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Hi Everyone

Happy New year, I hope everyone had as good a Christmas as possible this year, it certainly was different and a lot quieter at my house.

As everyone is aware, we are now in yet another lockdown which is more stricter than before. As there are a lot more support packages and online delivery services in play I wont be bringing back the full Community Council Covid plan.

I will however remind everyone of the importance of checking on each other and ensuring no one isolating is left alone without provisions. If you were helping someone during the first lockdown then please continue this work. The second virus can be caught much quicker so it is important that, if you are vulnerable, you do keep safe and ask if you need help and assistance.

So far the village has done extremely well in helping each other. With the vaccine now on the horizon it is important to stay positive and stick by the rules until this is rolled out fully and we can start to push into some sort of normality.

ICY Roads

The roads up the top end of Ardentinny and some places are iced over as are some paths, please ensure if you are venturing out you do bear this in mind.


For anyone not fully aware, the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful is to be brought back into service from Friday morning, January 8th.

Motorists will be convoyed in single file along the A83 at the Rest and Be Thankful during daylight hours, 9am to 3.30pm, ensuring traffic can be safely managed past the steep roadside channels during daylight hours when conditions allow.

The Old Military Road will be used out with these hours.

Heavy rainfall is forecast at the start of next week so the daytime use of the A83 on Monday and Tuesday will be kept under review.

The information above should also be in the Dunoon Observer today.

There is nothing else to report at the moment. If you are one of the many groups within Ardentinny or have organised something that you wish to advertise please feel free to let me know and I will get the message out during the weekly updates;

Stay Safe





Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is getting there Christmas hats out and decorating up as best as they can this year. We finally have some snow which is great to see. It does appear that we have at least one vaccination approved and ready to be rolled out. Hopefully others will be approved in the coming weeks and we can begin to get back to some sort of normality early next year.

There isn’t a great deal to report from the CC however I have had a few reports from groups within the community and other outside agencies

Village Hall Report November 2020

The Hall Association committee members have held regular Zoom meetings this year.

Hydro Scheme

The hall is now connected to the Hydro scheme. The Hydro Team will continue to use the hall until the Adventure Centre scheme is completed in December.


No opposition to the proposed change to the Constitution was received so this will be carried out. The change ensures that any assets from the sale of the hall will remain within Ardentinny for the benefit of the village.

Hall Opening

The hall will remain closed until the Hydro Team have left when the situation will be reviewed.

Two flu clinics were held in November and should the hall be required for vaccination purposes it will, of course, be available.

Membership & Donations

It was agreed at the last meeting that we will not be asking for paid membership until the hall reopens. In the meantime, any donations to the hall will be welcomed.

Future Events/Clubs

Please submit any ideas for future events or clubs to a member of the committee. It has been agreed that another "O'er the Hill to Ardentinny" music event will be held in 2022.

Committee Membership

Merle Ferguson has stated her intention to resign at the next AGM. We would like as many new committee members as possible, so if you are interested, please contact one of the current committees.


The account currently stands at £6400.

A grant was received from The Community Partnership for hand sanitisers & sanitiser products.

Ardentinny Bowling Club

Season 2020 – 2021

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, as with everyone else, we at Ardentinny Bowling Club were affected in a big way.

Before the full lockdown, club members had made improvements to the clubhouse. A new kitchen has been fitted and the interior has been painted and refurbished.

Outside a new decking area has been built.

Then, we were affectedly closed down. When the lockdown was lifted, to get playing again, we had to work with the Scottish Government and Bowls Scotland rules and guidance.

We opened the green on July 4th, with restricted numbers being allowed to play. All club competitions were cancelled. Unfortunately, with coronavirus on the rise again, the committee decided to close on the 14th September.

We are hoping with a vaccine in sight we will be able to have our season 2021/22 AGM and open as usual in April ’21.

Anyone interested in taking up bowls, contact myself by email on rbdevine0@gmail.com As a thank you for the their dedication during the pandemic, we are offering free membership for next season to all Frontline Workers.

Argyll & Bute Council | Supporting Communities Fund 2021

Argyll and Bute Council Supporting Communities Fund (SCF) will open on 11 Jan 2021 with improvements designed to benefit applicants and communities.

The SCF provides grants of potentially up to £2,500 for the voluntary sector, community councils and parent councils. Applicants will be considered if they meet the following criteria: Resilient communities who have rebuilding from a pandemic; Greener, cleaner communities (climate change mitigation) and creative communities supporting health and well being.

More details on the Argyll and Bute Council web

My final point this week is a massive thanks to everyone who is working on one of the many committees, groups within our community without these volunteers these groups would not be able to function and we would lose the groups, If you are new in the village and want to get involved within some of the groups then please get in touch, off the top of my head the main groups are

The Community council

The walled garden/Trust

The heritage group

The bowling club

The village hall committee

The renewables trust

If I have missed any groups out I apologise but if you do want to get involved please do these groups are an important part of the village and something we will need to ramp up again when we come out of the current pandemic

Hope you all have a great weekend




Hi Everyone

So the big lockdown across the water starts today so please keep listening to the news for updates as the lockdown areas I dare say will change over the next few weeks. The fact that we are still in L2 may mean we get an influx of visitors from higher levels so please ensure if you are out and about you stick to the social distancing rules that apply to us and keep yourself safe.

Whilst there has not been much activity on the Community Council side. I do have a few updates for us from some other sources that did update us on our community meetings.

Report from Aiden at the outdoor centre “Actual Reality”

Situation from the centre’s perspective

· Stopped working with schools on March 19th

· Started with family accommodation and activities after lock-down easing end of July

· Have up until recently had various forms of accommodation in place, self-catering

· Only a skeleton staff at the centre at present

· Situation for all outdoor centres very difficult

· We are determined to try our best to get through this.

· Potentially no school or organised groups until August 2021

We will look to see if there is anything of a joint nature between local community and centre that could benefit both

Hope you all have a good safe weekend

Report from the walled garden

Due to Covid 19 the garden was and is still closed to the public.

Thanks to a small number of regular volunteers we have managed to maintain the garden throughout the year. Volunteers have respected the social distancing rules and due to the size of the garden this was not a problem. We even had excess fruit and veg for sale at the end of summer which we placed in a wheelbarrow outside the gate for any passing visitor who wished to leave a donation in exchange for some scrumptious produce.

Owners of raised beds continued to use the facility and production has been plentiful. All raised beds have been utilised to the full, whilst the polytunnel grew the tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes. All very successful.

A summer house was donated to the garden and has been constructed for use as a shelter and meeting place once Covid restrictions are over. It's a very nice little addition to the garden.

At present, work is ongoing sowing seeds for next year's planting and volunteers will continue to work in the garden on Wednesdays and Thursdays, weather permitting.

Kind regards

Joyce Gilbert

Toilets update

As you are aware the toilets are closed however there was some serious flooding due to the last bad weather. The ditch at Shore road, next to Lochview cottage, was blocked again and not taking flood water under the road to the sea. It was going across the field and then across the car park flooding it completely, and the drain next to the toilets could not cope.

Marian Norris reported this to the council, we have now received a response from them regarding the issue as can be seen below:

Our inspector has programmed a repair to be carried out with a target completion date of 17/12/2020. The repair instruction has now been issued to the workforce. Please note that this date is subject to change due to weather conditions and competing priorities.

Hopefully this will be completed soon and stop the issue arising over the next few months.

Ardentinny Renewables Trust

This is just a reminder to everyone that the trust is still open. They are now a member of Amazon smile so if you are shopping with Amazon and you have not selected a charity to donate to please think about donating to the trust. The more money we get the more we can do in the community more details can be seen below

Shop on AmazonSmile at ttps://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/SC047215, and Amazon donates to Ardentinny Renewables Trust, at no cost to you.

That’s all from me I should receive some more updates from other sources later in the week and will update everyone on the next available report, Have a great weekend



WEEKLY UPDATE  6/11/2020


Hi everyone A very short weekly update this week as there is nothing much coming through other than normal day to day stuff most of which doesn't really involve Ardentinny.

Argyll Rally

Please find attached an update on the proposed Argyll Rally, they have made a few changes which should make for a great event if all goes well and it does go ahead.

Apart from this the weather seems to have calmed down slightly so maybe a bit of leaf sweeping and garden tidying is in order over the weekend

Stay safe everyone and have a great weekend


Dear Community Council,

Further to previous communications regarding the “Dunoon Presents Argyll Rally”, and the

Consultation Meeting on 28th October 2020, the organising team are very pleased to present you with

revised plans for the 2021 event which is due to take place on 25th and 26th June.

As highlighted before, the “Dunoon Presents Argyll Rally” will take place on public roads, some of

which will be legally closed to allow the competition to occur.

The main changes to the plans, in response to your feedback, are as follows:

• The Loch Fyne stage has been modified and split into 2 stages (Bealach Maim and Loch Fyne),

there is now full access at all times on the B8000 from the South as far as Largiemore, and

from the North as far as Inver Restaurant.

• The mid-Saturday residents’ access windows have been increased to 1 hour.

• The Friday evening stages have been deferred to allow full access to:

o West Glendaruel until 19h25

o Bealach Maim until 19h45

o B8000 Loch Fyne until 20h04

• Clarity has been added to present the logistics for residents’ and businesses wishing to travel

in and out of their properties on Saturday.

We shall be in touch separately regarding other points raised at the meeting.

Best Wishes,

Duncan Brown

Mull Car Club Ltd

M: 07518 065795

E: duncan@mullrally.org

WEEKLY UPDATE 30/10/2020

Hi Everyone

Its looking like a decent day today so I think some leaf scraping is in order for me. Nice to get some breathing space in-between all this rain. As promised below is a general update of the beach area and details from the return to the FLS

Beach update

All the replies to the beach newsletter have now been collected and replies placed in a single document. I have sent the replies in to the FLS alongside the amalgamated response sheet as well as offering the full response documents to the FLS for their consideration.

Please note, the amalgamated response may not cover in full some of the comments made by all residents. We have however attempted to convey all concerns in a shorted more bulleted and direct format. I have as you can see from my email also given the FLS the opportunity to read all the replies in full should they wish to clarify any points made. I would again like to thank all the people who have responded either directly on the news letter through email and through word of mouth. In total this was approximately a 35% return so, given the situation with Covid 19 I think that’s a very good level of response.

The proverbial ball is now back in the FLS hands and we will have to wait and see what responses to all the points made come back.

Email sent to FLS

Hi Sue

I have had plenty of responses from the community regarding the newsletter and as you can image it was a difficult task to try and figure out how to put the responses to you and your team whilst trying not to type out word for word every detail in the letters I received back. Marian Norris has done an excellent job of putting all the comments down in some kind of order. It would be worth considering picking up the original documents so you would have sight of the more detailed remarks made by the community. if your coming into Ardentinny I can make these available for you/ I do think these might be better than the consolidated report as you would get a better feel for the general response, Two members of the community have contacted you directly and did not comment on the back of the newsletter. As such I have not included them within any figures shown. In total I had 29 forms returned as well as a number of other responses made via other channels such as emails and word of mouth. I would estimate a total return of 35% which given the Covid situation I think is pretty good.

Generally the feeling looks positive for some elements to change. However there were a number of other comments made that are worth reading so these can either be included in the plan or when further plans are developed more information could be made available so this can be passed on.

If you could keep us informed once any plans do get finalised or changed or if you have any responses to the queries and points made by the community. Please feel free to send them and iI will distribute the points as best as I can



Message from Helen Giles Kilmun Hall

I shall be tying knitted poppies to the railings at Kilmun Hall ready for the 11th November.

Anyone wishing to add their own poppies to the railings are very welcome.


Hope you all have a good safe weekend




Question 1. Reducing access by vehicles on the current one way circuit, tents only in picnic area, some kind of barrier between car park and camping e.g. hedge.

For : 26 Against: 7 Don't know: 2 Suggestions:

• If campers cannot park near their tents, will they take rubbish away with them? • May not reduce numbers, but result in campers camping closer together • No camping at all on grassy area, left for picnics • Barrier across road near noticeboards, pedestrians only past this point, picnic area strictly for people • Should remain a picnic area not a camp site

Question 2. Vehicle access to toilets for disabled only, either a one way route, or single track where they will have to reverse back.

For: 25 Against: 6 Don't know: 3 Suggestions:

• Definitely not the necessity to reverse, would have to have some kind of turning place or one way loop. • No need for disabled parking at toilets, car park is near enough • The present disabled WC does not comply with regulations – needs new ramp, better signage, road uneven • Toilets need mains water

Question 3. New enlarged parking area with designated bays for cars and camper vans, possibility of charges introduced.

For: 25 Against: 7 Don't know: 3 Suggestions:

• Difficulty of having someone to collect, check payments, how to pay and enforce? • The number of vans and duration of stay should be strictly controlled • Camping should be restricted to maximum three nights. • Will a larger parking area encourage more camper vans? • There should be no charge for parking as this would impact on less affluent people • Ardentinny should remain a picnic site free of payment • No overnight parking in the parking area, notices saying this • Picnic area completely grassed over, with pedestrian paths only • No camping e.g. camper vans allowed on the car park • There needs to be a controlled structure of booking and usage • There should be a free pass for residents • Will this push campers along the shore right up to Coronation wood?

Question 4. Barrier and gates at the bowling green, with vehicle access for bowling club and pedestrian access to beach.

For: 27 Against: 5 Don't know: 2 Suggestions:

• Bowling Green has parking rights included in the lease (since 1977) not only in front of the hedge but to the right of the road from the bridge to the green, this would also have to be protected. • There should a barrier between the bowling green car park and the beach to stop access by 4 x 4, no barrier at bowling green entrance

Question 5 Protecting grassland from parking by fences or planted barriers.

For: 27 Against: 6 Don't know:1 Suggestions:

• Must be sufficient to stop Quad bikes and Monkey bikes. • Barriers should be natural, hedges or fences • Barriers should be chain links

Question 6 a) Waste emptying facilities for camper vans

For: 13 Against: 6 Don't know: 2 Suggestions:

• Facilities for camper vans not necessary, lack may make them move on b) Letting the area to be run commercially For: 7 Against: 16 Don't know: 3 Suggestions; • Possibility of a commercial camping site elsewhere so camper vans can be redirected • Having FLS responsible is clear and unambiguous • Would the area be available for a community purchase? c) Removable barriers that could be secured. For: 18 Against: 6 Don't know: 3 Suggestions: • Barriers would give flexibility to restrict access at peak times • Removable barrier from toilets to beach is a good idea • Who would be responsible for installation and maintenance? • There should be planted barriers only • Any barriers need to be permanent Other Suggestions: Camping • The area is a picnic area, not a campsite. No camping at all North of the car park. • Most of the camping taking place can not in any shape or form be described as wild camping as described in the law: therefore can be stopped • All of these suggestions do not address the excessive numbers of vehicles and tents at the beach area. • Apply to the National Park for the beach area to be included in the wild camping management zone permit areas • Use a permit system – e.g. FLS one at Sallochy, locked barrier and secure coded padlock, bookable on line • Install barbecues Dogs • Dogs should be on lead at all times on the beach site because of health and safety • Never had any trouble with dogs, let them run free Provision of Water • I think mains is the only solution as a hill supply is going to need continual maintenance. £200k is a ridiculous price and I am sure it could be sourced cheaper. • Improvements to water supply important, health and hygiene • Complete renovation of the dam - long overdue • Improve the dam and install a filtration system most cost effective Finance • Not at all confident any plans will go ahead. Through no local fault the forestry is under funded. Many of the projects are neglected, maintenance not carried out, lack of drainage, forestry roads and paths not maintained. Supervision • None of the above will work without trained warden supervision and the ability to call for well briefed police help Fires • Why not use some of the hydro monies to create fire pits? Signage • A sign is needed at road end of field track pointing to the next turn to the beach to prevent vehicles crossing the field and getting stuck in front of Dalrymple House • There should be adequate signage – no good having rules if nobody knows about them General Comments • Ardentinny is running the risk of appearing as a NIMBY community. • These proposals will transform the beach area beyond recognition to an ugly, over fenced, less accessible and welcoming place. • Welcome – speed humps, better water supply, better signage, improved access, but the proposals mentioned in the questions are by and large totally unnecessary. • The beach is there to be enjoyed responsibly but also protected and consideration given to village residents. There is a fine balance between providing services and deterring crowds. • This should really be a commercial operation revenue generating and thus self funding for staffing and upkeep • Do FLS intend to improve the road to the beach? This has been a nightmare recently with increased traffic. Heavy vehicles have ruined the road surface • Increased traffic to the site on single track road makes it more hazardous for local inhabitants • Far too many visitors to what is a small picnic/camp site inevitably leads to rubbish and vandalism and spoils the quiet presence of the village. • Create an official camp site in the field opposite the hall, with a toilet block, no camping on the beach at all, pleasant walk to the beach.


WEEKLY UPDATE 23/10/2020

Hi Everyone

Another very quiet week in Ardentinny. The weather has been poor to say the least and looks like its here to stay.

Not a great deal to report this week; The Rest and be Thankfull has had some disruptions so if you do use this route i would make sure you keep an eye on Traffic Scotland likewise if you are using the ferrys please plan ahead.

We are still collating the reply to FLS regarding the beach area so thanks again for the replies. This will be completed by midweek and a reply will be sent alongside all the responses. We have also made the decision to send in all the hand written replies alongside the email which has aggregated the response that way they have sight every comment in full and not just a summary of comments.

Covid is still up and down so please ensure you are all keeping safe were possible and following the rules as best as you can. Please keep checking on your neighbours and anyone self isolating as this will ensure we all stay well and no one is missed or left without suitable provisions.

Have a good weekend



WEEKLY UPDATE  16/10/2020


Hi Everyone

With the exception of Covid changes there isn't much else to update everyone on this week.

So I would like to say a massive thanks to everyone that has either emailed a response. sent in there completed newsletter or spoken to one of the CC and offered an opinion on the FLS ideas for getting back some control of the beach. I have made a rough estimate that we have had approximately a 40% return which given the times we are in is fantastic so thanks everyone.

We are now in the process of collating all this information and comments into a single document so we can reply direct to the FLS with everyone's comments.

I will publish the reply and all comments. It is worth noting some of the comments wont be word for word as there were quite a few on a similar nature however rest assured all comments will be past on.

Once that has been done it will be a waiting game to see what they come back with.

Its been a great few days and looking like another good weekend for getting those last bits sorted in the garden ready for winter. Hope you all have a safe but good weekend



WEEKLY UPDATE  07/10/2020


Hi Everyone just a few points to update you all on today.

Alistair McLundie has stood down from his duties as secretary of the CC He will hand over these duties to Marian Norris who has bags of experience in this. Alistair's work load and family commitments means he does not have time to put into this role and has therefore offered his resignation. I would like to personally thank Alistair for his commitment and work on the CC. To date he has been instrumental in the updating of the emergency plan which is a mammoth task in itself. He has also offered to complete the basics of the emergency plan and then hand this over to the committee, Thanks for all your hard work Alistair.

The Beach newsletter/questionnaire

I have had about a 15% return in the questionnaire for the news letter. As expected its generally only people who disagree or want to make a point who reply to these things. However i would urge everyone to try and make an effort to return the last page even your just in favour or just not interested.

A few points I would like to make clear however as there does seem to be some slight misreading or misinterpretation of the letter

1. Its not mine or the CC's plan. This has come from the FLS who want to engage with the community to iron out issues and make the beach a more accessible place for all without it being abused.

2. They have confirmed it is a picnic area however wild camping is permitted and they cannot change the government's stance on this. Therefore the beach will remain open for wild camping and campervans so their plan is to try and reduce the amount of people going down there.

3. The beach area cannot simply be closed. This is not an option on the table.

4. They could not manage it as a campsite although one of the proposals would be to let a commercial enterprise manage the area. That likelihood is limited due to it being seasonal.

The FLS have put in some really good, well thought out ideas which will have an impact on the numbers visiting the site. They have no manpower to put a person permanently on site so please have a good read of the newsletter and if you do have any other good ideas that would help please send them in. Simply disagreeing with all their ideas and not putting anything other than close the beach is not really helping us or them resolve the situation we are in.

Covid news

Everyone is aware of the new restrictions for the Scotland. Nicola has pretty much closed the central belt down so, if the sun is shining I would expect to see an upturn in visitor numbers at our end. With this in mind please stay safe and think before travelling. I would also urge everyone to keep checking in with their neighbours to make sure everyone is ok. There will still be people self isolating for various reasons so it is important as a village we do look out for each other.

If anyone is having issues or needs a hand with something then feel free to give me a ring even if its just for a chat. My door is always open for a cup of tea as well a social distant one of course.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the good weather that should be about this weekend sometime.


WEEKLY UPDATE 02/10/2020


Hi Everyone

Just a few points to cover this week

Community Council Elections

The community council elections have gone ahead so I would like to officially welcome Marian Norris and Allister Wood onto the CC Marian was already a co’opted member and has been very proactive already and Allister is new to the role but will be a massive boost to the council so welcome on board.

Beach update

The beach update /news letter has been completed I have attached a copy of this to the email however I have also had printed copies that will be delivered to each house within the community area, the news letter shows the options that forestry land Scotland are considering for the picnic area, I have placed a small part on the back of the news letter where comments can be made and dropped off either to me or any other member of the community council.

I would ask that every one does have a read and either drop off there comments or email me any response good or bad so that I can formalise a response back to the FC.

I do think that there proposals are far reaching and should cut down both the number of campers/campervan traffic currently abusing the picnic area as well as improving the security of other smaller areas that may have been affected by simply closing off one area, I did raise a number of concerns as you can see in the news letter and there plan should mitigate quite a number of these.

Project corridor options

I am sure everyone has heard and had a good laugh about some of the possible options for routes and bridges going through Argyll, I would ask everyone to have a think and visit project corridor options so they can have there say

The Coronovirus doesn’t seem to be going away at present which I am sure isn’t really surprising to many and there have been confirmed cases in the local area, I would urge everyone to stick to the government guidelines and stay safe and don’t mix in large groups, help is still out there for anyone that needs it so please don’t be shy if you need help p[lease ring someone if you have no one to ring then please ring me and either I will assist or if I cannot assist I will find someone that can help

Have a great but safe weekend



WEEKLY UPDATE 29/09/2020



Hi Everyone

Nothing really to update everyone about this week. I am just getting the news letter with information regarding the beach printed up so will hope to pick this up and have it hand delivered sometime during next week. We can then take this forward and see what happens.

Covid 19 is on the increase again so please ensure you are staying safe and sticking to the rules

Hope everyone has a great weekend




WEEKLY UPDATE  17/9/2020


General information

Hi Everyone

Just a few points to cover this week

Beach update

I am currently in the process of making a news letter containing all of the FC proposals. I am hoping to have this printed out and delivered sometime next week .Once delivered I would encourage everyone to have a good read of the document and answer the short questionnaire that will be at the bottom of this. More detail will be sent out as I progress on the news letter.

The FC also wanted me to send out the following other news which may affect our area

· The campervan trial initiated by Scottish Government, which is currently ongoing in other regions is proving popular. It is possible that sites such as Ardentinny may be included in future.

· FLS have a huge problem with Phytopthora ramorum (larch Tree disease). 120 cases across the Central region, more than half of which are in Cowal, including Glenfinart. This is going to have a massive impact on access to the forest during these works and visually on the landscape once completed.

· These are not commercial opportunities for FLS, they are legal obligations in answer to Statutory Plant Health Notices served on FLS.

· FLS will be doing as much as possible to keep visitors and communities up to date with these works via the creation of a dedicated web page and email address to which all CC’s will be invited.

It is clear that the larch tree disease issue is a large problem and we will no doubt see large parts of the forest being removed over the next few months. This may also have an impact on the land management plan currently being developed which I have noted below

Dunoon Presents Argyll Rally 2021

Mull Car Club are asking for the community’s support for the Argyll Rally. This was cancelled this year due to Covid 19 but they are planning for this next year. They are proposing a number of closed road rallies. One of the routes proposed does come through the village.

Please have a read of the attached document that shows the routes and please email me either offering your support or totally against or even if you just have other questions you would like to ask so I can go back to them with a response

Glen Finart Land Management Plan

You may recall one of my updates mentioned the land management plan which does affect the Ardentinny area. We did pose a number of questions regarding the proposals and they have provided responses which can be seen below, I have requested to be kept in contact regarding the plan which can change.

1. What effect will the felling of trees have on the hillside directly behind the houses located on the beach, once trees have been felled and will the ground become unstable resulting in possible landslides with current extreme weathers we have been having. Will trees be replanted and if that is the answer how soon will these be planted, are there any other measures being considered to ease any possible landslides.

• FLS share the concerns of the community regarding slope stability. Possible impacts will be considered during plan development and any necessary mitigation required before, during and after felling. FLS will normally aim to restock sites within two years of felling.

2. It looks that the eventual aim is to have most of the Sitka on higher slopes. Accordingly, will there be a policy of returning some/more of the lower slopes to native woodland..

• There are large areas of ‘plantation on ancient woodland sites’ (PAWS) in the Glen Finart plan area. FLS policy is to restore these to native woodland once non-native species have been felled. Depending on the felling programme it may take many years to fulfil this objective.

3. How will the felling of trees affect the footpaths and squirrel hide in the area?

• Footpaths may be affected during felling operations but FLS will endeavour to minimise disruption and, if necessary, provide suitable diversions. If paths are footpaths are part of our core offer they will be restored and maintained following operations.

• I am uncertain of the location of the squirrel hide but will look into this during plan preparation.

Community Council Elections

The community council elections were put on hold due to Covid 19 restrictions. Argyll and Bute Council have now set out a timetable for these to take place.

Anyone who wants to be a part of the Community Council should send me an email and I will send you the documents you need to complete so you can come on board, At the moment there are 5 members of the council however Jim Robinson is coming off so this only leaves 4.

The Community Council acts as a voice for the community and is a conduit for information coming in from other sources and going out so the community is kept up to date and more importantly can affect change where it is needed, we are actively seeking new members to come on board and help out.

Without the community council the village would have no voice so it is vitally important we get more people on to the team and I would urge anyone who was thinking about coming on board to do so and take an active part within our small village so we can ensure any issues arising are dealt with and we keep our voices heard.

Looks like a sunny weekend for the garden

Have a great but safe weekend





General information

Hi Everyone

Just a few points to cover this week

Flu Jabs

Another date has been added to the Flu clinic October 17th at Kilmun Hall from 9.30 to 1pm, also please note there is no requirement to book an appointment, If you meet the criteria just turn up and they will deal with you from there. Please ensure you wear a facemask as per current guidelines.

Beach update

An initial meeting with the FC was held today. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 restrictions we had to reduce the numbers down to just 2 from Ardentinny. The forestry have come up with some very good initial plans. There are way too many points to list as a general weekly update. That said the CC feel it is important that the whole community have their say regarding the plans and also have an input into any ideas the FC are considering.

With these points in mind I have decided that I will produce a document that can be delivered to everyone in the community area as well as put on all the social media websites so we can start to gather the community’s thoughts on the FC initial plans. I do have to wait for a summary of the meeting and some other information to come back from the FC but hope to get this completed as soon as possible so everyone has a clear picture of what is currently on or off the table.

Please note the FC wanted to stress that this is early in the planning stage. Nthing is set in stone and they want to work with the community to try and alleviate the current issues with the beach which is great news for us. They also stressed the importance of ringing the 101 number for complaints regarding the beach so please keep doing this as it does raise the profile for us

Community Council Elections

The community council elections where put on hold due to Covid 19 restrictions. Argyll and Bute Council have now set out a timetable for these to take place..

Anyone who wants to be a part of the community council should send me an email and I will send you the documents you need to complete so you can come on board, At the moment there are 5 members of the council however Jim Robinson is coming off so this only leaves 4.

The Community Council acts as a voice for the community and is a conduit for information coming in from other sources and going out so the community is kept up to date and more importantly can affect change where it is needed. We are actively seeking new members to come on board and help out.

Without the community council the village would have no voice so it is vitally important we get more people on to the team. I would urge anyone who was thinking about coming on board to do so and take an active part within our small village so we can ensure any issues arising are dealt with and we keep our voices heard.





Just a few points to cover this week

Flu Jabs

Please read the attachment regarding the flu clinic. This has come from the surgery so if you do normally have a flu jab then the information here is important.

Beach update

A meeting has finally been arranged with the FC so they can bring forward their action plan to see what the community thinks. Due to Covid 19 only a small number of personnel have been invited. I will publish the outcomes of the meeting and their plans as soon as possible for everyone to see

Glen Finart LMP

The FC have sent an email regarding their current land management plan I have enclosed the letter for all to see. Have gone back to the FC with the following questions:

Hi Steve

Thanks for the email and yes we would like to be a bit more involved with this one as it does affect the Ardentinny area we do have a few questions that you may be able to help answer.

1. What effect will the felling of trees have on the hillside directly behind the houses located on the beach,? Once trees have been felled will the ground become unstable resulting in possible landslides with current extreme weathers we have been having? Will trees be replanted and if that is the answer how soon will these be planted? Are there any other measures being considered to ease any possible landslides?

2. It looks that the eventual aim is to have most of the Sitka on higher slopes. Accordingly, will there be a policy of returning some/more of the lower slopes to native woodland?

3. How will the felling of trees affect the footpaths and squirrel hide in the area?

Any help or reassurances you can give us in these areas would be great

I will let everyone know when I get a response


Having spoken directly to Argyll and Bute council amenities department this week.

We have in line with them chosen to keep the WC facility’s closed until further notice? This is in line with there policy’s and budget. I do have a regular monthly talk with their

department regarding this facility and feel this is the correct approach given the amount of cleaning and sanitising required to keep the facility in a safe state for all who would use them.

Hope you all have a good safe weekend




To all Riverbank Surgery Patients,


Flu clinics will be held in local community halls as listed below

10th October at Uig Hall 9.30-1pm

14th October Ardentinny Hall 9.30-1pm

21st October Blairmore Hall 9.30-1pm

4TH November Ardentinny Hall 9.30-1pm


Flu vaccines are available for

65 years and over

18-64 years with an “at risk” condition

Health and social care workers

Household members of those shielding

Unpaid/young carers


We ask that every one attending the flu clinic please wear a mask and please socially distance.

If you have a fever/high temperature, a new continuous cough or a change or loss of taste or smell DO NOT attend a flu clinic instead we advise that you book a covid test and self isolate.

Scoping Letter

27th August 2020


Dear Neil,

Forestry and Land Scotland are revising the Land Management Plan for Glen Finart which is

centred on Ardentinny, by Loch Long. We intend to submit the revised plan in late Autumn

2020, seeking approval for felling and restocking over the next 10 years.

As part of the scoping process we are inviting comments from stakeholders in order to identify

issues and concerns that will inform the preparation of the plan. The plan area is within the

Ardentinny Community Council Area and a map and other information can be found at:

Glen Finart land management plan consultation - Forestry and Land Scotland

With recent plans, we have asked Community Councils whether they would like a greater

degree of involvement during plan development than has perhaps occurred in the past. This

has usually taken the form of discussion with chosen community representatives and/or

attendance at a meeting arranged by the Community Council.

I am not sure how we would manage this in these strange times but, if you would like to

consider this approach, please get in touch as soon as possible and we can discuss

arrangements. Otherwise, if I could have comments by 25th September 2020, I would be


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any immediate questions.

I look forward to hearing from you

Yours sincerely,

Steve Murphy

Planning Forester

e: stephen.murphy@forestryandland.gov.sc


Hi Everyone

Well the sun is back with us for the bank holiday weekend so a chance for the garden to dry out and catch up on the garden jobs a bit.

There isn't much to report this week at all The forestry and Police are keeping up appearances at the beach which should be good if they keep it up over the weekend, As already stated I am waiting on a date with the FC to discuss their future plans for this area

The WC is to remain closed due to funding issues with the local council

If anyone does see suspicious or bad activity on the beach please ring 101 if you can get through, If you cannot get through then please email me as i have a copy of some of the complaints that have been made.

And that's it so have a great weekend

Last but weird fact Cowal games weekend and the sun's actually out. What's that all about? Every Cowal games I have been to it was raining. Typical.




Hi Everyone

A much shorter weekly update this week, the weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse which is a shame in August.  Still you never know it might come hot again next week.


Beach area.

I have noted a rise in the activity from both the FC and Police over the last week and especially last weekend. This could be due to some bad press they have received as of late or some of the emails myself and Marian have sent to there respective departments.

The end result is they are now in contact and are proposing a meeting due to the pandemic. This will only include a set number of people namely the CC, the bowling club and walled garden as we need to keep the numbers low. The location and times of the meeting have not been finalised yet, so we are back in the waiting game.

As soon as we have had the meeting I will send out the information so everyone can see what their proposals are and the CC can then consider their plan of action which will be in line with the communities thoughts

I would urge everyone to keep up the good work reporting any dangerous activities and pushing complaints through the various channels mentioned previously This will keep the pressure on until we can resolve the situation.



The car park toilets are to remain closed until the local council advise otherwise


The pandemic is still creating spikes throughout the uk so please stay safe and adhere to the government guidelines on social distancing and gatherings




WEEKLY UPDATE 14/08/2020



General information 

Beach update 

It has been an interesting week following the shenanigans and beach emails and various social media posts, I will try and paint the picture of the week in extracts from some of the correspondence that has been forwarded to me just so everyone is well informed. 

The week started well with an email from the bowling club stating the FC were back on with the water network and looking at putting a permanent supply to the toilets on the picnic area and offering a supply to the club, this would be good for both the club and more importantly the toilets which have an inconsistent water supply especially in summer months and after poor weather. 

I had another good email from Jo Carr who had been chasing up missing benches on the beach trail, our initial thought was these had been dismantled and burnt on the beach as it turns out the FC have removed them and will replace them when more benches are in stock. Thanks Jo for chasing this. 

Picnic area 

I was copied into to some emails regarding the picnic area the first one was direct from the national park which stated the following: 

Hello Bob 

Hope that you are well. 

I wanted to try and get a picture of the Police response to Ardentinny and on investigation there were no calls there this weekend. 

I do not know if it was just a very quiet weekend or just happened to be busy with no issues. 

I just wanted to highlight this to you and Sue as speaking to communities there seems to be a real reluctance to use the 101 number, which is there for non-emergencies and antisocial behaviour associated with noise etc would come under that. 

The three main reasons for this reluctance seem to be 

Fear of reprisal 

The thought that it does nothing anyway 

Not wanting to put them out 

I wonder if this is something that you could raise at a Community Council meeting. 


Bobs reply was a bit bewildering to say the least 

Thanks for this Matt.  

I will raise this with the local community. The beach area was very busy this weekend - several camper vans and at least a dozen tents. However there does seem to be a discrepancy between the reality on the ground and police reporting figures.  



Bob Darracott. 


So just a handful of campers this weekend no issues at all, clearly the emails did get a reaction from the community council whose response was quick. First with a strong email from the acting secretary Marian Norris and seconded by another follow up email from myself which stated the following: 

I am very surprised to read this correspondence.  You are completely misinformed about the state of Ardentinny Beach at the weekend. I monitor the beach regularly. Far from being "a few" campervans I counted them very carefully - there were 62 tents, caravans or campervans on Saturday night! Totally overcrowded and this is not counting the cars.  The rubbish problem was enormous, not to mention fires all over the grass.  I sent information and pictures to The Forestry Commission and the National Park, and telephoned the Forestry. 

As for the police, we have tried to do this in the past - Dunoon police station is always closed, and when you ring 101 you are told this is not an emergency.  I can only ring 999 if laws are being broken, and our main problem is complete lack of organisation and supervision and an inability to deal with the overcrowding. We never get patrols round our way. 

We are all aware that the National park was intended as the lungs of Glasgow, and we have no objection to people sharing our beautiful place,  But what was an attractive picnic site has now become an unofficial campsite, with no control whatsoever.  Marian Norris Secretary Ardentinny Community Clouncil 

Hi Marian 

Great email, for the rest of the people in the group I suggest you visit the beach once in a while, I get calls every weekend regarding the issues at the beach I have local residents who have in the past rang the police with no response, the area is now a no go area for our small community. It’s a complete joke and I do feel we are being forgotten about. 

If there were only a dozen tents then how did they manage to full 2 commercial bins, a skip and a load of rubbish round the bins this weekend. 

There is a simple reason no one rings 101 nothing gets done. Marian’s email is spot on with this. I have advised everyone in the community to ring the duty officer line in the Forestry Commision but this appears now to be an answer machine so we are ignored again. 

Are we really waiting for an accident, someone to be seriously injured or a forest fire? before some kind of plan is put in place. 

We are in effect suffering from the overspill created by the good beaches and camp areas that are now fully managed forcing more free campers into smaller areas- something that was highlighted to the National Park prior to them putting in managed campsites. 

Would be really nice to see an actual plan to get this area policed and some order put back. I don't mean the local police either this needs to be properly thought out by the forestry commission. If they cannot do it then the camping area should be closed until a plan can be put in place.  Something i wouldn't want to happen but it is looking like it should until people take note  




Lynn Kerr also sent a strong email direct to the Mational Park stating the following: 

As you are aware the picnic area at Ardentinny beach is a disgrace. Every weekend there are tents pitched, the number in double figures and numerous campervans. The toilets can't cope and there are human faeces in the grass and on the beach as well as dog mess.  

The bins were overflowing on Thursday and someone put 3 strands of tape across the area and notices regarding campers taking rubbish away. However they just tossed the bags over the tape causing a greater mess.  

All of the above is a serious health hazard and will also attract rats if it hasn't already done so. 

This is supposed to be a beauty spot and picnic area for families. I won't go near the place let alone take my family. 

The bins had not been emptied by late Monday afternoon when I drove past. Why? 

I called the Forestry out of hours helpline, that we were given and it went to answer phone. 

It's Forestry land, it's within the Park and it is the Council's responsibility to clear rubbish. 

Everyone needs to step up, please. 


Their reply was as follows: 

Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns about Ardentinny Picnic Site. 

To assure you, we are very much aware of the issues at Ardentinny.   This weekend was the busiest that I, or any of the team have ever seen Ardentinny, yet whilst I can appreciate the number of people may have felt intimidating, having spent 3 hours engaging with every camping group, on the whole most people were respectful and well behaved. There is no doubt that some possibly changed their behaviour when our staff left, but that is very difficult for us to manage - as I am sure you can appreciate. 

We are carrying out extra patrols at the weekends, and have had someone out for the past 3 weekends and will have staff out again this weekend. 

Working with Argyll & Bute Council we have increased the capacity of our bins, (which were emptied on Tuesday this week) and also are paying for a skip on site to try to reduce the litter problem. The amount of litter has been particularly challenging in recent weeks. 

We have had a team out every Monday litter picking the site to clear up after the weekend. 

We are working in partnership with Police Scotland and Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park to increase the number of patrols across the area (there were 2 police patrols on Saturday afternoon at Ardentinny whilst I was there). 

We have increased our toilet cleaning regime for Covid 19 and the septic tank is being emptied this week, we are also investigating an improved water supply to the toilet block. 

As you may have heard, we have also set up an internal project group to look at how we can improve the site design at Ardentinny- which we will consult with the community on prior to any decisions being made. We are really keen that we have a proposed plan agreed soon. 

Whilst I appreciate that on a busy weekend, the above may not directly alleviate the capacity issues on-site, we are doing our best with the resources we have available.    

Instead of phoning FLS at weekends – when, you are correct there is an answering service in operation, we have been urging people to phone 101 if they see anything of a criminal or disturbance nature as this will help the police to tackle any antisocial behaviour on site . The 101 calls help to triage response across the police area, and if they are not informed of an issue, they cannot respond to it 


And finally an interesting email from the Bute and Cowal council bin services 

I have been passed you query regarding the condition of the picnic area at Ardentinny beach. As you correctly stated in your correspondence the area is under the control of Economic Forestry and they have a commercial contract with Argyll and Bute Council to empty their large capacity refuse bins. The contract is for 2x 1100ltr bins to be uplifted every 3 weeks, with the next scheduled collection due to take place on Tuesday 18th August 2020. It is also the responsibility of Economic Forestry to carry out the maintenance of these grounds including any litter picking. 


However, following your query we have visited the location and have emptied the large capacity bins on site yesterday, 11th August and provided 2 additional 660ltr bins due to the increased usage of the location. We also carried out a litter picking operation around the bin store area to remove the excess refuse that had been left on site. 

We will be in discussion with Economic Forestry, following on from your query, about their commercial refuse collection contract as it will require adjustment. 

The signage will be there to dissuade abuse of the large capacity bins as they should only be getting used for litter type waste not general, sanitary or in some cases chemical toilet waste. 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 



Quite a varied and interesting account of the beach and picnic area over the last week, the forestry believe there are only a handful of campers at the beach all very friendly no drinking no loose dogs and no rubbish issues, which doesn’t really explain the requirement for skips and extra bin collections which seems excessive for 12-20 campers. 

As for contacting the police and others agency’s the police number is an answer machine 999 is for strict emergency’s so personally I wouldn’t want any one ringing this just to complain, if you do manage to get through on 101 unless there is a crime they won’t come through is there any point in this? The forestry duty officer number has clearly been inundated and is now a recorded message so another waste of time 

Still no contact from anyone regarding the plan for the beach and picnic area from the forestry I have spoken to the local press and there may be an article in the paper this week so maybe a bit of bad press will kick them into action 

Finally. on this and to step up the action can I urge anyone who have issues with the beach area including images please use one of the following complaints methods.  Note this is their main offices. If you are emailing please copy in the CC so I can also record the complaints 

If you have a complaint that is not related to a specific area, please direct your complaint to: 


Forestry and Land Scotland Head Office 

1 Highlander Way 

Inverness Business Park 


IV2 7GB 


Email: complaints@forestryandland.gov.scot 

Tel: 0300 067 6000 



There are currently no change to the car park toilets which remain closed. 

Bus service 

There have been some issues with the bus service and timetables this week and I have spoken to a number of people who have had issues it appears West Coast can change their timetables at the drop of a hat these days. I would advise everyone who does use the bus to check their website on the day you travel and not the day before. The web address is: https://www.westcoastmotors.co.uk/services/WCM/489?date=2020-08-14&direction=outbound or ring direct on: 01586 552319 

The weather is looking good for gardening this weekend, hope you all have a great weekend 

Stay Safe 





General information

 Covid Community Emergency Plan

I have taken the decision today to close down the community coronavirus emergency plan, I would like to take this opportunity to thank every volunteer who put there name forward on the list and have helped in the village making delivery’s keeping in contact with others in the village and generally looking after each other, without the cooperation and kindness offered by these volunteers the plan would not have worked as well as it has.

If you are still helping out others in the village please continue to offer your support, and anyone who is struggling feel free to give me a call and if I can help I will or I will try and get someone to help out.

I will keep the village weekly updates going as this seems to be an excellent way to keep everyone abreast of what is happening within the village, if you know of anyone not on the mailing list but wants to be included please give them the CC email address and tell them to send me an email and I will add them onto the list.

Beach update

For those following all the face book articles regarding Ardentinny beach please note I am aware that there is an ever increasing mountain of rubbish where the bins are supposed to be, it is very clear the forestry have not been down at all this week to see how many campers and campervans are there a lot of these have been there for the past few weeks, the weekend is now here and this pile of rubbish will know grow to the size of Everest creating a major issue for both the local council and the community especially those that live near the beach.

Dogs are running wild creating issues with other dog walkers, and I know that there have been several incidents between dogs already in the past few weeks.

In short my view is the camping and beach area are at breaking point and at weekends without policing out of control, most of the residents of the village now stay clear from the beach and I have had emails from visitors stating how unimpressed they were at the current standards.

I am in the process of writing yet another strongly worded email to the forestry they are the ones who own and police the area their patrols need to be more consistent and achieve something.

People visiting and camping at the beach also need to be respectful and mindful of others who want to use it, there are social distancing rules that should be adhered to which are being floated, dogs need to be kept on leads and campers need to take responsibility for their own rubbish if the bins are full then take your rubbish home.

I would like to remind everyone this week if you have concerns then please direct your complaints to the FC Duty Officer system available each evening and weekend where you can call – tel 07789033987 I don’t want to see the beach closed but we do need the forestry to act so as people as possible need to ring this number every call is logged the only way we will get the forestry to wake up is if we all bang the same drum.

Please feel free to pass this number around to anyone who wants to make a complaint.


There are currently no change to the car park toilets which remain closed.

Bus service

I would like to say thanks to Lynn Kerr who has been doing a fantastic job of keeping west coast motors bus service on their toes, they had started taking the bus service up to the Glenfinart terminus every two hours instead of every hour as before. In between they only go as far as the church and the last bus does not come up the Glen either.

West coast motors stated the following regarding Lynns complaint: West Coast Motors say they need the layover times at Ardentinny Hotel for the drivers to clean the bus, hand rails, seat poles and other touch points. They say they will increase their services when the schools go back on 11 August, but they don’t know yet if this will mean all the buses will go to the Glenfinart terminus.

I agree with Lynns stand on this the bus service needs to go up to the terminus not just stop at the church there are elderly and disabled people at that end of the village who cannot always make it down as far as the church and if dropped off there have to rely on others to get them the rest of there way home. If anyone else is finding this issue a problem please let me know so I can keep on top of this situation and if required take further action on top of Lynns great work.

The weather is looking good for gardening this weekend, hope you all have a great weekend

Stay Safe



WEEKLY UPDATE 30/07/2020

Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is still keeping safe I would say enjoying the weather but clearly its a bit garbage at the moment for this time of the month. Hopefully a nicer day tomorrow.

Nothing much to report again this week.  Yet again more rules regarding the pandemic have been relaxed and as expected we are starting to see small spikes pick up in various busy towns and places.

With that in mind, please ensure you do keep yourselves as safe as possible and please stick to the government's guidelines. This way we will stay as Covid free as we can.


Car park Toilets

I have been liaising with the local council regarding the re-opening of the toilets in the car park and have been advised that. due to the current situation with budgets and staffing, our toilets are to remain closed  until it has been deemed safe enough to re-open them.

I have now confirmed a monthly call with the council so this can be reveiwed as and when.


The Beach

This is an ongoing issue. There is no comments from the forestry as of yet regarding proper policing of the beach but rest assured we will keep harassing them until something gets put in place.



The Renewables Trust have produced an excellent newsletter which gives you a flavour of some of the projects that the trust have already supported.  Can I please ask that you all read the news letter and if you do have any ideas and would like to apply for a grant please contact the trust and apply.  The fund is open to anyone in the village for both large and small projects.


Hope everyone has a good weekend




WEEKLY UPDATE 24/07/2020


WEEKLY UPDATE 24/07/2020

Hi Everyone 

Hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying the bright day.  There isn't much to report this week regarding Covid.  Rstrictions seem to be lifting on a daily basis so it is hard to track now what is allowed and what isn't.  With this in mind i'll stick to just 3 main points that have been noted by us this week


The Beach

The beach is clearly open and has been pretty much mobbed since last week . If I am honest this was pretty much expected, I. like everyone else was pretty annoyed with the lack of patrols made by the forestry commission who to be honest don't seem to care what goes on. They did however spend a good few hours cleaning up some of the mess made by the influx of campers.

That said the beach issue is one that is high on my hit list of priorities and we are in direct communication with the FC.  That said movement is slow and they don't exactly move quickly on anything so please be patient. That said they now have a Duty Officer system each evening and weekend where you can call – tel 07789033987 Can i urge everyone who notices any issues please ring this number and make a formal complaint this really does help push them along. If no one complains directly then they are less likely to be proactive and work with us.


Our WC

Our WC in the car park remains closed and the main council still have not responded to any of my emails regarding the possibility of reopening these. I will keep on at them as this is an important facility that needs to be opened as soon as things can be put in place to ensure everyone is kept safe and they are properly cleaned to the standards set out in the Covid regulations


Fire brigade

I spoke with a member of the fire brigade last week after they had been called out on an emergency to the village. After blue lighting their way from Dunoon all the way up here. the fire turned out to be a bin fire where someone was simply burning waste rather than sent to landfill.

Clearly this was a complete waste of the fire brigade and engines time which could have had other more serious matters to attend to. They did state that this wasn't the first time they had been called and it was becoming a more common occurrence within the village.

With this in mind, can i remind everyone that the fire brigade -like all the emergency services, are not to be called unless you are sure there is an actual emergency.

General complaints regarding rubbish fires and excessive smoke from fires can be made to the local council.  There is a document posted on the noticeboard explaining the councils policy on bonfires which are allowed.  This includes actions individuals can take if a bonfire becomes a nuisance


Hope everyone as a great weekend



WEEKLY UPDATE 17/07/2020


Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is keeping well and the run of poor weather isn't getting anyone down, the midges are back I see.

There are two main points in my weekly update. The first one is the pubs in town are now open as are most things so i would expect the town to be more active over the weekend. Please bear that in mind if you are considering a visit into town.

My main point to make everyone aware of is regarding the beach. This week the forestry department made the decision to reopen the toilets and the carpark area so the signs will by now have been removed. and I dare say we will have a large influx of campers onto the beach.

They have also stated they have not the manpower to do regular patrols which amazes me. We have sent an email asking how they are proposing to stick to the council guidelines on keeping the toilets clean as per current guidelines. It is clear that, as a small Community Council our toilets will not be reopening until the guidelines either relax or the main council provide further resources to allow us to re-open the toilets safely.

The Forestry now have a Duty Officer system each evening and weekend where you can call – tel 07789033987. They are there to provide support if there are any issues on their land. In addition, they have direct links to National Park, Police Scotland and Council staff who are working at weekends. if you do notice any issues over the weekend please ring this number

That's all from me this week so hope you all stay safe and have a good week





I would also like to remind everyone in the village that the Ardentinny Renewables fund is not just open to large projects in the village it is there for everyone to use so yes even the small groups or individuals can apply for funding it could be a small amount or large amount depending on the project you have in mind, the project should benefit the village in some way shape or form, this could be simply enhancing the beauty of the village putting in benches protecting and promoting wildlife or gathering funds to get new equipment for your group, any projects can apply 


I do have application forms so if you are part of a small group or individual and want to do something as we come out of the lockdown process give me a shout and ill send you an application form they are simple to complete and if required i can happily help with this so get your thinking caps on and use the grant funds to give your groups a kick start




WEEKLY UPDATE 10/07/2020

Hi Everyone

a general weekly update quite a lot of things happening this week and ill try and sum up some of the main news points below:


Face masks are now compulsory on public transport and in shops. 


The national parks have released the following update

3rd July:

Travel distance restriction relaxed

Self-catering accommodation and second homes (without shared facilities) permitted

6th July:

Outdoor hospitality (subject to physical distancing rules and public health advice)

10th July:

People can meet in extended groups outdoors (with physical distancing)

Households can meet indoors with up to a maximum of two other households (with physical distancing)

13th July:

Organised outdoor contact sports can resume for children and young people (subject to guidance)

15th July:

All holiday accommodation permitted (following relevant guidance)

Indoor hospitality (subject to physical distancing rules and public health advice)

 National Park  approach

Our priority for reopening will continue to be car parks and toilets first as these are the facilities that support the majority of visitors. This will be followed by sites and facilities used for more specific activities.

Our provisional timeline for reopening National Park facilities is:

Friday 3rd July

All National Park car parks open

Toilets in key visitor areas open where possible (including some temporary provision)

 Saturday 11th July

Further toilets opening

Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway reopens for launching and retrieval

 Friday 17th July

National Park campsites at Loch Chon and Loch Achray open.


Generally speaking items to do with the lockdown are changing on a daily basis the beach carpark area and camping area is still closed but i can see this being reopened as soon as the national park can organise its toilet facilities so we will just have to remain vigilant for this happening as as soon as the signs do come down the beach will no doubt be full, we are liaising with the forestry regarding the beach area and as news comes to the front i will share this with everyone


Our own toilets also remain closed and we are waiting for the local council to come back with there plan for reopening the facility reading the rules currently issued there is no way we as a village could re-open the toilets we do not have the resources, manpower or money required to make the necessary alterations and put in the monitoring and cleaning approach required to manage these, as with the beach we are on this and will release information 


The community emergency action plan is still in place so if you are still worried and utilising the volunteer sheet please keep using this and can everyone keep making the effort to ring around so that no one feels isolated and are getting any assistance required, i will revise the plan towards the end of the month depending on the situation.


Finally a massive thanks to everyone of the volunteers on the list who are still helping out in any way they can without these volunteers some residents may well have struggled so thanks for sticking with it, I am sure if we do get a bar open in the village we can somehow arrange a drink or get together as we come out of the lockdown


Stay safe everyone




General information

Hi Everyone

Well the weather certainly isn’t improving much as we are coming out of lockdown although by the looks of my garden it is clearly enjoying the current conditions, the midges also seem to be thriving.

A number of new changes with the lockdown rules have appeared in the news this week all of which have been published on the various websites however I will repeat them as I know not everyone follows social media, some of the changes will have an impact on our community especially the beach area where I expect to see an uplift in activity so I will deal with that one first so everyone is in the picture.

Beach update

An online meeting was held on Thursday 2nd July there were representatives of Forest and Land Scotland, the National Park, the police, MSPs, the local councils and the community councils. Marian Norris attended on behalf of Ardentinny Community Council.

The Safe Recovery Action Group liaise to decide on appropriate steps on lifting restrictions, particularly considering safety and hygiene, taking note of Scottish Minister decisions.

The five-mile travel limit will be lifted tomorrow, and many more visitors are expected, and on 6th July caravan parks with toilet facilities can open.

Stuart Chalmers from Forest and Land Scotland assured Marian that the beach car park will not be open yet, as the toilets are not functioning. Some of the larger car parks in the National Park and the Forestry area will be opened, but with limitations. National Park camp sites will be open on 15th July, but as yet there are still restrictions on wild camping and overnight stays off site.

The National Park plan is for some lifting of restrictions but advice to visitors is "Love it like a local". There will be signage available on line for all to share.

Forest and Land Scotland will be considering all options for Ardentinny, and when possible will consult with the village and the Community Council before acting.

Not long after the meeting was held it was noted by Marian that camper vans had already gone down to the beach to set up for the night further investigations led to us noting the signs had been removed allowing campers onto the beach area, after a flurry of emails between a number of forestry officials we were told the signs would be back in place hopefully by the end of play today.

Please note people can visit the beach however camping in the beach and car park areas is still not permitted.


Toilets: Argyll and Bute council are opening some public toilets on Monday 6th July, and the others on 15th July, if all restrictions and cleaning regimes are in place.

Ardentinny Community Council may open the car park toilets on any day after this but have to be satisfied that all criteria are met before this happens. Meanwhile they remain closed.

It is clear that there will have to be extra measures in place to enable us to open the our toilet facility’s we will be in consultation with the local authority to see what they require and how they will assist us in getting the toilets to a standard where they can be opened and correctly maintained given the current conditions, from a CC perspective without the council providing extra assistance the toilets will remain closed for the moment.

General rule changes

From 10th July face coverings will be mandatory in shops. As with public transport, there will be an exemption for children under 5 and those with certain medical conditions.

From Friday 03 July the guidance on travel is no longer limited to 5 miles, except for those in specific areas in Dumfries and Galloway. Details will be available on the Scottish Government website.

Staying 2 metres apart remains the clear advice. However, the Scottish Government will work with specific sectors to develop mitigations that would allow for 1 metre social distancing in certain settings ahead of the wider opening of hospitality and tourism on 15th July.

From 03 July children under 11 will be able to play together normally with friends outside without physical distancing. Adults should continue to observe physical distancing.

Young people, aged 11 to 17, will still need to observe physical distancing but will no longer be limited to the number of people they meet outside each day.


Stay safe



WEEKLY UPDATE 26/06/2020

Hi Everyone

A mixed bag on the weather front this week ending in a pretty wet friday which looks to be in for most if not all of the day.


An interesting week regarding the lifting of some of the current restrictions up and down the country this week with Scotland taking their time on some of the restrictions currently lifted in the rest of the UK not a bad thing in my book.


There is a meeting late next week with the national park regarding how they are going to deal with some of the restrictions being lifted on the 3rd of july which includes caravan parks being allowed to open from then and other well known beauty spots and attractions also opening, the meeting itself isnt till thursday but i will try and get something out on next weeks update regarding what they are proposing to do with the beach, camping and car park areas as i expect these to be swamped as soon as the no access signs are lifted


I also spoke to the gin bar people again yesterday over the phone and assured them that the idea of having a gin bar on the beach once a quarter is not dead in the water although we do have concerns, and again stated that a proper meeting in the hall where the forestry and themselves could perhaps put some of the points raised to bed, I also have a great idea that could possibly work to enable this project to be a successful one for everyone involved but will leave my idea until a suitable time whereby we can all get into a room or space and discuss their project in a little more detail.


On a final note Babs and pete have collected some contact gloves from the Blairmore Joint Strategy Group, they will place some gloves in our phone box at the toilet car park and the egg shack which is my little shop at the other end of the village if you do require some gloves please take some but please remember they are there for everyone so don't take massive handfills at a time this way they will last a little longer, thanks babs/pete and the Blairmore Joint Strategy Group for applying for the grant and getting the gloves for use across the shore.


Once again can i thank all the volunteers for continuing to support those who need it and please keep utilising all the good delivery options now available to us 


Stay safe everyone




WEEKLY UPDATE  19/06/2020

Hi Everyone

Hope you have all enjoyed the weather this week it would appear we are back to a bit cooler weather with the possibility of a bit of rain which will be great for the garden and unfortunately great for the midges.


As you are aware Scotland will shortly be moving into there phase two of the lockdown lifting process, this will basically mean more non essencial shops opening and more travel, I am sure everyone has noticed that more and more people are going back to work in various forms which is great news for everyone.


That said we are still not completely out of the woods there are still people in the village who are shielded and it is important we ensure that we keep up the great work we have done so far on helping each other out, the volunteers list is still live and i would still encourage anyone who requires assistance to use the list.


One of the main items that did change this week was to do with the weekly bin collection times From the week beginning 22 June If you live in Dunoon and Cowal, Mid Argyll, Tarbert, Oban and Lorn, Coll, Colonsay, Tiree, Lismore and Helensburgh and Lomond, your normal schedule for general waste and blue bins will restart during the week beginning 22 June. You will be able to check what date your bins go out, on the website: https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/planning-and-environment/bin-collection, from 19 June.


The beach area camping is still restricted and the beach area in general is fairly quiet i did see a camper there last weekend however i think he was using the "allowed to go fishing rule " as an excuse to put a tent up and there would be no real way to check this hopefully it wont lead to more campers.


Gin Bar

 I received a number of replies regarding the Gin bar only a couple were for the project the rest of the emails echoed my thoughts on the amount of issues we already have and the resulting other issues that would be created by such a venture, increased traffic, rubbish vandalism fires on the beach, drug use and drunk driving on an already tight road.


With this in mind I will initially go back to the Gin bar proposer and tell them that Presently we will not be supporting there project as there are too many issues outside there control that would need to be answered by both themselves and the forestry prior to gaining the villages support, I will give both them and the forestry a chance to present any future plans hopefully in the hall sometime in the future so we could discuss any issues we have and how they plan to resolve these issues prior to going ahead with such a venture


Thanks for everyone that replied to my initial email


Stay safe


Bin collections go back to three weekly cycle

The council is taking its first step to going back to the normal cycles of bin and recycling collections – three weekly for general domestic waste and two weekly for blue bin/bag recycling.

From the week beginning 22 June

If you live in Dunoon and Cowal, Mid Argyll, Tarbert, Oban and Lorn, Coll, Colonsay, Tiree, Lismore and Helensburgh and Lomond, your normal schedule for general waste and blue bins will restart during the week beginning 22 June. You will be able to check what date your bins go out, on the website: https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/planning-and-environment/bin-collection, from 19 June.

As we phase in normal services, kerbside glass recycling will resume in Helensburgh and Lomond on 6 July; food recycling collecting in Helensburgh and Lomond will resume at a future date when resources allow as we still have staff absences relating to COVID 19. Kerbside glass recycling on Tiree will also resume at a future date. For the time being, if possible, please use public collection points for glass bottles and jars if you cannot keep the recycling at home.

From week beginning 29 June

If you live in Kintyre (south of Kennacraig), Islay/Jura and Mull/Iona, your normal schedule will resume during the week beginning 29 June. You will be able to check what date your bins go out, on the website: https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/planning-and-environment/bin-collection, from 26 June.

Kerbside glass collections on Mull and Iona will resume at a future date. For the time being, if possible, please use public collection points for glass bottles and jars if you cannot keep the recycling at home.

Bute will also go back to three-weekly bin collections during the week beginning 29 June. However, Bute households were given a new two weekly timetable for waste during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please keep that new cycle for your recycling, as service providers have changed, and revert to the previous three-weekly timetable for putting out domestic waste. You can look up your updated calendars here: https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/planning-and-environment/bin-collection from 26 June.

Robin Currie, Policy Lead for Housing, Roads and Infrastructure Services, said: “Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for their patience. We had to make quick changes to the service as we managed our first responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is good to start taking some small steps back to normal life. Taking a phased approached to reinstating bin collections and recycling will help things runs smoothly as we continue to operate under national guidelines and social distancing.

“To everyone who managed to hold on to their recycling, or used public collection points to dispose of it, I want to offer special thanks. From the comments we have received over the past few weeks it is clear that many residents are as keen as we are to keep as much waste as possible out of landfill.

“Details of what can be recycled in your area are available on the council website.”

You can check when your next bin uplift is due by phoning: 01546 605514. Any previous calendars you have downloaded to mobile devices or PDF, will be valid once again – except for Bute.

If you have had to use your blue bin for general waste at any time over the past few weeks, we would ask that you wash it out before starting to use it again purely for recycling materials. Materials cannot be accepted for recycling if they are in any way contaminated.


For further information telephone 01546 604 171, or email press@argyll-bute.gov.uk

 Weekly update 12/06/2929

Ardentinny Community Council (ardentinnycc@gmail.com)

Hi Everyone
I hope everyone is still keeping safe and respecting the current guidelines, its very clear that we are heading in the right direction with regards the state of the pandemic.
I made a brief visit into town recently and more and more shops are now re-opening and although various measures are being put into place you do get a small sense of normality creeping in.
The beach area is still relatively quiet and still no camping which I still think is a good idea to stick with at the moment however we will have to take a lead from the forestry on this one.

I have received an email regarding a proposal for a Gin Bar to appear at the beach area once a quarter, I will place their proposal at the bottom of this email, can you all have a read and if there are major objections i will note them and we can take this up with both the forestry and the representatives of the bar, personally if current restrictions are lifted this might be an opportunity for both the bowling club and walled garden to get some much needed visitors into there premises however i do also see the negative side of a bar on the beach, which may lead to further issues for those living in that area, there is also the question of toilet facilitys, fires etc. please let me know your thoughts and spread the word to anyone not on the email list regarding this, normally i would invite everyone to the hall to discuss in an open forum but clearly we cannot do this at the moment.

Their email
Hi There,
I hope this email finds you well.
We wanted to let you know that we have started a dialogue with Sue Morris at Forestry and Land reference our business proposal below for pitching up at Ardentinny Beach on a quarterly basis (weather permitting). Discussions are in very early stages so I felt that it was important to also engage the community in Ardentinny as we feel that it is vital that we keep you in the loop but more importantly, try and seek your support for our proposal.
Firstly, our main aim is to bring a bit of community spirit back into the area which also includes Dunoon and the surrounding areas. You may be interested to know that we are already engaged with the Holy Loch Marina, Sandbank Community Council and Argyll and Bute Licensing, Roads and Amenity departments. We have also started discussions about pitching up at the West Bay in Dunoon, next to the children’s play area and close to the public toilets. This pitch was actually suggested to us by the Roads department. We have also been approached by Fyne Ales and The Boatshed at Lochgilphead to collaborate with them also.

In terms of licensing, I passed my Personal License back in March and awaiting my license to come through from Argyll and Bute Council. They have confirmed that it should be here this week, or next. We are only allowed up to 56 days per year with occasional licenses so we would be asking initially to only park up once a quarter so see how it goes.

The bar will of course have all the relevant paperwork in terms of public liability insurance etc.

I also recently passed my Level 1 Food Safety and Hygiene certification. It’s important to add that we have no plans to offer food at all, just posh nibbles. For example, gourmet crisps, posh nuts, olives and alcoholic and non-alcoholic lollipops for children initially.

Due to the current climate, we will be adhering to social distancing rules, i.e. contactless payments and providing hand sanitisers for people to clean their hands. We will also be ensuring that our seating area is two metres apart. In terms of seating, we will be providing branded deckchairs and picnic blankets for people to sit on and parasols in case the weather isn’t kind to us! We will also have barriers in place for our seating area so that people know where to sit. We will not be placing these on the beach but close to the gin bar so that we can keep an eye on customers. We will of course be providing bins for rubbish and taking this away with us when we leave. If required, we would be happy to rent a portaloo if requested.

Brand reputation is incredibly important to us, so much so, we are looking to attract more mature customers as we provide quality gins and top notch tonics from around the world so costs will be a little higher to deter the younger generation. We will also be encouraging that people drink responsibly and respect their surroundings. We provide drivers of groups with their first drink free, i.e, soft drink, soda, non-alcoholic cocktail or water. We even provide puppuccino’s (whipped cream with fish treats on top) for dogs too!

If Mr Red can’t make it to the bar, we have a cardboard cut of him so that people can get their pictures taken with him. We also have a large noughts and crosses game and domino set plus branded playing cards for the adults to help with being that community spirit back into the area.

In terms of where we want to pitch, we where thinking about the area past the public toilet, right up at the end of the sandy side of the beach as there is a little area where you can park. That way, it is away from neighbouring houses within the vicinity. Sue also suggested parking near to the War Memorial so once lockdown down has relaxed more, we will take a look at the area there.

If you would like to see the horse box, you can have a look at our Instagram or Facebook pages via @mrredsginbar. We are in the process of building a website too so you can view this here: https://mrredsginbar.feenixtech.co.uk Please note that the website is not the finished article but it gives you an idea of what we are trying to achieve and just how important our brand reputation means to us.

Feel free to let me know if you require any additional information as I would be happy to discuss further.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Best regards,
Angela and Mr Red 🐶

My Wee Kiosk
For those that buy fresh eggs and Jam from my little honesty shop please note I have now moved the eggs into a small kiosk i have been building whilst furloughed, there are now other items in there for sale as well as a small book share which is free to use, I do also plan to stock wild bird seed bird feeders and a few other items i make in my workshop in my spare time, the kiosk is always open and ran on a honesty basis so please feel free to pop in and take a look, i am in the process of making a small seating area which is also available for people to use if you are out walking

The good weather seems to be heading back our way so stay safe everyone and enjoy the weekend


Weekly update 5//6/2020

Hi Every one

well the poor weather certainly brought out the midges mid week was hoping they would stay away and it looks like we are back to normality on the weather front for this coming week wind and rain so no doubt more midges to contend with.


The big change in the lockdown rules this create a bit of extra visitors down at the beach however i don't think we were mobbed and so probably got off lightly, it does appear the police have no power to control anyone visiting the beach area for exercise so we should expect to see more visitors if the weather situation improves, Please ensure that if you do see campers they are told they should not be camping in the beach area as this is currently not allowed under government rules but please do not get into an argument over the point at all times be polite and if the situation escalates walk away and ring the police.


Apart from that main point lets all still keep a close eye on each other and stay positive and more importantly safe





Letter from Community Partnership to Gordon Watson, Cheif Executive of the National Park.

Dear Gordon         

It was no surprise that this weekend proved very difficult for the communities in the        National Park. The building number of visitors over the past few weeks and the good weather forecast were clear indicators.  The video conference early last week gave reassurances to those who sought it. Everyone expected the relaxation of lockdown to bring large numbers of visitors to the Park’s beautiful places but the sheer scale of the chaos endured by residents this weekend was worse than even the most pessimistic of predictions. A list of the issues reported to The Community Partnership is appended.
There have been repeated messages today from the communities who contacted us today. We know that we have a social responsibility to visitors that have been cooped up in cities and towns for months – they deserve to enjoy the space and tranquillity of the National Park. If the Park Authority is responsible for encouraging the responsible use of the Park and protecting its natural assets and its communities, it singularly failed at the weekend. We must improve.
While people are angry and frustrated, they appreciate that many of the problems arose for reasons which are outwith the Authority’s jurisdiction. What is less acceptable is the perception that Park Rangers were neither visible nor accessible to residents. There were numerous incidences of camping by visitors across the Park and, indeed, the Sallochy campsite seems to have been used by visitors. Despite reassurances that this would be managed by Park staff, they were not in evidence.    We believe the continued closure of the car parks is responsible for most of the chaos at beauty spots in the Park. It is appreciated that agencies were following Scottish Government guidance but Government must be lobbied to review this

www.thecommunitypartnership.org.uk Company Number 247619 Scottish Charity SC034382
before next weekend to avoid a repeat of the problem. It is not enough to say that people should not travel; people are travelling and will continue to do so unless the full lockdown is re-imposed. In this case, to continue to keep car parks closed is to risk serious injury in the more rural spots.
The lack of toilets and facilities is a huge problem. There have been reports of huge amounts of human fouling in some areas. This needs to be addressed urgently.
There is also concern about the lack of a unified messaging vehicle for the National Park. Three different communities have asked for a toolkit or similar providing National Park branded posters to download and print off, reinforcing the public health message.
It must be borne in mind that we are still in the throes of a public health emergency. Our communities have a right to feel safe from spread of the virus into their communities. They also need to feel that the infrastructure to support the understandably huge number of visitors to our beautiful places is adequate and will not cause a public nuisance.
With this in mind, we ask that the National Park:  Immediately lobby the Scottish Government to allow the opening of car parks and toilet facilities;   Produce, as a matter of urgency, a strategy with the Park communities for the next few weeks of the reopening of the Park, looking at positive solutions;  Approach the Scottish Government for additional funds to meet any costs associated with this.
Since the start of the lock down The Community Partnership has worked closely with the Park Authority to co-ordinate and get the Park’s messages out to the communities. This has been a positive experience for all.  As a conduit for information, we also have a duty to feed information back the other way. We stand ready to help the Park Authority in anyway we can to help overcome these challenges  
We look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely
Tim Tindle Chair - The Community Partnership

Update 29th May 2020.

Ardentinny Community Council (ardentinnycc@gmail.com)To:you Details

National park meeting.pdf (425 KB)

Hi  Everyone 

Hope you are all enjoying this great weather as best as you can, as you are all aware restrictions are starting to be slowly lifted and as I stated last week we did have a  meeting was held on Tuesday where the opening of the national park was discussed the forestry were not present during the meeting, I have attached a PDF document containing the full list of notes regarding what they actually stated, please remember that that meeting was the planning phase.

The Community Council were represented at the meeting by Marian Norris and we were still concerned about camping and would prefer our car park to remain closed for the time being at least, After the meeting Marian sent the email below raising a few concerns we had with the forestry department:


CC Email to forestry

I just attended a National Park video meeting on behalf of Ardentinny Community Council concerning the easing of restrictions, phase 1 to start on Thursday.  They said you were working with them on this, along with the police and the local council,  and indicated the action to be taken, and I would be grateful if you could tell me if you are following the same guidelines as them this weekend, namely:


Discouragement of people travelling more than five miles from their homes, although this is not enforceable.

No toilets or other facilities such as cafes or visitor centres to be opened yet.

No overnight camping allowed.

Signage to be put up stating these rules

Efforts to be made to enable social distancing

If this is the case I think there are very good reasons for keeping the car park at Ardentinny beach closed.  People will still be able to walk, but unable to stay or camp.  Will you be able to help prevent a small village with an elderly population, most of whom are self-isolating, from being inundated with tourists?  Marian Norris Acting Secretary Ardentinny Community Council


There response was as follows:

There is very close integration with FLS and  National Park locally, as well as the Police and local authorities. Our national staff are in regular dialogue with Scottish Government to ensure our actions are consistent with Lockdown and futures Phases. The decisions on car park and toilet reopening are being made at a national level within FLS and final decisions will only be made after the First Minister speaks on Thursday.  There are national protocols being developed for the forestry sector and we will only be able to start outside work once these are signed off and we have appropriate risk assessments and protection in place for keeping staff safe. At this stage I am uncertain if we can take any action before the weekend.

Yesterday we reviewed our 53 car parks Regionally and decided that Ardentinny was a medium priority for re-opening. Which means it will only be reopen after we have time to open the high priority sites. We share your concerns about the site opening, especially if we are unable to open the toilets. Toilets will to take longer to open than car parks as we need to develop new cleaning protocols and our procurement team need to restart contracts. We are also very mindful of the potential impact of large numbers of visitors on the community.

Our national team are working on a package of signage that we can put on sites which can cover the camping and physical distancing messages.

Sue, Steve or I will aim to update the Ardentinny community once we know more.

My view here is we are still in a bit of limbo with the car park and camping areas and I fear we will shortly be in undated with campers please be vigilant and if you are down by the beach please ask them kindly to depart



National park government official guidance

Below is the official government guidance which has been publicised widely

28th May 2020

As I'm sure that you will be aware, the First Minister today confirmed that from tomorrow (Friday 29th May) Scotland will begin moving into the next phase of the lockdown: Phase 1 as described in the Route Map published last week.
 We have been planning for the inevitable change in restrictions and earlier this week we held a briefing for representatives from Community Councils across the National Park to hear more about our planned approach. Thank you to those from the 15 Community Councils who were able to take part in the call. I hope you found it valuable.

What is changing across Scotland from today?
 In the first phase of the transition more outdoor activity will be permitted, including the ability to sit out in parks, meet people from one other household outdoors, and travel short distances for exercise or leisure. More forms of non-contact outdoor recreation, like tennis, golf and water sports will also be permitted. However, these activities must continue to be done close to home and the guidance states that these should only be undertaken within roughly 5 miles of your home. The First Minister went to great lengths to emphasise this point today. You can watch her statement in full here and you can read more about the change in measures on the Scottish Government website.

What does this mean for the National Park? 
 Ahead of the weekend, I wanted to update you on plans for our visitor facilities as we transition into this next phase and our message to those wishing to visit the National Park.
I can confirm that all National Park visitor facilities including car parks, toilets, the Duncan Mills Memorial Slipway in Balloch, camping permit areas, motorhome permit areas and campsites remain closed and will not be open this weekend. 
Our sites will only reopen when it is safe to do so for those visiting them, staff working at them and the communities who live near them. This will be a gradual process and we are not in a position to begin opening visitor sites yet. 
We have been working with our public sector partners, including Police Scotland, Forestry and Land Scotland and the Local Authorities within the National Park, to ensure that there is a joined up approach to reopening these sites when the time is right. We will keep our dedicated Coronavirus web page updated with the latest information. We will continue to keep communities informed via regular updates like this, directly from the National Park Authority, updates in the Community Partnership Newsletter and via calls like the one held this week.  

Our message to visitors
While national lockdown restrictions on some outdoor activities begin to ease, in line with the latest Scottish Government guidance, we are reminding people that they should not be travelling long distances and should be avoiding popular beauty spots and crowded places.
We have issued a joint press press release this evening with our public sector partners to urge people to comply with the guidance and stay close to home. Our message reiterates that no car parks, public toilets or visitor facilities are open yet. 
Our messaging will urge anyone considering a visit to the National Park to think carefully about their potential impact on the place and other people if they were to visit right now.
We are working to spread the message that with only some activities allowed and facilities still closed the time is not yet right for large numbers of visitors to the area. In addition to the media coverage we expect we will be sharing updates on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. Please help spread these messages by sharing them with your networks. 

This weekend
 As ever, if you have concerns about anti-social or unsafe behaviour in your area please contact Police Scotland on 101 or on 999 in an emergency.
 We have also set up a mailbox for you to report any general visitor management / traffic issues and concerns arising: feedback@lochlomond-trossachs.org. This will be very useful for our monitoring purposes only to capture information during the Scottish Government’s phased approach to moving out of lockdown.
In the event you wish to make a complaint, we ask that you use our standard channels to submit this where this relates to a National Park Authority matter, or direct other complaints to the relevant organisation through their official channels. 

Gordon Watson
Chief Executive
Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park Authority

General information  8/5/2020

Loch Fyne deli

Loch Fyne deli are doing home deliveries along the shore twice a week. They have lots of fresh fish to choose from plus a vegetable/fruit box large £15 and small £7.50.  They have only started this service 3 weeks ago and there is no charge for delivery. They also have other items like homemade breads, pasties, milk, pasta and yes even flour!   You can phone an order in on 01499 600484 and pay over phone or you can order online at Loch Fyne deli. 

Roslyn Lawrence and her neighbour have tried this and state there first order was very fresh and they were excellent in dealing with us and giving us a next day delivery. 

Worth a try if your into fresh fish or other items that they may stock

Morrisons/Co Op

Both these online booking systems and slots seem to be up and running now with plenty of slots , morrisons is roughly a week  from order to delivery and I believe the coop is the same however they are getting there with this service which seems simple enough to use even for those not too tech savvy Dee did a Morrisons one Monday so if she can figure it out then it must be easy, Ha-ha

Box of Kindness

Claire Florence from the Swedish houses has set up Ardentinnys box of kindness, this is located in the phone box at the church car park, I have attached a few images of what is there to the email, the rules for the box are as follows:

1.       Anyone can donate or take from the box, please use it

2.       If you are donating then please do not donate any perishable items, fresh food stuffs

3.       There are a few books in there but please don’t overwhelm the box with books and games

Can everyone please keep an eye on the box if they are out walking, Claire is trying to get hold of a curtain which we will try and hang without damaging the box at some point during today or tomorrow, Also if anyone can improve on the box then I am sure no one will mind, however please note it isn’t our property so I would only advise putting items up that can be removed at a later date.

Walking and Camping

It has been noticed that there is a slight increase in both walkers and people sneaking around the village with large backpacks clearly looking to camp, they are clearly not camping directly on the beach but are going further into the forestry area to camp, please be vigilant if you do note anyone clearly going to campt and do not want to confront them directly please call Dunoon police station and report it directly to them, Ill be honest and say I wont hold my breath for the big helicopter fast response team but they may just do a drive through wich will help deter these people clearly breaking lock down rules.

Final point

It is clear that the shops in Dunoon are starting to slowly come out of lock down I have heard through the grape vine that home hardware, cowal building supplies and a few others have started to open, they do have some restrictions in place however they are open for business, please ensure if you are visiting these places you stay safe and respect whatever new rules they have put in place, quite a few such as home hardware are order online and collect at the store so this could be a good option for some wanting stores.


Stay Safe everyone


Hi Everyone,Hope you are all safe and well, nothing much to update you all on within the village all is calm and quiet which is a good thing, It does like like we do have a few more weeks of full lockdown to come although it is nice to see the direction of the virus is turning for the better.


Please make sure you are all keeping in line with the current restrictions as these have still not been changed and please keep using the volunteers on the list.


I am still planning another news letter to come around so if you are a member of a group and want to add something please send me an email and i can add it to the letter, please keep your articles short.


WEEKLY UPDATE  24/04/2020

Hi Everyone

There isnt much of an update this week as not much has happened you are all not aware of.

I would just like again to say a massive thanks to all the volunteers who are carrying out deliveries, making calls, checking on residents within the village and generally going the extra mile to ensure our shielded and anyone at risk are kept well informed stocked up and safe so massive thanks for that.


Ill also remind everyone that we are still under social distance rules "lockdown" so please keep up the good work regarding exercise and social distancing.


I am expecting a rise in the number of people trying to get in and use the beach largely because we are now in week five and the lockdown is taking its toll on some members of the wider community who know there is a beach in Ardentinny, with this in mind if you are out walking and do see campers or people who are not part of the community around then please be polite but remind them they should not be in the area, the police do routinely come through the village at least twice a day and have stated they will issue fines to anyone they find breaking the CV19 rules


Morrison's, the coop and the veg man are all now up and running so please make use of these delivery options where you can as this takes pressure off both the supermarkets and volunteers who shop for individuals


I hope to produce another letter drop within the next couple of weeks so if anyone has anything they want to include in  this then please feel free to let me know





WEEKLY UPDATE 17/04/2020

General information

Hi Everyone

Another 3 weeks of lockdown which lets face it was expected, another big shout out to all the volunteers currently doing shopping picking prescriptions or just keeping in touch with each other, all doing a great job and I have heard nothing but great comments regarding the help people in the village are receiving so massive thanks to all from me.

Social distancing is still being practiced and it is good to see there are still no campers on the beach so the signs seem to be working for now, I will also take this opportunity to say if you do see people from outside the village walking and are thinking of approaching to ask them to leave whatever reason please be polite,

Hopefully you should all have now received a revised volunteers list with a few new names added and some useful contact information.

Morrisons have now started there online delivery portal they have stated they are giving priority to those shielded and in isolation so if you are still able to go into town to shop I would ask that you do let the few slots that are available be taken by those in need, I am sure like the co-op they will build up the amount of slots available

Fruit and Veg box delivery

I Had a go at a fruit and veg delivery last week from Sean Taylor, now being a Yorkshire lad I wanted to know if was worth the £25 or not, the image shows what was in the basket  bur for those interested he does advertise the following will be in the box:

Iceberg lettuce, swede. Onions, potatoes, cucumber, carrots, leek, pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, oranges, grapes, bananas, strawberries, 4 pints milk, 1 loaf of bread. I also got a pineapple not sure what I didn’t get lol.


All in all if I went to Morrisons I could possibly pick this lot up slightly cheaper, I worked it out to roughly £17-£19 depending how much you got  but delivered to the door, Personally I thought this was worth it for the service provided he comes to Ardentinny on a Tuesday 


His face book link is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1389695991291343/2562557334005197/?sale_post_id=2562557334005197&comment_id=2569248736669390&reply_comment_id=2570015949926002¬if_id=1587059566115036¬if_t=group_comment_mention plenty of reviews there


However for the more traditional route he can also be contacted via text or phone on: 0794764957


Payment is generally cash on delivery however he does also accept bank transfer and can be paid via paypal

Can everyone please spread the word regarding this to anyone not on the mailing list or just neighbours so we can make use of the service





Update from & Bute Council


Today the Council is launching a single helpline number for citizens to contact the council and other partnership agencies with needs arising from the current coronavirus situation. 


The helpline number will be operated during normal business hours  and is 0546 605524.  Queries that will be addressed include Financial, Business, Health, Education, Registration and Social & Homecare Needs. Individuals can also use the helpline to volunteer.  For more information please see - https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/news/2020/mar/coronavirus-caring-people-helpline


To supplement the phone number there are also webforms allowing individuals to volunteer and to log their Social and Homecare needs 24/7.


I’d be grateful if you would kindly use your wider networks to promote this newly launched number and the webform.


9/4/2020   Ardentinny Community Council emergency
Action Plan and General Advice

Hi Everyone, we are now pushing through week 3 of the lock down and there is a raft of information and help that has been made available to many people both within and outside our village area, I will list some of the services and places you could look for further help and advice below however as per my last email for up to date news and advice regarding the virus the best website is still the NHS Scotland website https://www.nhsinform.scot/ this contains lots of helpful information and advice regarding COVID-19.A revised volunteer contact list will be delivered to every house in the Ardentinny area shortly please burn or shred your old contacts list
Other helpful places include:
Crossroads Caring for Carers email: christine@crossroadscowalandbute.org.uk, telephone 01369707700
Bute and Cowal Vets Please DO NOT ATTEND EITHER SURGERY without telephoning first 702532 as they are not allowing anyone into the practice premises
ECO Health Store are offering free delivery for those self-isolating to most addresses within the PA23 area 705106

Graham from West Coast Motors has indicated some assistance to communities can be provided with drivers dropping off prescriptions or messages if required so please contact him direct on g.bryce@westcoastmotors.co.uk
or telephone Graham Bryce Dunoon 01586 559139

Morrisons have put in an elderly shopping time to save them queuing if you are over 70 simply go to the front of the que and you be let in, if anyone under this sees any elderly persons queuing up please suggest to them that they can go to the front for quicker access.

Cowal Car Components are doing emergency and critical end of life tyre repairs and replacements ring in advance Richie 07890907195, if you do make an order from libbys pet shop these can be picked up there as well

DBH Community Kitchen is a not-for-profit service that provides easy access to delicious, nutritious food 7 days a week. Call Dunoon Burgh Hall between 10am and 3pm on 01369 701776 for further information

Some useful community-oriented face book links include



What to do if you are self-isolating or in an at-risk category
The very first step which everyone should be considering now is setting up a buddy system with your closest neighbours, make a point of speaking on a daily basis either by phone or over the fence, this may not be possible in some areas but in a lot of areas where there are houses close together this will also ensure no one is left on their own.
If there is no one on the list you know then please ring me the coordinator my contact details are at the very top of this list.

What can the volunteers do?
The volunteers can do quite a lot, they should contact those at risk daily this may be just a phone call, a chat or a visit but ensure we all remain fit and well and have enough supplies to last however long the virus remains.

Some of the volunteers can collect shopping some will assist with gardening, IT issues Just ask

Please use the group and do not think you are putting anyone out we are all in this together so even if its just a chat please use the numbers below and give someone a call
Please do not publish these contact details on social media everyone will receive a hard copy through their door containing contact details


Secretaries and/or Conveners of Community Councils


Dear Colleagues,


Today the Council is launching a single helpline number for citizens to contact the council and other partnership agencies with needs arising from the current coronavirus situation. 


The helpline number will be operated during normal business hours  and is 0546 605524.  Queries that will be addressed include Financial, Business, Health, Education, Registration and Social & Homecare Needs. Individuals can also use the helpline to volunteer.  For more information please see - https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/news/2020/mar/coronavirus-caring-people-helpline


To supplement the phone number there are also webforms allowing individuals to volunteer and to log their Social and Homecare needs 24/7.


I’d be grateful if you would kindly use your wider networks to promote this newly launched number and the webform.


Fiona at the surgery says that prescriptions can be collected from Riverbank Surgery Kilmun at the surgery from 8.30 to 1pm.

Now please allow 72 hours for your order .


Weekly update from Community Council

General information
Age Scotland have a helpline for our elderly to contact. Please share to that anyone who might need it has this information
The telephone number is a free phone number 08001244222 & they are open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

From Tuesday25th March, Argyll and Bute Council will be collecting green bins only.
The council advises householders: "Please continue to put out your green bins but leave your recycling at home."
The council also says it is closing civic amenity sites, such as Rothesay Dump and Bogleha' in Dunoon 'so we can prioritise operating our landfill sites'.
Argyll and Bute Council useful service status website: https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/service-disruptions this is a really useful link where information regarding roads, bins ferry, schools and other council services can be found

Car park, Camping Area and Village WC
As per Argyll and Bute advice the local WC has been closed until further notice
The carpark and camping area should be closed as of Thursday 26 March this should stop camping and the abuse of the carpark by non residents of the community area, the FC has stated that they will not be going around checking this is working so this part will largely be down to us self policing the issue, if you do see anyone camping please let me know and I will feed back through to the FC and see what further action can be taken.
A further option could be the self-production of signs that could be put out around the village that state the beach area is closed to non-residents, or something similar, the whole village could buy into this and put out there own signs or we could get a few able volunteers with the right skill set and equipment to do this and produce a number of A4 signs on pickets placed at various points throughout the village.
We will monitor what happens over the weekend to see how effective the closure of the carpark the FC put in place works and can decide on this tactic early next week
Caravan Park
In line with recent advice on coronavirus (COVID-19) announced by the First Minister, campsites, caravan and holiday parks in Scotland are to close immediately to new arrivals, including tourers, other transient visitors and holiday lets.
Sites should also advise current visitors and owners of second homes on sites to return home and stay at home, where they can do so safely and practically.

Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing said:
“As the Scottish Government has made abundantly clear, this is not the time for holidays, travel, or for being away from home. Additional visitors, particularly to rural areas and our islands, will put a severe strain on local resources and the NHS, which is not set up to cover the need of non-residents long term.  

“All those who can safely do so should now return to their primary residence. However, I also understand that in some cases residential mobile homes, motorhomes, campervans and holiday lets on a caravan park or tourist site may be someone’s primary home, and that some people will be unable to return to where they usually live.

“Sites should be sympathetic to the circumstances of these individuals, and should, where necessary, remain open on a partial basis for these occupants only.

I have spoken to Alan the caravan park owner he has stated that as per the government guidelines the campsite is currently closed and they are not taking any bookings, there are however a few people who do live in the park and as per the guidelines noted above he does have a duty of care to ensure these caravans do get the required level of service and support.

Anyone who owns private let property in the area should be observing similar rules, unfortunately I am not in contact with any holiday let owners to speak with and get their views we can in these instances only rely on owners doing the right thing and not take any bookings during this time.



Please read this carefully.

We write as your local GPs to ask for your URGENT help and understanding and we need to be blunt. 
Covid19 is now here in Cowal and could spread rapidly. You MUST follow the government’s advice - it is not scaremongering and is the bare minimum we need to do. You can be carrying the virus and not know it. Do not change your behaviour to avoid being infected assume you are infected and change your behaviour to avoid transmitting. If we all do this, less people will die.
The main symptoms are a temperature and/or a new cough. For most it will be like a head cold (runny nose, sore throat, cough, no sense of taste) or mild flu (fever, cough, aches and pains, lethargy, diarrhoea, mild shortness of breath and cough). If you have these then:
 - Go to the NHS Inform website if you want information where you can self diagnose and get an off work certificate. This site also tells you about self isolation rules. You can also get general information on 0800 028 2816. Do not call your GP for a sick note
 - Only if your symptoms are worsening , you have worsening breathlessness or your fever hasn’t gone after 7 days call NHS24 on 111. 
 - If they cannot answer all your questions they will say call your GP. We NEED you to follow this process, as we don’t have time to speak to everyone with mild symptoms. If you have been through the website and your symptoms later worsen then do call 111 or us.  Some may have chest tightness or struggling to breathe – these are the patients we need to call 111 or the surgery. If you feel it is an emergency dial 999
We have had to make changes to our practice access to protect you and us. We have all stopped you being able to walk into the practice at random; we know this is annoying but we need to reduce spread of the coronavirus. There are also medication delays, please do not over order or hoard medicines and allow more time for your repeat medicines. We will assess you if you have another urgent problem but we need to speak to you on the phone first to organise a safe time and way to see you. Please be patient with our staff.
We will always do our best for you and these are not normal times so you can help us by following this advice.
Drs Aquilina, Briscoe, Chant, Coull, Hallum, Macbeth, MacGregor, McGonagle, Saleem, Tittmar, von Kaehne


Neil Robinson, Convener of Ardentinny Community Council has been in discussion with Stuart Chalmers of FLS regarding the concerns of parking and camping at Shepherds Point during the Covid-19 outbreak. 

The result of these discussions is in an email from Stuart. 



As discussed on the phone yesterday. Forestry and Land Scotland is closing all our car parks temporarily as part of the COVID 19 response.



In terms of Ardentinny, Steve Gillen, will be closing the car park today and Argyll  and Bute Council have supported in terms of equipment to close the site.


Once this closure is in place all our staff will be working from home, other than a select few who are supporting the timber industry. We will be able to monitor emails and phone calls. We will have no patrols in place to check car parks. If there are any issues, we would be grateful therefore to get feedback from the Community Council.


Best wishes,



  • Public conveniences in Ardentinny

A question has been raised regarding the current standing of the WC’s within the Ardentinny area, these conveniences are used by both key workers and members of the public and some residents were questioning if these should in fact be closed.
After consultation with the main Argyll and Bute council office the WC will presently remain open, there is a contracted cleaner in place and the WC’s are looked at by local residents on a regular basis and are in excellent shape.
The main advice is for people to wash there hands and clearly a space needs to be maintained for residents and key workers to do this. 

With this in mind the community council has opted to stay in line with the main council office and leave the WC open, clearly this could change at short notice dependent on governments advice.

Ardentinny Beach Camping area.

A lot of people are worried about the number of camper vans that were clearly visible over the weekend at the beach and did raise there concerns with myself and other members of the council, given the lack of notice and enforcement currently in place there is not much the community council can do themselves however today the CC sent a strongly worded email to forestry Scotland which can be seen below:
“This weekend Ardentinny has been inundated with camper vehicles at the beach site.  Given the Coronavirus emergency and the fact that we are making every effort to comply with government rules concerning group gatherings, we find this unacceptable.  Many residents in the village are in the vulnerable group and are self-isolating. We would be grateful if you could take steps to close the beach camping site as soon as possible in accordance with government advice.”
Forestry and Land Scotland’s response was as follows:
Thanks for your emails about the campervans at Ardentinny. As you will appreciate amid the COVID 19 response, public advice from the Scottish Government will continue to change.
Forestry and Land Scotland's policy is that there should be no overnight stays on our sites. https://forestryandland.gov.scot/visit/activities/camping?highlight=overnight
 We were however going to trial campervans on 10 sites across Scotland, including Ardentinny. However, on Friday we made the decision to suspend the campervan trial to be consistent with Scottish Government messages on minimising travel.
Over the next few days we will be putting signage up at Ardentinny Beach Car park to remind people there are to be no overnight stays.
We were reviewing the toilet provision at Ardentinny today and we are planning to close the toilets.
We continue to review our car parks but the decision was made we will continue to provide outdoor recreation and parking across Forestry and Land Scotland sites, including Ardentinny.
It is worth you looking at for the latest information in our response to Covid 19. We are taking a consistent approach across the country.

Hearing Aid Batteries
If you require hearing aid batteries which are normally collected from the local hospital please do not just go down and ask for them at the hospital reception.
Please give them a ring first they will take your details and post the batteries directly to you, anyone simply turning up will be turned away.
Anyone in isolation
Can any one who is currently in isolation please let me know that you are self-isolating this information will become invaluable as the virus starts to spread out to our area, all I require is a quick email or text giving your name house number or name and either a yes self-isolating due to age or a yes for self-isolating for medical reasons


Ardentinny Community Council emergency
Action Plan and General Advice
As you are no doubt aware the coronavirus outbreak will affect everyone at some point within the village, the current advice as per the NHS Scotland website https://www.nhsinform.scot/ is as follows:
If you've developed a continuous cough or fever/high temperature in the last 7 days, stay at home for 7 days from the day your symptoms started.
If your symptoms are severe and you experience breathlessness or the condition it worsens.
Then phone your GP or if your GP is closed NHS 24 (111)

If you must stay at home for 7- or 14-day period you shouldn’t go to work, school or public areas.

Please note the information noted above is changing on a daily basis and therefore everyone should pay close attention to the news and were possible look on  https://www.nhsinform.scot/coronavirus
The village emergency plan
The village have a list of volunteers within the community these volunteers are there to help some of them are themselves self-isolating however the contact listed delivered contains details of what each volunteer can do.

If you are self-isolating or are within an at-risk group then please make contact with both the coordinator and any of the volunteers on the list below and provide them with your details.

What to do if you are self-isolating or in an at-risk category
The very first step which everyone should be considering now is setting up a buddy system with your closest neighbours, make a point of speaking on a daily basis either by phone or over the fence, this may not be possible in some areas but in a lot of areas where there are houses close together this will also ensure no one is left on their own.

Secondly, if you are isolating contact myself the coordinator to ensure I know you are in isolation for whatever reason, likewise if you do come out of isolation please let me know so I can up date the village list.

Everyone in the village should keep the coordinator updated regarding coming in and out of isolation.

Finally if you are in isolation for any reason after letting the coordinator know have a read through the contacts list that will be hand delivered to each household in the Ardentinny area, we are a small community it is unlikely there is no one on the list you know, simply find someone you are comfortable speaking with and make direct contact.

If there is no one on the list you know then please ring me the coordinator my contact details are at the very top of this list.

What can the volunteers do?
The volunteers can do quite a lot, they should contact those at risk daily this may be just a phone call, a chat or a visit but ensure we all remain fit and well and have enough supplies to last however long the virus remains.

Some of the volunteers can collect shopping some will assist with gardening, IT issues Just ask

Please use the group and do not think you are putting anyone out we are all in this together so even if its just a chat please use the numbers below and give someone a call

Please remember anyone who is either in an at-risk group or self-isolating should contact the coordinator so that the villages current standing with regards the virus can be managed.

Please do not publish these contact details on social media everyone will receive a hard copy through their door containing contact details.


Information from Riverbank Surgery re Coronavirus

Dear All,


Attached is a letter from Dr Tittmar written today the 20th March with information on the coronavirus from our local doctor's surgery. 

For more information there is also a link the NHS24 website NHS inform - Scottish health information you can trust . 

The procedures for putting your prescription in at Riverbank Surgery Kilmun are as follows. 

If the surgery is shut post through the letter box

If open post your prescription in the box just in the inside door. 

When you collect your prescription wait within the inside door and a member of staff will bring your prescription to you.

The staff are not permitted to speak directly to you but will use the intercom system.

Hope this is helpful and please pass on to others who need the information too.



Ardentinny Community Council






There now is an email address which can be used for two-way contact between residents and the Community Council.


This will not only allow the village to make easy contact with the CC but will also allow those who join our mailing list quick access to news of what is going on (this may be particularly relevent re the fish farm planning application).


If you would like to be kept up to date with the activities of the Community Council please emailardentinnycc@gmail.com and ask to be included in the mailing list.


If you would like to be removed from the list at any time, please email and let us know.



The Calendar Button leads to all events being celebrated by villages on the shore  -  Click Here






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