December 2017


Minute of meeting held December 2017 at Ardentinny Village Hall

Present;                                  Marian Norris. Eileen Connell. Malcolm Bartley, Neil Robinson, Val Kennedy, Bill Tierney.

Representatives;                    Councillor Alan Reid, P.C. Donald McKay. Lynn Kerr (ACT), Janet Holm (KCC).

Apologies;                               David Marshall, David McKenzie, Alison McKerracher, Councillor Gordon Blair, Councillor Yvonne McNeilly, Agnes Harvey.

Others;                                    Sandra Tweddle, Vicky Fairley, David McDowall. Victor Sandall.,


Marian Norris opened the meeting and asked for any Declarations of Interest. None.

She asked if there were any items not included in the agenda but for AOCB. It was agreed that Participatory Budgeting be included.

Police Report

  • PC McKay reported that there had been 4 incidents, none of which resulted in a crime report. The Larach C9 route was closed by the police for a short time due to the dangerous condition of the road. This was reopened once the council had treated the road.
  • Rural Watch continues to be encouraged is beginning to pick up more in the Cowal area. Although there have been no crime issues in the area he stressed the need to be watchful with property.
  • There is a new Inspector in the area Duncan MacLean who will hopefully attend the next meeting.


Minute of October meeting .            Proposed,  Neil Robinson,     Seconded,  Val Kennedy.


Matters Arising.

  • Emergency Plan. There are several changes required for this. It is intended that this should be completed for the next meeting.  An emergency kit was given by A&B Council.  Where this is to be housed will have to be discussed as access to the hall appears to be causing difficulty.
  • Roads   A site visit to look at all the reported areas of concern had to be cancelled but it is hoped that it will be rescheduled ASAP.

Lynn Kerr asked if the 30mph speed limit could be extended to the rest of the village. Donald McKay suggested that we request a speed detection survey.  

  • Defibrillator   In collaboration with Actual Reality, training was held on use of the defibrillator and C.P.R. Thanks go to Mark Turnbull the trainer and Actual Reality for their co-operation and maintenance.
  • Community Action Plan.   An update meeting was held which was open to the village. Marian will compile a report to be distributed to all those who attended.


Treasurers Report

Expenditure                            Website domain                                                        £29.85

Battery and replacement pads for defibrillator       £108.00                                   

Incoming                                 Payment for public toilets                                         £315.00

Balance                                                                                                                       £2297.27

Ardentinny Community Council will provide the money soup ingredients for the upcoming Festive Lunch.  ACC will also make the soup and be involved in the organisation of the event.



All relevant correspondence has been distributed to all community councillors. There are no matters outstanding.


Councillors Report.  

  • The main focus that the council are dealing with at the moment is the budget and how spending can be reduced.  There are various proposals for cuts and there is consultation going on just now. This can be accessed on the A&B website.
  • Participatory Budgeting. This can be accessed on line and is a way that A&B community funding can be distributed with input from the community. Ardentinny CC has put in a proposal for a replacement noticeboard as the present one is too small for all the information it sometimes contains. The final stage will give the community an opportunity to vote for the project.
  • Roads. Alan reported that there are no current plans for any major work to be carried out on the C9 in this year’s budget. They will however carry out any necessary repairs and safety defects reported.
  • Alan gave an update on the beached whale and the removal of the entrails.


Forestry Report.                     No report

National Park Report             David was unable to attend but provided a link to the National Park Plan. This was passed on to all community councillors.

Actual Reality                         No report

Shore Collaboration             

  • Google calendar is now up and running. The majority of groups have registered.  The directory may be collated and compiled by January. A meeting between Kilmun and Ardentinny Community Councils will be arranged to discuss the next step in the process.
  • The Festive Lunch for all the shore villages will be held on December 18th. Kilmun and Ardentinny CC‘s are collaborating in organising the event.
  • Benmore and Kilmun Development Trust have funding for a feasibility study to develop a heritage trail along the shore. Eileen will attend a meeting of the steering group on Thursday to look at how this can develop.
  • Ardentinny Conservation & Heritage group intend to put in an application to Keep Scotland Beautiful for the Beautiful Scotland award. It is the intention that this will be done as a project for the whole village.

Delegates Report

  • Caucus                        There has not been a meeting recently with the next one due in January. Concerns have been raised that it is not working as it should and there needs to be a concerted effort by the rural community councils to keep it going as it would be a loss to communication and information for those small CC’s.
  • Website.  Changes have been made to the site and Eileen asked for comments on the new format. The google calendar can be accessed straight from the site.
  • Amenities.                  Nothing to report.
  • CH&SC forum.            The minute of the last forum had been distributed to all CC members. The Struan Lodge development group continue to look at ways that Struan Lodge can continue and be developed for the future demographics of the area.

Planning.                     Nothing to report

Coulport                     Notification was given about the fireworks party held at the caravan park.

If any situation arises which may cause additional noise from the base the MoD will inform the CC so that the village will be given fair warning.


Ardentinny Renewables Trust.

  • There are now 3 turbines operational. There is no definitive amount expected at the moment but it is expected that the first payment would be around January.

Ardentinny Community Trust.

  • Garden closed for the winter apart from volunteer days.  A successful bid for a composting toilet has been awarded. Lynn explained how the Co-op charity works. A stall was held at Dunoon Dazzles.
  • The toast on the beach will go ahead. If the weather is bad it will be held in the walled garden.

Ardentinny Conservation & Heritage.         

  • Nothing to report although some help to bring in the tubs would be welcomed.

Ardentinny Village Hall.                                 No report


Next meeting 6th February at 7.30pm in Ardentinny Village Hall



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