AGM 2021



PRESENT: Neil Robinson, Marian Norris, Bill Tierney

              Claire Florence, Mark Rowthorn, Helen West

APOLOGIES: Susie and Mike Robertson

WELCOME:  The convenor Neil Robinson welcomed people to the meeting. He stated that the meeting was being recorded and asked if anyone objected. He explained that as the pandemic had resulted in no meetings, this AGM was a combination of two years, and permission had been given for this. It had been decided that this therefore would be solely an AGM and a business meeting to discuss the many issues for the village would be at a date to be announced.

MINUTES: The minutes of the last AGMs were distributed and approved. Proposed: Bill Tierney, Seconded: Marian Norris

MATTERS ARISING: There were no matters arising

TREASURER’S REPORT: The treasurer presented accounts for 2019/2020 and 2020/2021. (ENCLOSED)  As there had been no public meetings there had been very little expenditure. £100 had been donated for the new shore noticeboard at the end of the shore road, and £100 to the Justgiving fund for the victims of the Dunoon fires.

The accounts were accepted and the treasurer thanked. There were no questions.


Well, it’s been a bit of a weird couple of years since we have had a chance to sit around the table.  We have had a few people on and off the CC in the last few years so I would like to take the opportunity again to thank everyone for their help and support especially throughout the COVID 19 period.

Some of the work done over the last years includes.

· Continue to monitor the maintenance of our vital link, the roads network, encouraging the filling of potholes and the clearance of sight lines.

· Pushed for action on the dangerous bends on the road and the eroded verges and have managed to get the council to paint slow signs either side of the Ardentinny Bistro and have more recently sent another email regarding the same bend and hopefully the provision of some better traffic calming measures.

· Continued the work on the car park toilets and ensured they were closed during the pandemic and now open again.  These are cleaned by our own contract cleaner once a week and twice by the council.  A grant is requested via the ART to cover some of the cost of the cleaning.

· Put in place a large emergency action plan to ensure everyone in the village had contact details so they could get help when required.  A large group of volunteers were mobilised, everyone in the village were given various contact numbers and were kept updated with matters arising regarding the pandemic.  Again I would like to thank everyone who helped out during the emergency.

· Liaised with both the forestry and national park regarding the beach area and ran a postal consultation regarding their plans for the picnic area and after they changed the plans last minute managed to get them to host a team’s live meeting for the village.  They put off their plans to open a second camping area but have more monitoring down at the beach area which does seem to be working.  There are still plans which they are considering so an ongoing problem that does need careful consideration.

· Kept an ear out for the dawn fresh fish farm project which is still creeping about and liaised with AFF the Clyde and other community councils to keep a presence and monitor this application to ensure it doesn’t go ahead

· Pledged support of £100 to the shore sign project

· Donated £100 to the businesses affected by the fire in Dunoon via there crowdfunding page.

· We have increased the communication in the village and now have an email list covering 75% of the village, this including the notice boards and face book pages assistance via the residents forum and ardentinny .org who have also helped out copying updates and promoting items from my feed all of which does give us a much wider coverage ensuring we can keep more people updated so thanks to all who do help out with this

· I must also thank the few people who have printed and hand delivered various letters, consolation documents and other items for the CC keeping everyone informed of important issues.

We have also tried to, at all times, be available to the people of Ardentinny and meet their needs, keeping them informed by the continued updating of the Community Council website and notice board and creating a Community Council Facebook page.

ELECTION OF COMMITTEE: All of the committee stood down.   Bill Tierney and Neil Robinson agreed to continue as councillors.  Marian Norris reluctantly handed in her resignation due to family commitments. Having served on the council three times, she felt it was time for others to come forward.  Convenor thanked her for all the work she had done, particularly in keeping the community council going, and her service to the village over the years.

Claire Florence and Mark Rowthorn were seconded on to the committee. Although there had been other potential recruits, under Argyll and Bute rules there can be no more secondments this year.  It is hoped that more elected members will join the community council in April, and efforts will be made to recruit these.


Firstly, for those that are not aware Eileen Connell has been typing up the minutes for all the CC meetings for the last few years and has done an excellent job. She was a member/secretary of the Ardentinny Community Council for many years.  She moved into Dunoon some time ago and has now decided that she no longer wishes to do the minutes. I would just like to formally say thanks for all her hard work not just over the last couple of years but well beyond that when she was a big part of the village participating in many  group activities.

So, thanks Eileen.

Secondly another massive thanks to Marian who is stepping down from her role as secretary so she can have more time with her other commitments. Marian has been a part of the village CC and been instrumental in many of the groups currently being run throughout the village for a very long time

She has been a great help to me over the past few years in keeping the council running and without her a lot of things would not have been done to the council’s structure and may have been missed.

Thanks Marian

I would like to welcome both Claire and Mark who have both been Co-Opted as members onto the CC. Both have full voting rights and help maintain the numbers we require to operate as a fully functioning Community Council and will no doubt be very much involved in whatever comes up over the next few months


NEXT MEETING: The next AGM will be held on Tuesday 10th May 2022.






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