Oct 2017



10th October 2017 held at Blairmore Hall, Blairmore 7.30PM.


Brian Tester (Convenor), Russell Humphreys (Treasurer) Graham Revill, Andy Mullen and Diane Nicholson.

Also Present, Councillor A Reid

APOLOGIES: Janet Holm (Secretary), Lachlan Macquarie, Kirsty Husband, Fraser Smith, Councillor G. Blair,  D Mckenzie (LATNP) ,Agnes Harvey, PC Donald MacKay, Councillor Y McNeilly.



Proposed:        Diane Nicholson

Seconded:       Andy Mullen                            Carried




Carried Forward:                                 £1370.69

16p interest added.

Balance at 10th October 2017 £1370.85

The council have awarded KCC  £2598 towards gardening equipment, and SSE have awarded KCC £5040 for a new defibrillator and a cross over switch for Kilmun Hall. They had been inundated for requests for generators, so have decided to provide cross over switches, and they will provide a generator in an emergency.

6.         POLICE REPORT

PC Donald MacKay reported that there had been 17 incidents since the last meeting including 4 crime reports.

  • 1 x miscellaneous statute,
  • 1 x theft of a boat trailer from Loch Eck side near to the Coylet Inn,       
  • 1 x male detained in custody for multiple road traffic crimes,
  • 1 x male detained in custody for breaching bail conditions,

Rural Watch continues to be the emphasis for rural policing so please spread the word and sign up. Clive now has the electronic poster which can be put on the Kilmun CC website as well as be printed off for any of the village halls or notice boards elsewhere.

7        Correspondence

  • A&BC - the Council have today agreed to the recommendation to amend the current Scheme and extend the period of co-option for those members currently co-opted.
  • From Agnes Harvey – Suggestion for for ALL of the shore communities to consider entering one of the Keep Scotland Beautiful' opportunities in 2018?
  • From Agnes HarveySuggestion for KCC & ACC will spearhead the leadership for the Community Festive Lunch years event?
  • Posters asking for volunteers from Blairmore Village Trust and Ardentinny Community Trust
  • Think Dunoon – Alliance for Action - The next meeting of the Alliance is 6.00 pm, 11th October Dunoon Pier.

The following planning applications have been submitted to LLTNP

2017/0298/DET - Change of use from hotel (class 7) to a house, two flats (Class 9) and restaurant (class 3). The Pier Hotel Kilmun Dunoon – Detailed application - Neighbour Notification

2017/0269/DET- Erection of telecoms mast and associated equipment West Loch Eck Telecoms proposal  - Withdrawn


Installation of access ramp, conversion of 2no. existing windows on front elevation to form 2no. French doors, erection of decking, and formation of new gate opening on boundary wall.  ~Approved


 Erection of conservatory Highfield Shore Road Kilmun  Approved


It was reported at the meeting that Finergy had submitted an application to AB&C for a wind farm at Ardtaraigh.

9.         Community Matters

Liaison/communication with other local organisations / groups

At present J Holm and Dan Romani of Historic Kilmun have set up a Google Calendar named Cowal Communities Collaboration Calendar (CCCC). The links to be able to manage this calendar for the 19 groups along the Shore has been sent out to the contacts for the groups with a ‘how to do it” help sheet compiled by Dan. Ardentinny Community Council and KCC have set their dates but hopefully in the next few weeks others will have added to it. Then the link to it can be published on our website and other groups to which will be able to be seen by everyone. When completed by everyone it will be very useful. Clubs in our area will also be included.

As yet, not many suggestions received for names to replace ‘The Shore Collaboration Group have been suggest to reflect that it also includes Clachaig Rashfield and Benmore that are not on the Shore.

Flower tubs etc. – funding A&BC Funding

KCC and the Shore Sweepers have been successful in their bid for funding grant from Argyll and Bute Council. This will enable us to get a lot of work done along the shore to improve our environment

Defibrillator from Strone Primary - possible funding from SCEN –first responders

BT has had no response from the Scottish Ambulance service. Alternative training for volunteers will be sought, if there is no response from the SAS. However the defibrillator from Strone School has been re-sited at Kilmun Hall and will be connected in the next few days. It was suggested that when the new defibrillator is bought, it should be installed somewhere nearer Clachaig. GR and DN to think about possibilities.

Grass Cutting Graham’s Point

There is still confusion as to who will be cutting the grass next year. ACHA are doing an excellent job at the moment.


Argyll and Bute Council Representative

Councillor Alan Reid gave the following report.

The cutting of the grass in Kilmun churchyard has not been carried out because of the unsafe headstones. The cutting will not happen unless undertaken by local volunteers. BT suggested that this could be done.

A review of the toilets to be installed in the Church car park is under review. AR was reminded that the money from the sale of the toilets at Kilmun Pier was earmarked for the toilets at Kilmun Church

AR was not aware of this and will take it up.

AR had taken up the case of the vegetation opposite the teapot houses, only to be told that it was not regarded as unsafe. However, he had driven along there this evening, and agreed that it can be dangerous when cars are parked on the nearside. He will write to Paul Farrar to arrange a site visit.

The issue of the state of the road repairs was once again raised. Several local people have commented about the poor surface and the accumulation of water. The drains are now below the level of the road, due to the application of several dressings of the road itself. To avoid damage to car suspension, drivers naturally tend to drive towards the middle of the road, which is obviously dangerous. It had been noted that the council had been clearing the sides of the road of leaves and chippings, but it was also noted that this stopped at Highgate Hall, where the vehicle turned round.

AR was also asked to bring up the subject of the reinstatement of the white lines.

AR was also asked about the 3-week bin collection. There have been several sightings of rats in the area. Sue Minns also added that as she lives up a hill, her collection is sometimes cancelled as the smaller lorry often breaks down

D McKenzie (National Park) 

National Park

David McKenzie had provided the following report:

NP Notes:

1.       The NP Partnership Plan consultation, which closed in July, received many useful comments, including the ones from Kilmun CC. These responses are being analysed and a revised draft Partnership Plan will be on the website during November. The final plan is expected to be adopted by the NP Board in December.

2.       As a result of the May elections, all 6 of the NP Board members representing local authorities stepped down at the end of September, The two new members representing Argyll & Bute Council on the NP Board are Cllr Barbara Morgan and Cllr Ellen Morton.  

3.       The first season of the Your Park project (camping management zones / bye-laws) concluded on 30th September. Survey figures from wild campers using the designated sites are very positive as has been interaction with NP Rangers. Some teething issues have been identified and these are being addressed. CCs covering areas outside the camping management zones, and this includes Kilmun, are asked to continue to report if they notice any displacement activity i.e. increase in camping activity due to people not finding spaces in the controlled zones.

4.       Litter – following complaints from some areas of the NP about overfull litter bins in car parks, the NP clarified that the responsibility for managing litter in a car park lies with the owner e.g. Council, Forestry, private, NPA, etc. A list of the car parks for which the NP is responsible is being put together and will be published. (A comment was made that the Forestry Commission used to have a stick and flick policy for dog waste, but these signs have been removed in most places.)

5.       National Park Grant Scheme: 47 eligible Expressions of Interest (EOI) were received and 18 of these are being invited to submit a full application for consideration. Applications need to be submitted by the 20th October. These include projects at Younger Hall, Kilmun and Blairmore Village Green.


Bruce Marshall made the comment that he was disappointed that the two council representative were from Helensburgh, and that there was once again no councillor representing the Cowal on the National Parks committee. BT will write to Charles Repke re. the matter.

Benmore & Kilmun Community Development Trust (BKCDT) (VS)

BKCDT have just had the AGM and there are several new faces on the committee.

Blairmore Village Trust (BVT)

No report

11.       Matters arising out of Community Action Plan

Nothing to report


Argyll Community Planning Group (ACPG)

No report

Caucus of Community Councils

BT unable to attend the last meeting. No report

A880 Walkway & Safety Barrier, Pavement Invereck to Cot House

Nothing to report

Cemetery Toilets

Already discussed

Highgate Hall

There has been no recent meeting

BT Broadband

Nothing to report.

13.       Archived issues

Nothing was discussed

14.       Any other competent business

Ardentinny CC and Kilmun were discussing joint training sessions on CPR.

There was a brief discussion regarding the loss of certain television programmes when using aerials.

BT commented on the fact that the Forestry Commission send representative to other community councils, and that we would like to have the occasional report from them. BT to follow up.

The meeting finished at 8.40pm 


Place: Younger Kilmun

Date: Tuesday November 14th at 7.30pm.

Meetings held Second Tuesday each month alternating between You

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