skill and time and would like to volunteer then please either speak to me directly or email me and we can get together and get something off the ground more than one volunteer would be even better.


Village Hall Re-opening

The committee is delighted that the hall is now open for clubs and hire with a maximum capacity of 20 seated people at 2m social distancing. The person in charge of each group is responsible for checking current COVID regulations and ensuring their activity is run within these.  Social distancing will be reviewed as the regulations change.

New members are always welcomed by the groups which are:

Hobbies – has re-started and runs all year on Wednesdays, 7.15pm to 9pm.   Contact: Margot 810262

Tai Chi – re-starts  5th August and runs all year round on Thursdays, 6.30pm to 7.30pm.  If you are new to this group or would like further info, please contact Bryan beforehand on 810104

Bridge Club – re-start date to be advised. Contact: Peter 810312

Badminton – starts in September and runs during the winter, Contact: Sandra 810263

Carpet Bowling  –  runs in winter, re-start date to advised. Contact: Gordon 810218

For further information on any of the groups, please contact the named person.

If you would like to hire the hall for a club or event, contact Susie on  810182.

 Covid Considerations for Groups using the hall

Entering/exiting the building – alterations to the stairs to the kitchen will take place later this year.  At present they are not safe for everyone to use so the hall entrance will also be used as an exit and will need monitoring.

All groups must keep a register of attendees – due to data protection, do not leave this in the hall.  To include name, phone number, date and time

Open windows

Turn on the electric water heaters in the loos

One person in the loos at a time

Preferably wear masks the whole time but definitely when standing or moving around the hall

Do not congregate on the ramp to the entrance, the entrance hall or kitchen


Please note the rules are subject to change at any time we will were possible keep everyone informed of the changes



Consultation Launch

 On Sunday 20 June a public consultation seeking views from the public and stakeholders on the introduction of four specific requirements in relation to the sale and use of fireworks in Scotland, as well as a new offence in relation to carrying a pyrotechnic device in a public place without reasonable excuse or lawful authority. 


Specifically, the consultation is seeking views on:


·       Requiring the general public and community groups to meet a number of mandatory conditions before they are able to purchase fireworks.

·       Restricting the days fireworks can be sold too and set off by the general public. 

·       Introducing no-fireworks areas where it is not permitted for the general public to set fireworks off.

·       Introducing a proxy purchasing offence to criminalise the supply of fireworks to people under the age of 18.


The consultation also considers the use of pyrotechnic devices and specifically whether it should be an offence to carry a pyrotechnic device in a public place without reasonable excuse or lawful authority, and whether police powers should be extended to allow a stop and search provision for anyone reasonably suspected of committing the offence.


The consultation can be found on the following link: https://consult.gov.scot/justice/use-and-sale-of-fireworks-in-scotland.  We would be very grateful if you could circulate this to anyone that may have an interest and would like to respond.


The consultation will run for 8 weeks, and will close on Sunday 15 August.


We will be running a series of online engagement events while the consultation is live – these are available now to sign up at the bottom the linked paged, and further events will be added over the course of the next few weeks.


The Fireworks (Scotland) Miscellaneous Amendments Regulations 2021


In February 2021, the Minister for Community Safety laid The Fireworks (Scotland) Miscellaneous Amendments Regulations 2021 in the Scottish Parliament.  The regulations include three new measures in relation to the way the general public can use and access fireworks and come into force on 30 June. The regulations:


·       Restrict the times of day fireworks can be used by the general public to between 6pm and 11pm (subject to exempt dates),

·       Restrict the times of day fireworks can be supplied to the general public to during the daytime hours of 7am and 6pm, alongside existing requirements on retailers around sale and storage licences;

·       Limit the quantity of fireworks that can be supplied to the general public to 5kg.


The regulations include a number of exemptions for organisers of public organised firework displays, including community groups arranging a public firework display in their local area.  Easy to read guidance on the impact the measures have how the fireworks can be supplied to and used by the general public is available below.


The Fireworks (Scotland) Miscellaneous Amendments Regulations 2021: information for retailers - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)


The Fireworks (Scotland) Miscellaneous Amendments Regulations 2021: information on the use of fireworks - gov.scot (www.gov.scot)


If you would like any further information or have any questions, please get in touch with fireworks@gov.scot. 


That’s all from me for now have a safe but enjoyable weekend





Received from. 

Dr Susan Warren (pronouns: she/her)

Transformation Director

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs Countryside Trust

: Report from Better Places Green Recovery Fund research into visitor pressures


Dear Marian and Ronald

I am delighted to attach a final copy of the Better Places Green Recovery funded report: “Harnessing Community Engagement for Visitor Management Planning in Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park.”

We are very grateful to you for the time you gave to talk with Claire and Nicky from SKS Scotland, and for all of the information, issues and ideas that you put forward, not least given the extremely tight project timescale. You will see that the report is extremely comprehensive, and provides a great deal of information regarding: (i) collecting data in relation to visitor management pressures; (ii) key issues experienced through high volumes of visitors to your communities; (iii) possible solutions to visitor management issues; and (iv) and ways to improve two-way communications between local communities and the National Park Authority.

As I know you are, we are very keen that this report is a springboard for further action in addressing these challenging and extremely pressing issues. You will see that Section 8 of the report ‘Next Steps’, outlines possible actions, both in the short and longer term, to address the issues raised. I am very pleased to say that the National Park Authority has provided an initial and comprehensive response to these next steps (also attached with this report). This gives both an overview of the wider context of the National Park Authority’s work to manage visitor pressures at the local and national level, and detailed information regarding current and planned work in response to each of the actions identifies in the report.

In addition, we hope that the report can provide useful evidence in support of future plans and funding bids in your local community. We were very pleased to hear that the information gathered was being used to support applications to the Better Places Green Recovery Fund Phase 2, and hope that it can be of further use going forward.

We will also be circulating the report and National Park Authority response as part of our June community e-bulletin, when these documents will be made available on our website.

Many thanks again for your thoughtful and positive contributions.

With best wishes


Dr Susan Warren (pronouns: she/her)

Transformation Director

Loch Lomond & The Trossachs Countryside Trus

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well


Normally I would leave an update for another week however there were some interesting points raised this week which are worth letting everyone know about and keep everyone in the loop so to speak.


Beach Clean

Ardentinny Conservation Group have organised an annual Beach Clean, , for those new in the village this is simply a walk along the beach area from the carpark to the picnic area picking up litter, it’s a steady couple of hours and normally done at the weekend however this year it is on Friday 4th June so if your not working fancy a bit of exercise or just want to get the kids out the house to run some energy off then get to the church carpark at 11 a.m where Marian or another rep from the group will be waiting with gloves bin bags and everything else to keep you safe during the clean-up.

I have attached a small flyer so if people want to advertise this further to generate some interest then please do as these beach cleans are an important part of keeping the village in the best shape ready for the big yellow thing coming out


Dawn Fresh Fish Farm Proposal

Just a reminder for anyone not aware of the Dawn Fresh Fish Farm proposal is still haunting everyone not just Ardentinny there is a group within the Village AFFtheclyde who are doing a great job both monitoring and protesting about fish farms in the area, they do regularly send emails throughout the village and to the CC if anyone wants more information both regarding fish farms and the group itself please email afftheclyde@gmail.com


I have also had an email from Theresa Nelson who has also informed us that although online responses to the fish farm proposal are welcome (the closing date for online concerns end today) those that don’t use online services can provide a written response, will still be accepted. please see the email received from SEPA below and if anyone wants to put in a written response to the Dawn Fresh CAR Application then please follow the instructions below:


As discussed, I can confirm SEPA is able to receive, and take account of written representations regarding CAR applications that are open for consultation.


Any representation should be posted to the following address:


Scottish Environment Protection Agency

6 Parklands Avenue



North Lanarkshire



And marked for the attention of Sandra Tough.


The Beach Area “Glamping”

An interesting week at the beach, Claire Florence one of the members of the beach watch group noticed an advert in social media  offering glamping down at the beach £200 for 2 nights clearly someone trying to move into the beach area and run a business increasing the camping on the beach something we are trying to cut down.

I immediately sent an email to the FLS asking if they new anything regarding the business and if they had given there permission for this without consulting the village, they did respond and pretty much stated that they had in no way given permission for this to go ahead and didn’t know anything about it.

Dave Moodie another resident and member of the beach watch party gave the business a ring and asked if they had permission, Dave was told that they didn’t have permission and are now looking at other venues outside of the village area.


Just a massive thanks to all involved first for spotting this and for calling the vender up, I don’t think anyone has a drama with businesses trying to open within the village on any scale however it would have been nice to be approached beforehand  so the village could take a view.


Argyll Rally

Another update and email from the group organising the argyll rally can be seen below this may be of interest to anyone that wants to get actively involved in the rally, I have also attached a flyer with further information:


Good Evening All

We are getting ever closer to this year’s Argyll Rally.

Marshals registration is well underway.  Entry is full, with a very competitive field .

I would like to take this opportunity to invite any of your local residence who would like to come out and help on the event. to get in touch.

A bit of local knowledge can be invaluable to the (Orange Army)  Marshals ,

A chief marshal of any motor sport event is always glad of extra help. We can never have enough Marshals or Volunteers.


Call for volunteers

The volunteer list is still growing so thanks for everyone who has so far volunteered so this is just another reminder  it would be nice to get a few more people on the list if your new in the village this will be a great way to both engage with other groups and meet new people in the village so please get in touch if you have  not already and put your name down to volunteer to assist or run a function, the more volunteers we get on the list the easier it is to run functions and make the village stand out from others in the area as the place to live

Please remember it is your village so without any volunteer support these functions simply won’t happen so please new and old members of the village please volunteer.

To volunteer simply email: ardentinnycc@gmail.com and I will add you to the list


Rumour has it the sun will be joining us at some point over the weekend so hopefully you all have some great things planned for the bank holiday have a great weekend






        FRIDAY 4TH JUNE 2021

          MEET IN THE CHURCH CAR PARK 11a.m.





Hi there, 24/05/2021


We are posting this onto the Buteifulcoasts.com website but if you yourself, or anyone else that you know, would like to object to one or all of the CAR applications Dawnfresh has put in for the Clyde this might be helpful. Use as many or few of the points as you'd like.


you can access the three CAR applications on the home page of www.buteifulcoasts.com

Buteiful Coasts

Promoting Clean Coastal Waters around Bute



Thanks very much,

Theresa Nelson


Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well


Normally I would leave an update for another week however there were some interesting points raised this week which are worth letting everyone know about and keep everyone in the loop so to speak.


Dawn Fresh Fish Farm Proposal

Yes you read it right the fish farm has not gone away they are simply moving around trying there luck at other venues and still have Ardentinny in their sights


A member of Ardentinny Community Council attended a meeting hosted by William Nelson of Beautiful Coasts, an organisation set up to combat the installing of fish farms around Bute.

There were four presentations:


Theresa Nelson of Beautiful Coasts explained that applications have been passed on to Sepa for three fish farms, and objections are being lodged. If the applications are successful then it will move on to Planning Applications, and further objections will have to be made.  She gave an excellent presentation about objections to the proposals for Bute.


Sally Campbell, a marine ecologist from Arran then gave more information about the practices of Dawnfresh, with statistics showing the waste and toxins produced amongst other facts. Arran had been through the Sepa process and the application had failed, but Dawnfresh were re-applying.


Gareth Bourhill of Loch Lomond Angling and Improvement Association then gave an account of the effects of escaped farm salmon on the freshwater salmon and sea trout.  The main route of the salmon is through the river Endrick, and to get through the fish have to swim through a barrier of sea lice. A great deal of research is being carried out to describe the exact effects of fish farm waste products on sea life.


Elaine Whyte, secretary of the Clyde Fisherman's Association gave an interesting talk from the point of view of the fishermen. While not wanting to prevent jobs, they feel the need to find a balance, and perhaps there are enough fish farms. Many of the small boats cannot find enough sheltered locations and cannot go far out to sea. They would like there to be a moratorium, no more fish farms until further research has taken place into sediment testing.


All of the above presentations can be accessed on the web site Beautiful Coasts.com.  They are well worth a look as they are full of interesting information.


As you know, the application to SEPA concerning Ardentinny was granted to Dawnfresh, so we have to be look out for the planning application to the National Park so that we can be ready with our objections.


The Beach Area

The trucks taking stone for the tracks around the FLS Area have now pretty much stopped and work on the tracks has now been completed The next bit of work that they are going to do is in the car park- scraping parking bays and filling in some of the potholes (the road potholes are on the list but will be don’t a little later). This work may start as early as Monday next week so please be aware there may be some disruption down the beach area, they are clearly planning to be completed by the bank holiday weekend coming up.


As usual I will keep you informed as things progress


Call for volunteers

The initial call for volunteers went out last week and we did have some response however it would be nice to get a few more people on the list if your new in the village this will be a great way to both engage with other groups and meet new people in the village so please get in touch if you have  not already and put your name down to volunteer to assist or run a function, the more volunteers we get on the list the easier it is to run functions and make the village stand out from others in the area as the place to live

Please remember it is your village so without any volunteer support these functions simply won’t happen so please new and old members of the village please volunteer.

To volunteer simply email: ardentinnycc@gmail.com and I will add you to the list





UPDATE 14/5/2021

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well


I haven’t sent out a report for a while partly due to my own current workloads but also because there isn’t really much to report on which isn’t a bad thing


So a few points just to keep everyone informed:


August Shindig

Now that covid is starting to calm down and the country is looking forward to decreasing restrictions, a small group from within the village has had a very brief meeting to discuss a low cost but high profile function to showcase all the groups and activities that take place within the village – you could call it a coming out of lockdown bash however we have simply named it the August Shindig.


It's proposed the event takes place on the 1st August and will be run across 3 venues the village hall, the Walled Garden, and the bowling club.

The walled garden will hold competitions for the best bunch of flowers and best veg box as well as children's activities.  The best scone, cake and jam/preserve competitions will take place in the hall.  For anyone wanting to try their hand at bowling, the club will be running a “taster” day.   All yet TBC.

There will be other events not yet mentioned but a flyer will be produced and hand delivered throughout the village, caravan park and possibly an ad in the Dunoon observer.


Call for volunteers

It is clear that although the main groups running these venues have just about enough members to run the groups there are not enough to run actual functions. Therefore I am asking anyone who would like to offer help and support in organising, running or just helping out on the day to email me so I can add you to a master list of willing volunteers this will ensure that we both run this event and future events, the list of names will be kept separate from all other mailing lists and only used when a call for volunteers to assist is required by any group wanting to run an event at any of the venues within the village

Please remember it is your village so without any volunteer support these functions simply won’t happen so please new and old members of the village please volunteer.

To volunteer simply email: ardentinnycc@gmail.com and I will add you to the list


Argyll Rally

As you all should be aware the Argyll Rally is due to take place on the weekend 25th, 26th June so about 6 weeks away.

The rally will be coming through Ardentinny so it will be some spectacle and we will no doubt see a lot of visitors into the area.

The group running the event have indicated that the road will be closed during the event with windows for residents to get in and out of the village, if you do have regular scheduled visitors such as carers please contact the rally organisers on residenthelp@argyllrally.co.uk so they can assist you and ensure you don’t have any issues with care.


They have also distributed leaflets throughout the village with this information on including a map of the stage running through Ardentinny.

That’s all from me for now have a safe but enjoyable weekend


The Beach Area

Its clear given the amount of lorry’s fill of hardcore that the Forestry are doing some work both around the beach area and on the surrounding roads I have asked for a report on this but as of yet heard nothing, They are clearly advertising the stay a night camper van parking throughout Argyll and this is the reason we are seeing much more camper vans in the area than we normally do this time of year, they are however being more proactive and visiting/clearing rubbish regularly and the signposting down the beach area has increased a lot which does help


I will of course keep everyone updated as to anything I do find out





UPDATE 9/4/2021

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well

Just a quick update to keep everyone in the loop regarding FLS communications regarding the beach area as well as a few other points


The Beach/Camping Area

As everyone is aware an online/telephone meeting was completed by the FLS Early in the month where Stuart Chalmers put the FLS proposal directly to all those that attended.

Put simply there were 2 plans put forward one for the beach which on the face I think looks like a good set of options and one for another camping area in the nursery fields next to the caravan park.


It was made quite clear from everyone on the meeting that another campsite in Ardentinny would not be a good solution to the current issues if anything it was felt that this other campsite would have a negative impact.


I did have a further meeting/update from Stuart today which you can see below:


As a follow up to our call today. After the community meeting on the 1st April, we have been reviewing our approach at Ardentinny and have finalised the following:


a. We will not run either the beach or the field as a campsite this year. We are going to put a pause on the camping planning application for both the beach and the field this summer and will review in the autumn once we have gathered more information on site management options and visitors.


b. I have some good news, we have secured budget to have additional staff on the ground at Ardentinny to help ensure appropriate parking and to promote no overnight stays. This will be for 2021 only.


c. Under Scottish Outdoor Access Code we will not be able to prevent all camping at the Beach area.


d. For future years we would need to secure some income from the site to cover additional staff costs.


e. We plan to set up a meeting with the community in the mid-summer to review how well the car park and picnic area management is going.


f. We do intend to offer the Stay the Night Campervan at Ardentinny Beach but are still finalising the details.


g. We will take forward works to improve the car park and reduce the opportunity for inappropriate parking and provide a better picnic experience.


 As discussed, it would be good to have a contact from the community that we can liaise with throughout the season.




The main point from above is that the beach area will be monitored, and some minor works completed this year and the second camping area wont go ahead


It is very clear that this issue isn’t going away and there is not a great deal of light at the end of the tunnel  and even with increased surveillance by the FLS the picnic area may still get packed out

Therefore  I am asking for 5 volunteers to make up a separate group of 6 (I already have 1) that can keep an eye on all the various channels, planning, social media sites, as well as working with the FLS and more importantly keeping the community informed as to what is going on with the project.


It is important that some volunteers are ones that will be directly impacted by the new campsite, my first volunteer who will head up the group is Dave Moodie who lives at the top of Ardfin Avenue , Dave has not been in the village long so it would be nice to get some long standing community members who know the history of the area on the group which will benefit greatly from personnel who have been in the village for some time, it would also help if all the volunteers had an understanding of either zoom or teams so meeting’s could be held online rather than face to face.




We have been liaising with the local council regarding the opening of the toilets this has now been agreed and the toilets will be open officially from Monday.

I am aware that these have been opened the last week for some reason the council had some work for legionella testing completed during the easter period and left the toilets open having looked into this it now appears that the locks are broken or at least our keys don’t work something which I am trying to resolve.


Just so everyone is aware the toilets will be getting cleaned Monday Wednesdays and Fridays so 3 times a week twice direct by the council and once by our own cleaner this meets the councils requirements for keeping the toilets as risk free as possible.


The council have also placed signs up on inside the toilets stating the water supply there isn’t drinking water


Calling All Group leaders/Chairs

As everyone in the village is aware we have a number of groups offering a wide range of activity’s within our area, we have also had a number of new people in the community who are probably not aware of everything that happens within the village.

In line with all these new people we also have a caravan park, the park has been here for some time and I have heard and seen a lot of bad press both within and outside Ardentinny, however we should remember it is a big part of the village so we should start to include this with our plans and projects.


So were am I going with this point, it is very clear to me that the current number of volunteers running pretty much each group is very small and there does seem to be some old rivalry’s within the village that stop some groups helping each other out, if we carry on down the same path then I am confident we will lose some of the groups within the village and as a consequence some of the history of the village will be lost.


Ardentinny in my view has a massive amount to offer therefore I would like to plan an open forum meeting with all the group leaders/Chairs where we can draw a clear line in the sand over past issues, collaborate more in a positive way and help each other out.


This may require a re-structure within the village so we can see how each group operates and who they should be looking to for support.


If we can come together as a community and be inclusive of all our community assets such as the caravan park then we will be able to sustain all the groups hopefully get some more volunteers within the groups get along and be in a much better happier place.


I don’t plan on holding the meeting until the village hall can be opened or we can legally all sit around outside in a group and have some very open franc discussions however I would like any one from the following groups to contact me via the CC email or by phone and let me have at least one member of your group that I can contact and start to get things in place.


Off the top of my head we do have the following groups in no order:


The Community Council

The community trust

The walled garden

The bowling club indoor bowling included

The Caravan park (rep)

The renewables trust

The heritage group

Hobbies group


I know there are other groups so if I have missed you out don’t think your not invited get in touch, I am also aware a number people in the village are on multiple groups again just let me know so I can start to build a bigger picture


Mailing Lists

Final point for the day if you wish to go onto the mailing list please send an email to ardentinnycc@gmail .com and I will add you

That’s all from me for now have a safe but enjoyable weekend



HI Everyone

As you are all aware the Community Council have been liaising with the FLS regarding the beach area and their plans to manage the camping in and around Ardentinny, A Teams meeting was held earlier in the week where the FLS put forward their ideas. Given what they were planning it was clear that the CC , in there own right could not give a steer to what the community wanted. I suggested the option of a Teams meeting where the FLS could give an overview of their new proposals and the community could give feedback.

As their new plans required planning approval. the meeting would need to be sooner rather than later so with this in mind the FLS has decided to hold a Teams meeting Thursday 1st April 1800-1900. The link for the meeting is in this email.

The link will also be made available on the various facebook pages. I will also, with the assistance of some very kind volunteers be delivering a small A4 letter which also contains details for people to attend the meeting by phone.

Obviously the best option is to get Microsoft Teams on your computer and attend the meeting via that forum but the option to phone in is there.

The meeting itself will be run by the FLS. Can I please ask everyone who attends the meeting to be polite and not let the meeting descend into something for TV.

My last point and without going into any detail as things may change but. if you live anywhere near the nursery fields please make every effort to attend the meeting as one of the proposals may indirectly affect you. All,

From Stuart Chalmers FLS

Opportunity to discuss visitor management and camping proposals at Ardentinny. Please feel free to forward invite.


Microsoft Teams meeting

Join on your computer or mobile app

Click here to join the meeting

Or call in (audio only)

+44 131 376 2847,,177558486# United Kingdom, Edinburgh

Phone Conference ID: 177 558 486#


WEEKLY UPDATE 19/03/2021

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well

Just a quick update to keep everyone in the loop regarding FLS communications regarding the beach area


Well done Merle and the village hall regarding the village hall signage that was removed for those not aware the FLS have discussed this with there design team and will replace the village hall signage on there primary sign at no cost to the hall, They should let us know when this has been completed and is ready to fit.


The FLS have been in contact with the bowling club and as part of there plans for the beach have indicated that they will be erecting a fence at the entrance to the club carpark area this fence will have a gate with a combination padlock allowing the bowling club to access parking when they require it.


The community council has finally organised another meeting with the FLS regarding further plans to do with the beach and surrounding area obviously a big concern will be the ability for cars to park pretty much everywhere with the exception of the beach impacting on the whole area this is something we will be bringing up, it is clear that they cannot fence off every area so we will need to be practical regarding the issue and see just how far they are willing to go with there plans.


Once the meeting has been concluded and I have had time to gather all the relevant information regarding the plans and timescales I will put out an email and let everyone know what they are planning and hopefully a timescale for completing any work


Wood supply’s

For those that have walked past the village hall in the past year you may have noticed a large pile of wood which was stockpiled via the hydro guys for the village hall to use.

The time has now come, and the village hall is having the wood cut into reasonable sized pieces and sold for donations all of which will go directly to the hall coffers.

Guy Elder is currently in the process of cutting the wood and will deliver to anyone in Ardentinny the cost is £40 per pick up load that’s guys blue pickup.

Obviously, you can have more or less just speak to guy and he can confirm what the cost will be


The offer is principally for those in Ardentinny on a first come first served basis till the timber runs out if there are no takers in the village then the offer could be rolled out further afield


I wont post guys number publicly so either pop around to speak with him directly or if you email me, I will send you his contact details direct this should save Guy getting inundated with emails and phone calls.


I have also requested some wood to make some Swedish candles which will also be sold and money donated to the hall, once completed these will be various sizes and available in the Egg Shack  


 In other news its been a fantastic week weather wise hopefully this is a sign for a good summer, 


That’s all from me for now have a safe but enjoyable weekend




Update 13/03/2021

Letter sent from Ardentinny Community Council to Stuart Chalmers FCS. with a suggestion of an interim solution to the diffuculties of overnight camping at Shepherds Point.


Thank you for your reply to our queries about the car parking charges. The main thrust of concern expressed in the survey was about parking in order to camp – tents and camper vans – and not so much charging just to use the beach. It is the number of campers which is the main problem and charging was just one of the ways suggested to limit these numbers. We see that the new noticeboards do not mention camping, only a picnic site, so we would like to suggest that, as the plans for charging have not been finalised , overnight stays should be banned at least for the time being until everything has been sorted.

Ardentinny was always a picnic site in the past, not a camping site, and this would at least give everyone time to come up with strategic plans for managing the enormous numbers we are expecting this summer as everyone takes a staycation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Neil Robinson, Convenor Ardentinny Community Council

Marian Norris, Secretary


Parking Charges in Ardentinny.

In today's Dunoon Observer, Stuart Chalmers, FLS Area Visitor Services Manager stated that it is their intention to introduce parking charges for approx. 70 parking spaces at Ardentinny beach. As the actual charges have not been agreed. Charges, as in other FLS parking areas is used to offset some of the services provided such as visitor toilets, trail networks etc.

As yet there has been no confirmation of this from FLS to Ardentinny Community Council despite Ardentinny asking to FLS to be kept informed of any decisions made.

In another article in the Observer there was a warning for dog walkers at Ardentinny. There appears to be an influx of Hemlock Water Dropwort which is highly poisonous to dogs. Please be aware.

WEEKLY UPDATE 27/-2/2021

Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well it does look like the weather is starting to turn for the better.

There has not been a great deal happening over the last few weeks so this will be a short update dealing with the matter of the new signs.

I do however think that we will see a large uptake of visitors into the area even though lockdown rules are still in place so please ensure you do stay safe and stick by the current guidelines


New signage

As everyone is aware new signage was erected around the village last weekend the signage itself was not an issue however there does now appear to be a charge for carparking which did raise a number of concerns therefore I did ask the secretary Marian to send an email direct to the FLS regarding the charge and issues around it a copy of the email can be seen below:


Dear Stuart

 It was quite a surprise to find out about your proposed action, as you had seemed to indicate in your previous correspondence that no decisions had been made.  I think Ardentinny Community Council would have appreciated some prior information, so that we could be ready for the questions from the community which will inevitably follow.  I would be grateful if you could let us know the following:


1. The new signs clearly show that parking fees will now apply to the beach area.  Can you please tell us how this will be policed

2. Is it going to be part of your plan to include a number of disabled bays in the parking area and when will the area be marked out?

3. When are you planning to start any work on the car park and more importantly when will the car park charges start and how much will they be?

4. Will the villagers be able to park for free under a permit scheme?

5, Are you planning to stop vehicles moving on to the grass area, and if so, how?


Thank you for your help.  Marian Norris, Secretary Ardentinny Community Council


So far we have had no response


Merle Ferguson also sent in an email on the 24th on behalf of the Village hall group this and the reply which has been received today can be seen below:


Dear Sue,

I hope you are well and looking forward to some Spring sunshine.

I am writing to you on behalf of Ardentinny Village Hall Committee, being one of the trustees.

You may not be aware that the Forestryand Land signage to the beach has been replaced recently and that it does not include the previous signage for the village hall.

We believe that in July 2010  the Hall   Committee paid £189.00 for  this signage  to be included on the Forestry sign and therefore  would be pleased to see it reinstated.

I hope you can help but if not would you let me know whom to contact?


May I mention a foreseeable problem about the new sign?

It includes P£ which we are assuming means that the Forestry Land Commission have plans to charge for parking at the beach.   This would likely lead to dogwalkers, day hikers and others deciding to park at the village hall , causing various problems, not least their presence in numbers walking to the beach on such a narrow road.


We look forward to hearing from Neil  (A.C.C. )about further consultation with the community about the beach before the summer months begin.


The forestry response is as follows

Good afternoon Merle,




Thank you for your email re Ardentinny  Signage. Sue is on annual leave for a week so she has asked me to reply on her behalf.


 As you mention, our old Forestry Commission Scotland signage at Ardentinny was recently replaced with new Forestry and Land Scotland branded signage.  I’m afraid Sue nor I have any knowledge of what arrangement was made to have Ardentinny Village Hall included on the previous signage, as our current policy is that we don’t have third parties advertised on our corporate signage unless we have a formal agreement or lease of some sort with them.  However I will look into this for you and get back to you as soon as possible.


 Your concerns regarding potential issues with advertising parking charges are all very valid and are amongst ones we have considered.  We will be sending the community further communications on our plans for the management of Ardentinny picnic site for this coming season within the next couple of weeks.


 Best regards


Until the FLS get in touch there isn’t really much we can do about this I am however annoyed that on one hand they say they had no plans and on the other hand they put up new signs with parking charges these signs were clearly months in the making so this was a decision made well in advance which should have been put to the community so everyone was aware.

Once we get a formal response I will let everyone one know what is occurring and will try and push the FLS for further information regarding the issue, I have also made the Police aware that as soon as parking charges are introduced we will start to see  personal park all over the place in undesignated spots so hopeful they will also do there bit and help control the problem as and when it starts to grow which it inevitably will


That’s all from me for now have a safe but enjoyable weekend





Hi Everyone

I hope everyone is keeping well pretty chilly at the moment although I believe there is a big thaw and rain back on the cards for next week.

It has been a quiet couple of weeks in the village with not a great deal happening I think the weather does have something to do with this

Please note a few updates and notices I have received this week:


Beach area

As you are aware we wrote to the FLS and asked for an update regarding the plans for the beach for the coming season and end of lockdown there response at the moment is:


Thanks for your email. We had an internal meeting last week looking at both the long term for Ardentinny and what we can put in place for this season.


We have not yet made a decision on either yet but hope to be clearer in the next month or two.

In essence we do expect next year to be very busy at Ardentinny, at least as busy as 2020. We are looking at how we can manage this better. This includes looking at car parking restriction, summer patrols, camping management and information provision. We have a meeting this afternoon about Summer patrolling across the Park with my own team and Ardentinny has been identified as one of the key sites.


I am sorry I can’t share more at the moment as I don’t want to give the wrong information when we are still early in our thinking. There are a few things we need to work out first.

Ardentinny is very much on our thoughts and plans for Summer 2021. We will be back in touch when we have more certainty with our plans.


Its clearly not a great answer however we are on there radar and we will keep asking for updates and keep everyone informed  with anything that comes across our desks.


There was also an email distributed via the residents forum but worth mentioning a link to a survey on the Council’s website regarding motorhome and informal camping following a number of issues experienced by communities throughout Argyll and Bute last year.

I would be grateful if you could please take 10-15 minutes to complete the survey which is accessible by following the link:




Bin Disruptions

The following was received regarding some bin dissruptions this week

Recycling bins which were due for collection yesterday Wednesday 10th February in Ardfin Avenue and Ardentinny Beach, Ardentinny could not be serviced due to the road conditions – these will be uplifted on Wednesday 24th February (double lift with any excess).


Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Kind regards,

Argyll and Bute Council


The following candidates remain validly nominated for the above Community Council Area as hereinafter mentioned and, as not more than the required number of candidates remains validly nominated there will be no poll therein and not later than 11.00am on the day of the election, the said candidates shall be declared to be elected Community Councillors.

Names of Candidates remaining validly nominated Address as in the Register

1 NORRIS, Marian J 6 Swedish Houses, Ardentinny, Dunoon PA23 8TR

2 WOOD, Allister Woodstock, 23 Ardenfield, Ardentinny PA23 8TU Signed Pippa Milne Returning Officer

Project Corridor Options - Argyll & Bute (A83)

Argyll and Bute Council are asking for comments on 11 project corridor options by Friday 30 October.

The feedback received will inform the progression of stage 1 data collection, assessment of corridors and sifting work and we will provide an update on that work as it progresses.

We will then look to make recommendations for a preferred route corridor with alignment options in Spring 2021.

The consultation documents and the 11 options can be found at the link below,




Update from Argyll & Bute Council 3/4/2020


Two Weekly Bin Collections On Monday 6th April

Fri, 3 Apr 2020 17:37

Argyll and Bute Council Outreach (outreach@argyll-bute.gov.uk)To:you Details 

Two weekly bin collections on Monday 6 April

During the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic, the council will introduce a simplified, two-weekly bin collection where recycling and general waste will be collected at the same time.

Please put out up to two bins on the day that you would normally put out your recycling (blue bin/bag).

This gives each household more collections.

However, the consequence is that, for the time being, recyclable materials will go into the general waste stream. This allows us to organise a schedule that will protect our staff and meet guidance on social distancing.

This approach is being taken by a number of local authorities across Scotland during this pandemic.

Robin Currie, Policy Lead for Housing, Roads and Infrastructure Services, said: “We’ve listened to public concerns and the whole council is working tirelessly to help protect our communities from the threat of coronavirus.

“Our frontline workers are going to extraordinary lengths to deliver services by changing the way we work to make best use of the resources we have.

“This model is deliverable, although this may in time need staff to be utilised from wider teams, such as roads and grounds staff. This means we will only be making emergency road repairs in very serious situations.

“Please be assured, Argyll and Bute Council takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously and you can help. If you have the option to store recycling until we can resume this service, we would be grateful. Here are some tips for storing it safely:

Make sure you wash out plastic bottles (especially milk bottles) and trays thoroughly;

Squash plastic bottles and then put the lid back on;

Stack trays the same size inside each other to save space;

Flatten cardboard boxes and paper;

If you can, crush your cans;

Rinse and flatten Tetrapaks (juice cartons etc);

Once your bin is full, please start storing the recycling in plastic bags, or inside large cardboard boxes, in a dry place.

“Buying and preparing only what you need can help cut down the amount of food thrown away. Every household in Scotland could save £460 each year by throwing out less - worth thinking about at the moment when getting to the shops is more difficult. See http://www.lovefoodhatewaste.com/ for information on how you can cut down food waste.”

Residents of Bute and Kintyre will be contacted separately with information regarding their collections.

You have received this email because Argyll and Bute Council hold your contact details and have sent you this public interest information in compliance with GDPR Public Task regulations.  For full details or to unsubscribe see footer of email.

Kind regards,

Argyll and Bute Council

If you do not wish to receive further information you can unsubscribe from these emails: Unsubscribe

You have received this email in line with the Information Commissioner's Office:

"Data protection and electronic communication laws do not stop Government, the NHS or any other health professionals from sending public health messages to people, either by phone, text or email as these messages are not direct marketing."

The Community Partnership E-Bulletin 31/03/2020

Dear Community Friends!
Hello once again from the dining room table! This e-bulletin was put together from a collaboration of surfaces; desktops, kitchen islands and a garden bench!

This week we urgently need your input into our 'Business Survey' and 'Collaborative Shopping Spreadsheet' (links below). This information will be collated by us and used as an evidence-base to present to the National Park local authorities and national government to inform decision making to support Scotland’s economy and help businesses, workers and communities through this time of extraordinary challenge.
Also... the Third Sector Resilience Fund (TSRF) £20m emergency fund for charities, community groups, social enterprises and voluntary organisations working in Scotland has now opened. We are urging communities to check their eligibility - keep reading!

And finally, from all of us here at The Community Partnership #StayHomeSavesLives!

Information from Dunoon Burgh Hall  2/3/2020


Together we can make a difference - learn how you can help DBH support our community through this difficult time.

Dunoon Burgh Hall has been working with friends in the community to develop a positive response to a challenging situation. We want to use our skills and resources to help people.

We are creating a Community Kitchen to prepare and deliver healthy meals to vulnerable people in the local area. We are looking for donations of food, kitchen roll, antiviral wipes & spray, hand gel and hand wash, particularly from anyone who has more than they need. The supply chain has been interrupted by panic buying so we need your help.
We are working hard to get this service in place as fast as possible. Details of the launch will be published this week.

We are developing a regular Community Arts Video Stream to help keep our community connected. Sharing our love of music, singing, drama and the arts will help us all stay positive in these challenging times. Initially we are asking people to record performances, talks, demonstrations or stories at home and submit them. Everyone is welcome to get involved. Videos can be submitted to jane@dunoonburghhall.org.uk via https://wetransfer.com (just click on the wetransfer link to send your files for free)

We are currently hard at work deep cleaning the building and putting our plans in place. We will continue to work closely with social work, Hubgrub and Dunoon Food Bank to develop and deliver DBH Community Kitchen in a safe and responsible way. 

We are looking for fit and healthy volunteers to help us support our community. All volunteers will be trained in our strict hygiene policy, which follows all current guidelines to protect the community from transmission of COVID-19.

We are a registered charity and our new community projects are our main priority. Please consider making a donation and share this post far and wide. Together we can make a difference!

01389 72 2639

The Community Partnership E-Bulletin 25/03/2020

Hello from our Chair!

Keep reading or click on the link to see the full movie trailer https://bit.ly/2UxRNFH. 

So lock down is here and aren’t we lucky to be locked down in such a beautiful part of the world.

We at the Community Partnership are seeking ways in which we can help you and your communities get through this and to actively help the National Park Authority at this time as well.

Here in the Trossachs we have identified our vulnerable persons, are putting arrangements in place  with local businesses and ourselves  to try and help with food deliveries, and have been communicating with second home owners and holiday lets.

We need to know what you are doing, what has worked, what hasn’t and the best vehicle to get information to you. Please give us your feedback.

We want to share as much as we can and help, Anne & Marie are on line or at the end of the phone to help you and you can always contact me as well. 
This newsletter will go out twice a week and we will be adding surveys, community stuff and some fun things as well. Please distribute this information through your communities

A final thought - I’m standing in an old Oak Wood in Glen Finglas.  It’s bare trees now - the wood is still asleep but soon the bluebells will be out and this wonderful tree will spring into life.
It will grow and prosper and so will we!


Access to food

The Regional food hubs project now has hubs in Balfron and Stirling http://www.neighbourfood.co.uk where local food growers and suppliers sell their produce once a week - both hubs are now offering some home delivery for those who need it, there are also drop of points for various locations.  Another hub is in development in Killin/Callander but not up and running yet.

Home Delivery / Collections Volunteers - COWAL
Message from Argyll and Bute Council.

Due to the ongoing need for some individuals to self isolate at present, this presents an unusual challenge in terms of being able to provide these individuals with basic things, such as food and medications. As part of a multi-agency response programme, we're looking for volunteers to help with deliveries in the Cowal area. This role could also include such tasks as meal provisions and home from hospital support. Because of the risk presented with Coronavirus, this opportunity is only available to those under the age of 60, plus those not included in the high risk category - this is for your safety.

Full support from the multiagency response team will be provided.
EXISTING PVG ESSENTIAL. Whilst no formal skills are required, a driving licence and access to vehicle is advantageous. Friendly and approachable attitude is a must! Willing to adhere to strict infection control guidelines for self and motor vehicles.
Transport will be discussed with each volunteer
Register your interest  https://bit.ly/2y91Auf 




Argyll and Bute council in partnership with the NHS have developed a dedicated web page specifically with information of groups across this community providing support in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The webpage is reviewed and updated daily with local support available in communities, and guidance for people who are volunteering to support people  self isolating. https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/coronavirus/help-for-communities

Any new or existing groups who are providing services and want their details adding to the web page should contact Maggie Clark T 01369708358 M 07900363132 or E maggie.clark2@nhs.net 


Older People

As of this morning some shops are exempt from closure under the new rules:

Food retailers - As an observation this morning we were in Asda (Dumbarton branch) picking up essential items, and pleased to say that shelves are fully stocked at the moment. Staff and customers were all observing the 2m distance and the mad panic seems to have died down.

Hardware stores
Corner shops 
Petrol stations
Shops in hospitals
Post offices
Pet shops


Vulnerable People

Telephone Befriending - ALL AREAS
Given the ongoing Coronavirus situation within Argyll and Bute, and the cancellation of face-to-face activities for the majority of people, the risk of social isolation and loneliness is greater than it has been before. With partners across Argyll and Bute, we are coordinating a telephone befriending service across the area, allowing people to make contact with new people, have a chat and make new friends.

You can take part in this opportunity from anywhere.
Be part of a team of volunteers across the area providing a co-ordinated response to a time of crisis support and training, if required, will be provided.

No formal qualifications required. Warm, friendly, approachable and non-judgmental manner and confident in communicating via telephone is essential. Willing to use own phone, and in a limited number of cases share own phone number.
This opportunity is home based.
Register your interest https://bit.ly/3dwpdgk


Travel and getting about

NATIONAL EXPRESS - Message if you are planning on travelling or know someone who is. Information correct as of 25/03/20.

As a valued customer of National Express, I am writing to update you on our response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The welfare of our customers and employees is always our top priority and that is why we are doing everything we sensibly can to keep you all safe when travelling with us.

The majority of our services are currently running as normal. However, following Government advice, as of Tuesday 24 March there will be an extensive reduction to our timetables.

Please ensure that you check our website before travelling for the latest service updates.



The Crowdfunding coaching project is moving to delivering all their workshops online.  The Crowdfunder platform is also waiving their fee for small businesses wanted to Crowdfund.  http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/crowdfundscotland

West Dunbartonshire - Chamber of Commerce - #TogetherForBusiness  
to bring our amazing business community together to continue to connect, support and inform during these difficult times and have developed a dedicated information "Hub" on the Chamber website https://bit.ly/2UC1Yc5                                        

Stirling Area - Business Support
As the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation develops, Stirling Council in collaboration with our partners: STEP, Business Gateway, Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce, The Federation of Small Businesses, Go Forth Stirling, VisitScotland and Scottish Enterprise we are working hard on developing a package of measures designed to safeguard as many of Stirling’s businesses as possible as the Covid-19 crisis continues.

 As a first vital step, partners have agreed to use this page as a single source of information, advice and support for Stirling’s businesses.

 We are also establishing a business support hotline that will be staffed by the partnership and available Monday to Saturday as well as a single e-mail address which will be monitored and serviced at all times by experienced economic development and business support staff.

This page will provide you with new and existing sources of information and financial supports from a variety of sources. A range of new supports and mitigations have been announced by Scottish & UK Governments, we are working closely with the relevant agencies to develop the mechanisms for delivering these supports to businesses. As these mechanisms are developed we will publish guidance on this page and Twiiter @InvestStirling


Health and Wellbeing

Thankyou to Fran, Walk in the Park Team Leader (Countryside Trust) who has posted a few useful hints and tips on their Face book page https://www.facebook.com/trustinthepark/ which you may find useful.  

Fran has added a really good link to a Strength and Balance YouTube video for you to try at home. 

Or why not try your hand at the Strength & Balance exercises to reduce falls and fractures - full video - YouTube -http://www.youtube.com filmed and jointly produced by Paths for All, Active Fife and NHS Fife Health Promotion.


Collaborative Communities

It's safe to say that we've all been on the edge this week, and we've had to quickly adapt to new ways of interacting.

Virtual meetings and collaborative tools will soon be the new norm, and we have created some easy guides to help you navigate yourselves through this technological minefield. Alternatively you could just pick up the phone and brighten up someones day :)

For some of us technology can be daunting, whilst for others it just comes natural. #Homeworking has meant that we to, have had to adjust to a virtual world of communication. Anne our Development Manager has put together some helpful links below to the most commonly used collaborative tools which we have been trialling ourselves!

Zoom: This allows you to arrange meetings, either by phone or by video. It is free to join and in the basic (free) package you can host meetings of up to 40 minutes. It’s very simple to join just click on 

One Drive: This is allows you to share files to the Microsoft cloud. You need to have a Microsoft ID to set it up it but is very simple to http://use https://onedrive.live.com/about/en-gb/

Dropbox: This also allows you to share files and, once you are used to its sometimes quirky ways, it offers a massive amount of storage for free. You invite colleagues to share files by e mail and they then have to download the app. http://www.dropbox.com

Google Sheets: This is the new file sharing app from Google. It requires a Google login to be able to edit the file


Ardentinny Community Council emergency
Action Plan call for volunteers
As you are no doubt aware the coronavirus outbreak is starting to affect everyone in the Ardentinny community council area with this in mind the community council is in the process of creating a plan within which those most at risk or those with symptoms who are self-isolating can get hold of basic provisions, prescriptions and be contacted on a daily basis to make sure everyone stays as health as possible and has at least one person they can contact in case they do need anything.
Prior to putting the plan in place the main requirement will be to get a centralised list of volunteers and a central coordinator who can control any funds they might have which volunteers and those in need can get access to
This email is a general email asking for a list of volunteers, As convenor and not being in the main at risk category I am more than happy to act as coordinator for the group.
If you would like to volunteer please email me at ardentinnycc@gmail.com I will need the following details so I can put  the master list together.
Details required:
Home phone number: 
Mobile number: 
Email Address: 
Are you in an at-risk category 
Are you already self-isolating 
Times you are available 
What you are willing to do (see note 1) 

Note 1: what are you willing to do?
This needs to be fairly short however just because a person is self-isolating or at risk this does not discount them from becoming a volunteer they could simply volunteer to ring people at risk and stay in contact with others self-isolating this might be the case where some people don’t know many other people in the village.
If you are willing to drive and pick up supplies, then this should be noted.
if you have it skills and are willing to get older people or personal without it know how get on line then that could be noted and could be a big help early days

Please note that your contact details will be published on the hand delivered letter but not on Facebook or other websites were I will just publish your name, this may sound bad but we do still have to think about everyone’s data protection

Hi Everyone.

Given the current situation regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak I have today taken the decision to postpone the next CC meeting until such time as the virus is well under control,


Please note this is a preventative measure we have taken as a community council and we would advise everyone to keep themselves up to date with current procedures as laid down by the Scottish government and not simply listen to rumour control.


Please note some excellent up dated information can be found on https://www.nhsinform.scot/coronavirus this link also contains contact numbers if you think you may be infected.



Ardentinny Convenor Community Council


Dear Neil Robinson,

Due to operational difficulties some recycling bins due for collection today (Wednesday 26th February) in parts of Kilmun, Strone and Ardentinny will not be uplifted.

The areas affected are:

Kilmun Court


Graham's Point

Johnstone Avenue

Dunselma Brae

Brae Cottages

Dunselma Court

Stronchuilin Farm


Swedish Houses

Glenfinnart Caravan Park

Unfortunately these bins will not be collected until the next scheduled date of Wednesday 11th March.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Information about Bin Disruptions and other Service Disruptions are available on the Service Disruptions Page

You have received this email because you have signed up for alerts about Service Disruptions. To amend your contact preferences or add new ones: Update here

Kind regards,

Argyll and Bute Council

The Dunoon Project……….


……….What’s in it for you??


The Dunoon Bid team invites you to what promises to be a fascinating evening in the Queen’s Hall.  Michael Russell MSP will interview in front of a live audience, national outdoor event organiser Frazer Coupland of No Fuss Events, Keith Holdt of Equity Impact Partners and multiple world mountain biking champion Greg Minnaar.

Michael will explore why these key people are backing Dunoon and the Project and importantly ‘what’s in it for us’, the community of Dunoon and beyond.

You will also get the opportunity to ask your own questions.

Are you at school or college, in work, looking for work, running a business? All are welcome to come along and get involved.

Queens Hall 7pm Saturday 28 September (doors and bar open 6.30pm).

The evening is free but please reserve your seat by logging onto:  https://gregminnaarindunoon.eventbrite.co.uk/

alternatively you can register at the Queens Hall


You are all welcome and those interested in the general prosperity of the area should find this a compelling event, one not to miss. Not often we get a multiple world champion in Dunoon!

Renewi are undertaking some essential re-surfacing works on Bogleha Civic Amenity Site.

To ensure the safety of customers the site be closed:

On Tuesday 23rd July and Wednesday 24th July.

The site will be open again from 0900 on Thursday 25th July.

Renewi would like to thank customers for their patience while this work is completed, and to apologise to customers for any inconvenience.

Information about Bin Disruptions and other Service Disruptions are available on the Service Disruptions Page

You have received this email because you have signed up for alerts about Service Disruptions. To amend your contact preferences or add new ones: Update here

Kind regards,

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Sadly we have had to say goodbye to one of the most inspirational and caring ladies who gave many years of work and support to Ardentinny. Val Kennedy passed away on June 1st after a long illness. A memorial service and private funeral was held on Monday 10th June and was attended by the many many people who knew and respected her. 

As a convener of Ardentinny Community Council for around 20 years, she was a dedicated and fair leader who gave her time and energy to the post with humour and professionalism. Despite her failing health she continued through some difficult situations when many others would have given up. She will be sadly missed, not only by the Community Council but by her many friends who are enriched by knowing this inspirational woman.


Ardentinny Community Council






There now is an email address which can be used for two-way contact between residents and the Community Council.


This will not only allow the village to make easy contact with the CC but will also allow those who join our mailing list quick access to news of what is going on (this may be particularly relevent re the fish farm planning application).


If you would like to be kept up to date with the activities of the Community Council please emailardentinnycc@gmail.com and ask to be included in the mailing list.


If you would like to be removed from the list at any time, please email and let us know.

Developing a Regional Marine Plan for the Clyde

Drop in Session
Tuesday 7th May
5.30pm to 9.30pm
Dunoon Burgh Hall
The Clyde Regional Marine Plan aims to address environmental, social and economic issues related to the coastal and marine environment.

Find out more about marine planning in the Clyde Marine Region, and give your views during this drop-in session..Refreshments will be served.



BEAR Scotland, acting on behalf of Transport Scotland, are currently undertaking a programme of essential carriageway resurfacing and other improvements across the North West Trunk Road Network.


The attached consultation letter provides further information on the work we have carried out to date and our plans for the remainder of 2019/20. Within this you will find a link to our interactive map. This will provide scheme specific details such as, traffic management type, timings and scheme value. Please note that this programme will be updated on a monthly basis and the latest version can be viewed by visiting http://bit.ly/BEARNWProgramme.


If you require any further information or would like to comment on any of the proposals you can do so by email to NWConsultation@bearscotland.co.uk.


Sean Robertson EngTech MICE

Assistant Roads Manager (South)

BEAR Scotland | North West Unit


Visit us @ www.bearscot.com



A proposal was received by Ardentinny Community Council by a company called Dawnfresh who wish to develop a Trout Farm south of Ardentinny. The Community Council have arranged an open meeting with representatives from Dawnfresh to give the residents the opportunity to discuss this and find out more. It will be held on Monday 11th March at 7pm in Ardentinny Village Hall. We hope you will come along and give your views and opinions.








On Monday evening the Ardentinny Community Council held their first meeting for 8 months. The meeting gave the opportunity for the Convener, Neil Robinson to introduce the new committee. 

The minute of the April meeting was adopted before going through the agenda which included a thank you to the outgoing committee and his hope that the existing committee can do as much for the village. 

The updates from some other Ardentinny Groups were given. They included Ardentinny Renewables Trust, Ardentinny Community Trust and Ardentinny Conservation Group. 

Neil informed that Marian Norris is willing to be co-opted onto the CC at the next meeting.  As volunteer minute taker, Eileen Connell will do this plus update the website and facebook. 

Details of the meeting will be included in the minute of the meeting when available. 


I just want to extend a big thank you to all the people who worked together to make the Festive Lunch a success on Friday 14th December


The event has developed from a collaboration between many of the groups along the Shore Villages and is part of the development of a shore collaboration which grew from meeting that was held in September 2017. Since then we have managed to develop a communities calendar and a The Shore  Directory of all the groups we have here locally .


For the lunch I would like to thank:


The Ardentinny Conservation and Heritage group and in particular Eileen and Marian who made the home-made soup using the ingredients provided by Ardentinny Community Council and the soup kettles which were loaned by Ardentinny Hall. Jo Carr organised the table decorations.


From Ardentinny, Sandra, Sadie and Roslyn who organised the successful tombola table


Blairmore Village Trust whose volunteers (Bridget, Ann, Gordon, Pat Moira, Iain and Cathie ) made the sandwiches using Blairmore Village Hall (who also provided the shortbread and table napkins) and Agnes who made the menu cards for each table.


The Hub, who meets at Blairmore Hall, provided the sparkling non-alcoholic wine which provided to be a big hit with everyone


Ardentinny Community Trust, who provided a stack of mince pies for everyone.


Lorraine, Mandy and Brian who provided the tea, milk and juice.


The Younger Hall, especially Russell and Helen who opened and prepared the hall in the morning.


A big thanks also to Kilmun Community Council, who, for the most part co-ordinated the event and Brian who was MC and Diane and me who helped with the raffle, serving, clearing up etc. A thanks too to Bob, our new National Park representative who donated, supported and helped us all with the event.


The Festive Lunch is self funded from the raffle and Tombola and this year we had terrific donations from many of our local business and individuals. We would like to extend a big thank you to:

Blairmore Gallery

The Strone Inn

Strone Post Office

Benmore and Kilmun Development Trust

The Wee Butcher,

Baileyfield Self catering

Iain and Catriona Darroch

And many individual residents who sourced and donated raffle prizes.


Lastly but certainly not least, a big thank you to the fiddler group for the music to keeping us entertained and to the children of Strone Primary who delighted and entertained us with their singing (and of course their teachers and helpers who made it happen!)


The funds that are left over are being carried over to next year’s lunch and to invest in,  for instance new table clothes, that can be used not only for the festive lunch but an be requested for other events that the halls may have. 


Wishing everyone a great Christmas and a Happy New Year 


Janet Holm












Ardentinny Community Council will have their first meeting with their new members on Monday 17th December at 7.30 in Ardentinny Village Hall.





As you are aware, at the moment there is no Ardentinny Community Council. Another bi-election will be held in the hope that people will come forward to form a CC. It has been confirmed that the election process will commence on 21st August with the posting of the Notice of Election. This means that nominations will open on 22nd August, closing on 6th September (at 4pm). The period of nomination will avoid School holidays as this has caused some concerns in the past.

The timetable now agreed is:

Wednesday 1 August 2018 Register in force

Tuesday 21 August 2018 Publication of Notice of Election

Thursday 6 September 2018 (4.00pm) Close of Nominations and withdrawal of Nomination Paper

Thursday 13 September 2018 Notice of Poll (if election contested)

Notice of Uncontested Election (if election uncontested)

Thursday 20 September 2018 Issue of Postal Ballot Papers

Thursday 4 October 2018 Election Day

Final Date for Receipt of Postal Ballot Papers

Friday 5 October 2018 Count of Votes




Sad to say that only 3 people put in nomination papers to enable Ardentinny Community Council to continue. We only needed one more person which is a shame. A lot of hard work has been done by previous community council members over the years and it is an important forum for liasing with other agencies to try to keep on top of issues which affect our village. 
There is a meeting of A&B council 0n 28th June when the matter will be discussed. One option would be that the CC is mothballed and another is that the boundaries are changed and Ardentinny will join with another CC.




The C3 - Ardentinny to Whistlefield  single track road, north of Dunoon, will be closed until at least lunch time tomorrow (Saturday) due to snow and an abandoned vehicle which is causing an obstruction.
Please drive carefully - many of our rural roads are precarious.

Message Sent By
Donald MacKay (Police, Constable, Argyll and West Dumbartonshire)




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