Community Action Plan



All representatives of the original group were invited to a meeting on Monday 23rd May 11 a.m.  in the village hall to discuss progress with the plan.


Marian Norris, Eileen Connell,  Jo Carr, Lynn Kerr, Dougie Menzies

Apologies from Sandra Primrose, Val Kennedy

Community Resources

  • Developing and maintaining a village hub.

There has been good progress with this. The management group of the hall are consulting with members at all stages, and accessing professional help as needed. They applied for and received a grant to pay for part of a feasibility study, the rest being financed by hall funds The feasibility study has been carried out andthey are in the process of further consultation and research ready for the next steps of applying for funds for a business plan and funding application. For further details please see the Ardentinny Village Hall minutes.

  • Improve communication between local groups/ within village

 All representatives of the various organisations in the village at the meeting agreed that there has been great improvement in cooperation and communication within the village. Various occasions when there has been cooperation were discussed e.g. community council working closely with Ardentinny Conservation Group and the Hall, sharing of the soup an sandwiches day between the Hall and the Trust, liaison over applications for money.A community council website has been developed to foster communication, and the Heritage Group's website continues to flourish.


Environmental improvements


  • Monitor and control anti-social behaviour -

There have been open meetings with the National Park. well attended by the village to discuss the new camping laws relating to areas such as Loch Lomond. The general agreement was that the community had no objection to campers as long as they behaved themselves. Having an official campsite was not thought to be viable because of the staffing and insurance problems this would create. The police Ironworks programme will continue this summer to keep an eye on the situation. Villagers are invited to report any matters for concern to 101.

Community Council encourages everyone to join Rural Watch - see notice board. Regular beach cleans/ anti-littering and anti dog-fouling initiatives are ongoing with the local authority

  • Glenfinart Walled Garden -  all initiatives are ongoing, will appoint another gardener, some difficulty in accessing water supply
  • Develop and Improve local attractions -the  Interpretation board funded by the heritage group is now well on its way after some initial difficulty

Coronation Wood is being well maintained, Laird's Grave has been cleared, cleaned and painted, and the Nature Trail is progressing

Roads and Transport

The Community Council has continued to liaise with the local authority in :


  • the filling in of potholes
  • the clearing of overhanging vegetation for clear vision
  • the provision of extreme weather warning signs on the Whistlefield road
  • horse warning signs
  • the replacement of white lines and a "slow" sign at Gairletter
  • the removal of the dangerous tree at Soldier's Rock, in liaison with BT
  • Speeding traffic - the speed limit has not yet been extended to the rest of the village. Villagers are encouraged to report speeding violations.

Caring for the community

  • Little has been achieved of the objectives identified by the village e.g. provision of sheltered housing, better home care. It is difficult to know where to start with this, and we would appreciate any suggestions.

Consult with government agencies and utility providers

  • Improved utilities - The Hydro Renewables Trust is being established and the hydro schemes have started the initial stages.
  • Improved Broadband is on its way, although it is thought that this will be somewhat limited
  • we have obtained more maintenance support from government agencies - overhanging trees etc dealt with/some hedgerows maintained/footpaths ongoing/ clearing of ditches
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